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:D You're very welcome!

The development has recently encountered a couple of obstacles and pitfalls, but guess what. I *think* the new version of the demo is working. : ) It still needs some additional testing, would you like to help me with that?

You can download it here!

Does it start for you, can you play it? At one point, the Mac version was crushing out after saving. I hope it's fixed. : P


And if you wonder what has changed since the last version but you plan to wait for the full game, here are some highlights, just for context:

* the available content has tripled - you can visit four new areas (each one is significantly different) and engage in three complex dialogues that they involve
* a completely new music was introduced
* the in-game journal now includes a chapter that summarizes interesting clues related to various NPCs
* the inventory screen is completely redesigned and much more convenient
* area illustration and inventory icons were updated
* text parser that don't need to support capital letters, like the one in the dolmen, don't use them anymore
* various bits of dialogues and interactions were enhanced
* various spelling / phrasing fixes
* new menu screen
* bugs were eliminated - unless?

Through this week, I wrote sooo many dialogue bits, made new items, designed new quests and broadened some older content... I'm in the flow, and it feels good.

Here's an example of how arriving to a new place looks like. My lizard brain tells me to stop overcomplicating things, but I'm more like... Nah, "how bout I do anyway". ; )

And here are some examples of how do the later parts of the same conversation look like.

I've been working a lot on the new title screen, and I think that after receiving a lot of very helpful feedback, it's in a pretty good spot right now. : )

I'm also doing a whole bunch of minor things for the game, since I can hardly find enough time and patience to focus on writing dialogues. I'm adding quests, items, some new dialogue options... I had a really good flow with some ideas, like these two weapons:

I've also realized that my original plan of "fitting every bit of dialogue in a single window" won't work. Some NPCs will just have too many dialogue options available if you meet them for the first time in a very late part of the game. Because of that, I've decided to add the optional scrolling - it will show up only if there's something to scroll through, so it won't impact the major experience.

I have just this little thing to share, a hidden in-game detail.

Not every character starts the game with this item, and I'm sure some players won't notice its hidden interaction. If you wear it, various NPCs react to your presence in new ways.

So, are you going to wear it all the time, proud of your beliefs? Are you going to keep it hidden, hoping to avoid quarrels? Is it just a tool for you, something that you hide or show depending on who's around you?

How do you play your role?

Today's illustration has a little story behind it.

The oldest design document for Roadwarden was written in the first months of 2018. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a game with a place like this one - an isolated dwelling, in which the magic crafter stays away from other people, obsessed with her trade, surrounded by her creations.

Originally, I planned to place the game's prototype among these walls.

I prepared my software, but I barely even started. I "realized" I *won't* be able to make pixel art, maybe even ever. I had to postpone the project anyway, so I accepted that I failed and moved on.

When I started working on the game in January 2019, I knew that I still wanted this place to be a part of my fantasy realm. I was slowly learning the basics, and focused on some other areas - those that the player sees in the first stages of the actual game. Most of these areas are going to be available in the new demo.

But I finally decided to give it another shot. And now, here it is. The residence of magic crafter. The exterior went from "impossible," to "finished in two days." The interior took another day. I'm not gonna lie - I'm moved.

For now, enough of drawing. Recently, I'm focused on programming and writing. And it's going pretty well. ^^

I'm too sick to write dialogues, but I still have enough patience to draw, and drawing is fun. Here are some new areas that I've been working on - some of them are meant to be memorable and interacted with...

while others are going to be used more like loading / transition screens. Creating one of those takes me much less time than it used to, but still, it's so great that podcasts exist.

Also, I've decided to return to some of my older pictures and update them to the new style that I've adapted through the months of learning. My military camp, one of the oldest pictures I've ever made (in February), has changed so many times, and it's all thanks to the feedback and criticism that kind people share with me on-line.

The new version of the Roadwarden's demo is going to be available in November. The introduced changes are going to be huge, so I personally recommend to not play the older demo - though it's still available on

October is moving forward really well. The major part of the watchtower scenes is already in to the game.

