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My latest track, Where Demons Attack, is now available on Youtube. Enjoy!

Quote from: Snowman0147;1121467
So figuratively speaking if the commissioner wants full copyright, but wants you to use it for your portfolio how much more does that cost?

That would all be very circumstantial. For the TTRPG scenario commissions, I wouldn't even budge on the CC BY-ND license. I am keeping my copyright on something that would mostly be used on things like spicing up a campaign or having music in the background for a livestream. I firmly believe that copyright and modifications wouldn't be necessary for these circumstances.

As for video game soundtracks, it'd be difficult to even ballpark a number when every project comes with its own needs and budgets. My average is $50/minute of music where I keep my copyright. If the developer wants to negotiate keeping full copyright, which I anticipate to be a reasonable possibility, then I can negotiate an increase in price. But again, it depends on their budget, and I can be negotiated for a lower "copyright price" should there be an appropriate reasoning.

Quote from: Snowman0147;1121413
So who would own the copyright?

Depending on the circumstances with the developer, we can negotiate a contract on who owns the copyright. Otherwise I own the copyright and distribute it under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs (CC BY-ND)

"This license lets others reuse the work for any purpose, including commercially; however, it can only be shared with others in its original form, and credit must be provided to you."

My name is Jake Gamelin and I am an experienced freelance composer with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition. I have been composing for roughly 10 years and am well-versed with Pro Tools and Wwise and can integrate sound effects and music into Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as Game Maker.

I am offering my services as both a video game and TTRPG composer. I am available for hire on any video game soundtracks, but can also be commissioned for character, environment, or battle themes for any tabletop roleplaying game campaign. Below is my commission information, along with references to some of my music. PM me for additional information.



Soundcloud Link:
Youtube Link:

Menagerie Link:
Soundtrack Link:
Developed by: Crazy Chimp Collective
Description: The game's story is based around short-circuiting a large invasion brought about from the Galaxion Empire, four oddballs are chosen and assembled under "The Menagerie" to accomplish this task. This plot is helped along by two defectives of the said empire. Tac Talismina and her genetic son, Spooky Schema, who is one of the Menagerie himself. I think Tac as voiced by Kate Holden may do a better job of explaining this than I am.

Perseverance Link:
Soundtrack Link:
Developed by: Crazy Chimp Collective
Description: Perseverance is an action-packed shooter that takes inspiration from Ratchet and Clank, Oddworld, V for Vendetta, LackadaisyCats and some others. The game features a lot of gunplay, but also has some more melee weapons for those who like a little hack and slash.

Intelligence Link:
Soundtrack Link:
Developed by: Crazy Chimp Collective
Description: The premise of Intelligence was in trying to do what wasn't done much before, it's a full blown RPG epic in the style of a saturday morning cartoon, but with insipid creepy tones under ever stone, and towards the end it gets incredible existential and spooky. Intelligence is primarily a character-focused RPG with enough flavor text to rival ... can't think of an able comparison! But take our word for it, there is lots of stuff you can talk to, typically it'll be a couple lines of dialogue, but sometimes characters will have full blown conversations over objects you choose to interact with.My Tumblr page where I provide free requests and also take commissions for anyone's original characters.If you are interested in chatting with me or taking me onto your project, please feel free to message me. I am also available for any questions that you may have.

Soundtrack Link:
Developed by: Crazy Chimp Collective*

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