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Quote from: Theory of Games;1129444
Occult Adventures.

Introduced imo the best representation of psychic classes and abilities in a way that was a hoot to play without being overly-complex or game-breaking.

Agreed. The psychic classes were actually interesting, both from fluff and mechanics viewpoints. You can see where some of the mechanics wound up getting rolled into PF2.

Personally, I always liked Cayden Cailean from Pathfinder, simply because it was the most absurd origin for a deity I'd seen outside of actual mythology. "Common sellsword gets completely shitfaced, wanders into magic MacGuffin that either turns you into a god or turns you into dust, and succeeds at it, staggering out three days later"?

Come on, I laughed for five minutes straight when I first read it in the sourcebook :)

Quote from: RPGPundit;1129532
Most kids I've seen seem to really like heavily complex but very clear rules.

I wonder if it's because they associate complexity with adulthood? Everything is very simple when you're a kid, after all. It's only when you get older do you start seeing the shades of gray in reality.

Ethics and morals are not hardwired into human brains. Anyone who disagrees with me should go watch a class of kindergartners or preschoolers sometime. You have to teach that shit, whether it's the Christian 'golden rule', the Wiccan rede, or just 'don't be a dick!'.

Quote from: ShieldWife;1129460
That sounds cool. I imagine that if demons exist that angels or something like them might exist too. I have trouble seeing them reproducing with humans enough to create such magical bloodlines, but it happens in the Bible so I guess it's canon ;)

Tying the origin of such bloodlines to deaths of magical creatures or really some other kind of magical event where mystical energy is released could allow for these bloodlines to arise without sex between a human and whatever.
Recall the shenanigans Zeus got up to whenever he went on mortal booty calls.:D

But yeah, good-aligned celestials (save for azata) might be hesitant about 'doing the deed' with mortals no matter what the situation. This allows for celestial bloodlines to take root.

Azatas get a pass for being chaotic good -- so long as all parties are consenting, they'd happily join in.  Even azatas aren't going to just -abandon- any offspring though, and would certainly look in on them from time to time.

Which leads into another fun story hook: what does a sorcerer do if his still-existing ancestor comes a-calling? An elemental-bloodline sorcerer whose power derives from a fling with a genie might find himself caught up in said genie's machinations and plans. A celestial-bloodline sorcerer might find a ghaele or lilliend on his doorstep one day, encouraging them to help battle the forces of darkness.

Media and Inspiration / Were the Jedi celibate?
« on: May 08, 2020, 03:00:34 PM »
IIRC, one of the Jedi council, Ki-Adi-Mundi, was specifically given permission to have a family due to his species' relatively low birthrates.

Which of course muddies the water further. Man, Star Trek's explanation of Vulcan logic was more consistent.

Quote from: SHARK;1129295

Well, slaves are utilized for many different things, in various capacities and tasks. While slaves used for heavy labour is certainly significant, the assertion that "The reality is that 99.99999% of the time slaves will be used for hard labour" is quite ridiculous, and unfounded. The real fact of the matter is that slaves are heavily used for sex. I'm sorry if this makes some people squeamish, but it is the historical reality. In every siege and conquest of many cities--whether from the days of the ancient Roman Empire, to the hordes of Genghis Khan and the Mongols, plundering the enemies' women was always a primary motivation. Even later, for example, when the Jin hordes invaded northern China, as Historian Michael Woods notes in The Story of China, during the siege of the northern capital, the invading barbarians especially demanded thousands and thousands of women be turned over to them, the noble women, the women of the imperial family, the thousands of women dancers and musicians--all were to be handed over to the barbarians. Women were their *first priority*. Don't for a moment ever think that plundering conquered women isn't a primary priority, right next to gold.

Semper Fidelis,


Perhaps, but in 99.99999% of cases involving RPGs, it won't be about 'accurate history', it'll be about entering the GM's magical realm.

Quote from: oggsmash;1129174
When the pathfinder edition of Rappan Athuk went on sale I snatched it up.  I almost started our group on Pathfinder just to play that.   Paizo managed to send the message they didnt want my money though, so I didnt bother.

That's what sailing the seven seas is for :)

You might consider the Roman latifundia as a model as well.

That being said: expect good-aligned PCs to take umbrage.

Quote from: GeekyBugle;1129123
Ley lines, being conceived in a place of power, a lineage has found this is true and have the couples mate ritually in such places to have magical offspring, this allows for the constant input if fresh mundane blood without diluting their power. . .

If Demons exist do divine beings exist too? If so would such beings breed with humans? This could be the source of fresh magical blood for some lineages, have the more powerful breed with a divine being. or with the direct offspring of such a being.
You don't even need to necessarily breed with the celestial being. I believe PF1 states proximity can result in such power taking root.

Quick and dirty fictional example: During the siege of Malibar City, the arcane defenders summoned and called numerous extraplanar reinforcements to supplement their conventional forces against the undead hordes. Some were banished, but others were destroyed -- but the celestial energies that made up their existence could not be easily snuffed out. More than one surviving guardsman would later sire a child with strange talents if they had been standing too close to an archon or angel that had been slain.

It's like radiation, if high rad counts made you sire/give birth to X-Men instead of giving you cancer and fucking up your DNA :)

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Wizard Towers!
« on: May 08, 2020, 08:20:33 AM »
Don't forget that wizards being wizards, said tower does not necessarily need to conform to normal construction guidelines. Or for that matter, even normal geometry.

Generally, atheists in Golarion are of the 'they're not gods, they're just ridiculously powerful beings!' variety. And it's loosely backed up by certain things; the death of some deities and the ascension of other mortals to godhood.

There are mortals who actively hate the gods (and I mean ALL the gods); I believe 3.5E had a class for that, the ur-priest, which was basically Screw You, I'll Be My Own Religion With Blackjack And Hookers. Also involved stealing divine power to fuel your own spells.

It's noted that atheists in Golarion do not get a good afterlife. Their nature makes them disruptive, and so such souls are sealed up in special areas in Pharasma's domain, and she occasionally feeds one to Groetus so he doesn't fly down too close. I think you'd get a better deal from Asmodeus, all things considered :)

Media and Inspiration / The Movie Thread Reloaded
« on: May 06, 2020, 11:24:27 AM »
Quote from: Ratman_tf;1128555
The Platform

I made it to three minutes before getting tired of the film smacking me in the face with a sledgehammer.

*looks up movie*

Oh, THIS piece of schlock. Yeah, I saw the trailer for this and was like... 'uh huh... that's not pushing a sociopolitical view, no, of course not *snort*'

After a quick conversation with the BattleTech guru friend of mine:

BT really only has rules for misjumping at the strategic level (i.e. moving multiple Jumpships around, Succession Wars-game style bullshit). Otherwise, it's just a plot device, not something that can routinely come up on a dice roll.

tfw you realize Battletech's FTL is safer than Traveller's.

Quote from: Omega;1128798
The other factor may be tech thats in use but either not understood fully as it was gifted by others, or discovered derilect. Or some key knowledge may have been lost. Like in Battletech. Or even 40k.

Jokes aside, misjumps in BT are damned rare. Usually they're the result of:
(a) experimental technology (the Living Legends module)
(b) damage or interference with the K-F drive (Far Country, Fortress Republic)

I'm not even certain if BT has rules for if a misjump occurs. I need to ask.

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