There's so much content already, and it seems to be almost bug-free so far (...though it involved fixing hundreds of mistakes), and the music works so well! There's a good chance I'll update the demo sometime next week, just to give you a chance to see how much has everything changed since the release of the old version. : )

During the last couple of days I've drawn a couple of new areas that are going to be used as minor stops and the "loading screens" - small bits of narration that precede arriving to a new area.

And also, I've added two new tracks to the game's Soundcloud. They're worth checking out. ^^

I'm back! My health is fine now, and I finally had a good week in the realm of Roadwarden. I've drawn a new area, the abandoned watchtower, and I'm really proud of it. Originally, it was meant to be a destroyed tower, but once I've drawn it, I haven't have the heart to turn it into ruins. xD

I've also set up a new area, the road blocked by a fallen tree. The player can investigate this place for clues, trying to figure out what happened in this place. The later part of the quest is not written down yet, mostly because the NPCs related to it are not yet in the game, but it's a fun little side-activity, that requires a bit of deduction.

The game's world keeps growing... And it makes me super happy. ^^

It's time to share something larger than a picture. The music presented in Roadwarden's demo was waiting for replacement. Now we have quite a massive list of original tracks that still need a couple of adjustments, yet are already very close to the game's heart.

It's difficult to select and highlight a single track, but here's the one that I love the most: The Edge of Night. It immediately takes me to a wild, dangerous forest. I want to keep the sounds a bit anxious, emotionally vague, without directly telling the players what they are supposed to feel.

I really like it when fantasy video games don't sink into the usual epic orchestras.  

So, do you love it, do you hate it? Let me know, I'm so excited to upload it today!

Hi there!

I'm currently editing some of the older scenes in the game, including the tutorial-prologue scenes, preparing to share the current version of the game with some testers. There's so much new content that needs some additional feedback, and I keep finding (and fixing) annoying bugs... I'm both excited and terrified. : P

Would you like to make an offering?

After over 3 weeks of writing new dialogues, events, items, interactions and one large side quest for Roadwarden, all of this content is finally a part of the actual game.

Here are some of the latest advancements:
1. An example of how combat looks in the game. As well as the "escorting" quests. No grinding for XP, no following a character for 5-10 minutes. A couple of simple clicks, decision making and if you can, you prepare yourself before the encounter happens. Nice and sweat, with an open field for role-playing.

2. Time is going to matter, just as intended. If you postpone the quest for too long, you can still complete it - but it won't be a happy end for the quest giver. Also, you can express how your character is perceiving this situation.

3. My English improves with practice, and I have in plans taking a huge step back and editing the entire tutorial section. Yikes.

4. IDK, I just really like this NPC. : P So far, I like all of my NPCs. You will be able to recognize which ones I don't like by measuring how little to do and dialogues they have attached to them.

5. New inventory section! It still requires some improvements, but it's not too bad!

I'm really getting better at adding the content to the game files - in the beginning, I was spending days fixing broken code and trying to figure out how it should be actually organized. Now? A couple of mistakes, some oversights, a couple of hours and bam, everything works just fine.

It's difficult to decide what to showcase today, I hope it's fine if I drop a whole bunch of pics:

Here are some of the latest advancements:
1. The Roadwarden's world is growing! New areas are now also visible on the traveling map.

2. I'm currently writing a detailed scene for the ruined village that I've shared here before. The overall "exploration" system of this area is all set and done, and works completely fine. My later edits will surely change various areas and add some new content, but I'm happy about where this is going.

3. The shop screen is now much easier to comprehend and simply prettier. Thanks to the "Trade" button in the quick menu, you can also open the shop without having to choose a specific dialog option during a conversation.

4. The new section of the journal will now include NPC descriptions and, even more importantly, names. It's a solution born from necessity - I can't expect that everyone is going to remember all the character names and detailed information about them.

5. The dialogue I'm currently working on... Is referencing Scottish accents too cliche for fantasy writing in 2019? : P

And, of course, new rewrites, bug fixes, new content, quests...

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