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I jumped on the Swords & Wizardry kickstarter awhile ago and have enjoyed reading over it.  I've also been looking at Hulks & Horrors (sci-fi OD&D), and the Westwater Kickstarter (western B/X D&D) and I've been wondering about mixing them all together...  maybe having people from the one genre caught in a storm and finding themselves in the other...

Any thoughts on how the three rulesets might mesh/not-mesh? Thoughts on mixing the three genres?

So with the OTE ruleset being opened up as Warp, I'm wondering what all kinds of games might work well with the ruleset.

I'm not sure how well it would work, but one thought I had would be to try a Dresden Files game as I've found the Fate version a bit confusing to read as far as grasping the ruleset. Am I better off just trying to read over the books a few more times or could OTE work out nicely for Dresden?

Thoughts from the rest of you as to what you might use the ruleset for?  

Anyone looking to submit OTE adventures for the Open Call?

I snagged the Scarred Lands class books years ago and have recently been looking through them again.  I'm wondering what kind of results people found with some of the options in play.

In particular I've been looking at the Nine Stings Master PrC (short sword focused ftr) from the Ftr and Barb book, and the Angel Blooded (celestial related Sorcerer PrC from the Wiz/Brd/Sor book)

It's looking like I may end up running a D&D game for my wife and her ex roommate.

I'm thinking about going with something low level, putting their two pc's at 2nd level and filling out a party with some 1st lv npc's.

The roommate used to play WoW and seems to want to play a blaster type elven caster. I'm looking at the Domain Wizard rules from Unearthed Arcana (I'm not finding any downside to the rules and figure a wizard is likely to have better options then a Sorcerer of the same level)

Any thoughts or advice on running a game for two new players? Am I missing some downside of the Domain Wizard rules?

My wife isn't sure what she might want to play, any suggestions as to good starting classes for a novice? I'm not sure if fighters are as good for newbies anymore with all of the AOO rules and such, so I'm wondering about perhaps a Cleric?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / GenCon questions
« on: April 12, 2010, 12:45:39 pm »
This year I'm going to get to go to GenCon for the first time.  Aside from Sat where I won't be there, are there any things people can suggest that I totally need to do while there?  I'm already signed up for True Dungeon with some friends, though they are going to GC with an emphasis on the MTG tournaments while I'm looking more for games/seminars.

Others heading over this year? Any of the pub's on the board running demos of their games that I need to be looking for? (the lists of events is huge so it's a lot to wade through)

Help Desk / Thread deletion request
« on: January 04, 2010, 10:41:01 pm »
I posted a thread linking to some books for sale over in the amber forum,

as I'd missed/misread a further post in the linked thread and the books are already sold, could the thread be deleted please?  Sorry for the trouble. :(

Never mind, as posted below, they were already sold.

Thought I'd pass the info on. :) I bought UNORTHODOX Clerics awhile ago and found it rather nice indeed. Don't know much about any of the others.

    DriveThruRPG and over 60 of our publishing partners are offering the dozens of FREE titles listed below for our very own ThanksGiveAway holiday, Monday, November 12 through Friday, November 16. Check the site after 10 AM EST each day to find exciting new gifts from us to you, and give your friends and gaming groups something to be thankful about by sharing the news that ThanksGiveAway is almost here!

Time Master Screen
The Chronicles of Ramlar Official Soundtrack, Part 1 [BUNDLE]
E-Z TILES: Dungeon Set 1
Spiritual Warfare the RPG
Dungeon Crawl Classics #51.5: Sinister Secret of Whiterock
Europe 1483
Brothers by my Side
Forbidden Kingdoms - Master Codex Babbage Edition
See Page XX, Vol 1: The First 24 Columns
The Collected Character
Ados: Land of Strife Campaign Setting

In case any of you haven't heard about this interesting and perhaps worthy (of a read) cause. :)  You can find out more about the GDF (and their plans to bribe the 4ed D&D writers) HERE

Some bits that amused me. :)

“D&D: 3E” manages to besmirch, belittle, and degrade this fine race so obsessively one would think goblins had killed the lead designer’s dog, stolen his car, and run off with his wife.  

As far as this supposed fondness for torture is concerned, we see no reason to dignify this ridiculous, unsupported claim with a response – except to say that if a marauding group of adventurers invaded a goblins’ home, and strolled from room to room killing women and children, taking their 2d6 copper pieces, they deserve whatever punishment that happens to get meted out.

Perhaps the less that is said about the alignment switch from ‘lawful evil’ to ‘chaotic’, the better. Clearly, if these quick-and-easy alignment labels had any meaning at all, Goblinkind would not be ‘lawful’ in 1978 and ‘chaotic’ a mere five years later. One’s worldviews simply do not change that rapidly, or are we to assume that all of Goblinkind attended college in a foreign country in the intervening years?

On the 3rd ed entry
Let us begin by acknowledging one huge improvement over prior entries. Finally, the authors deign to give the standard (non-warrior) goblin “Average” Intelligence and Wisdom. Admittedly, this comes at the cost of a below-average Charisma score. This is no surprise – after all, Charisma is one of those traits that are in the eye of the beholder, and the sad fact is that most readers of the Monster Manual are daisy-munching elf-lovers with man-crushes on Orlando Bloom, quite incapable of appreciating the quiet dignity of goblins’ “drab, soiled-looking colors.” Still, if this was the sum total of the racism against the fine goblin race, we could all applaud heartily – goblins are finally recognized as being as intelligent and wise as any other race.  

Just got issue #2 in the mail on Friday and I haven't finished reading through issue #1, I've really liked what I've read so far, figured as I hadn't found any threads on Pathfinder that I'd start one.

Any thoughts so far?

Since the free RPG Day downloads from Green Ronin had probs, they have been putting pdf's on sale and re-offering the free downloads.  Today they are offering the pdf of True20 Adventure Roleplaying for free download.  So if you want to have a legal copy on your computer, or just want to see what the deal is with this ruleset that the Pundit loves so much, snag it. (the dload is 16-17mb if I saw right)

Media and Inspiration / Need help picking some Kipling,
« on: February 24, 2007, 10:33:21 pm »
Wanting to read up on some Kipling, I've been reading a bunch of John Ringo's books and he puts quotes from Kipling into most of them. I'm wanting to check them out for myself.  Can anyone recommend me a particular version or edition?
I found this on Amazon, wondering if would be a good choice.  Rudyard Kipling: Complete Verse

Please kill this if it's too spammish or after the auction is done.

I know people sometimes have probs finding hardcopy of the book, so when I saw this on the big purple I thought I'd post a note on it.

Disclaimer so people don't get upset, it's not my auction, (I'm in the US and am keeping my copy) I don't know the poster who is selling it, just figured I'd point it out for those in the UK, EU or others willing to deal with international shipping. (lists as ships to worldwide)

Help Desk / Why can't I see posts by "dar"?
« on: November 04, 2006, 07:43:16 pm »
I've got notices to threads I'm watching of posts by "dar" but when I go to the threads the messages aren't showing up.  I checked, and I don't seem to have anyone on an ignore list so I'm wondering if he has been put on universal ignore perhaps?

Other Games / The original Civilization for PC
« on: October 15, 2006, 02:36:57 pm »
Recently found a copy of the old Civilization PC game, it loads up fine under XP (though I haven't had any luck getting any sound settings other then the PC Speaker to work) and is still just a great a game as ever. :D

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