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Other Games / By Gods and Kings Beta (Looking for Beta Players)
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:56:56 pm »
Hey everyone, I hope this finds everyone doing well and I hope this is in the right spot. I've created a new tabletop game and I'm looking for people to join in on the closed beta. The game is free and 100% online (just behind a login/password wall right now). We are currently seeking beta testers for our closed beta. A link, access code, and instructions will be provided to all players who are accepted into the beta test. For individual players or those without an established group, we will be putting together groups to play online through discord and tabletopia. To sign signup, please visit

Explore Dun-I, a world grafted from the void by an ancient race of exiled Gods where they would be worshiped and adored for all of eternity. After years of war and strife, Vesya, the Goddess of Law, decreed that all of their knowledge would be taken from Dun-I and placed inside a large stone. Over time, that stone was shattered into Shards which spread across the land where mortals toil. That knowledge was now in their hands.

By Gods and Kings uses the ScribbCrib Interactive Novel System (SINS). This system focuses on players experiencing an overarching narrative through strategy instead of blind luck. By utilizing cards (any standard deck of playing cards without the jokers) instead of dice, players have more control of how their abilities are used and deployed. Players will rely on each other to strategically utilize moves by placing cards onto the field before them. This activates abilities that can damage to their foes or assist allies. The objective is to create a three-card, flush, straight, or three-of-a-kind hand in the field. Which ability you wield is based on the Shard in your possession.

Another perk to the SINS system is that nothing is hidden from the players. When a player enters an area, everything about the area is unveiled: there are no perception checks; no dice to roll to determine your surroundings; and, no questions about what is in your way. The purpose for this is for the players to enjoy the narrative and being part of an evolving story. Choices are provided for the players so that they can control which direction the story takes. By Gods and Kings is the first game created with SINS, with other projects currently in the preliminary stages of development. If you are an author or aspire to create an experience using SINS, we would love to hear from you. For any publishing and development inquiries, you can send an email to

What makes By Gods and Kings unique is playing through the story with the users engaging in scenarios. These stories consist of an immersive narrative with characters yearning for adventure. Whether you are looking for a brief thirty minute encounter, or want to be involved in a continually developing narrative, By Gods and Kings offers every a playstyle for everyone.

All characters are versatile. Everyone can change their role/class throughout the course of the game to whatever suits your playstyle, or to adjust for the next boss battle. You can rearrange your Shards and equipment as you come across them.

We humbly ask for players, both experienced and new, to come forward and experience By Gods and Kings with us. We are currently in the Closed Beta phase, so getting in will require a login name and password. For assisting us, we are providing an electronic book version of an unreleased scenario arc: An Invitation into Darkness. For more information and to sign up, please visit

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