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It's the same standard I set on election day. The only question you ever needed to answer was if it was enough to alter the results of the election. It was not, so shut the fuck up you sore losers.

So you're going with, "LOL SUCKERS!". Pathetic.

I said from the beginning the same exact thing I said throughout and to the end. People kept accusing others of a moving standard but my standard was extremely consistent. There was only ever one question, "But for the argument you are making, would Biden still have won?"

That's it. It was the only question which ever mattered. The rest was a distraction. If fraud happened, but not enough to change the result, then that's not a topic about a stolen election (though it is an argument to make some changes to our elections system to prevent future fraud).

Everyone failed to prove the election was stolen. They argue about fraud here and there, but never in anything close to sufficient quantities to steal the election.  Which from day one was the only question I ever challenged people with.

So now they're defaulting to, "But some fraud happened and..." to which I answer "And that means the election was not stolen."
Great. Here's a fistful of $20 bills.

Some of them are fake, but not enough to matter.

I don't know shit, but I find a couple of things interesting. Ignoring the venue denial, this gets to the libel laws in the US, doesn't it? Which I know nothing about but are pretty hard to get results from? They stated he was an abuser and/or harasser, none of which has been legally proven? Which, as a leading voice in the community, could have an impact on his ability to do business? Different language used might have put them in a better position. And, I wonder if there's a different standard for some rando saying it and some company/leading publication/organization in your field saying it? US libel laws are pretty liberal.

Then again, dudes got enough money that he can say whatever he wants and suck up the damages portion. Why does he care about the outcome?
Sort of. Defamation law, as I recall (and I am NOT a lawyer, this is based on watching a LOT of slapfights), requires the plaintiff to prove that the defendant did so maliciously, and stated such things as fact, not opinion.

U.S. defamation law is actually pretty strict, compared to, say, the UK. In fact, the UK's defamation and libel laws used to be a selling point for court shopping, to the point where the U.S. passed a law that straight-up blocked enforcement of verdicts from other national jurisdictions unless they passed U.S. libel law requirements (the SPEECH act, I think it was). People were filing in the UK for defamation and trying to get their verdicts enforced here.

The really interesting angle is the pushback against the press, which has enjoyed -- up until recently -- a lot more protection and deference (probably more than it deserves). Hence why I've kept one eye on the Sandmann case.

I don't know about evil per se, but Price does strike me as a narcissist.

She got fired from ArenaNet for basically getting into a slapfight with a community member (Deroir) who had a LOT of pull. In my opinion, the whole thing was stupid; but the fact was that Deroir disagreed with her, she threw a fit at him, and then -- I'm sure much to her surprise -- got canned.

Prior to this, she had been fouling the nest at Paizo until even they got sick of her.

Clearly, this is a woman with a hilariously overblown sense of self-worth and ego. And when it comes back to haunt her, blames it on 'le patriarchy'.

Other Games / Re: Valheim anyone?
« on: Today at 08:25:30 AM »
Its data footprint in terms of storage is pretty damned small for what you're getting. I don't know what its process footprint is (need to look at that in task manager).

I'm going to have to establish some fixed defenses at my main base. I got swarmed by greydwarfs after coming home and mobbed. Absolutely infuriating as I'd just come off second best fighting a troll in a cave (hint: don't try that unless you're tougher than me, lol).

The Sicknick story is really quite fascinating, in a morbid way.

The NYT originally stated he was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Then they 'updated' the story to state he was affected by bear mace. His mother thinks he died of a stroke, but nobody knows for sure because the D.C. medical examiner's office won't release the coroner's report (if I was facing any charges related to Sicknick I'd immediately push that angle hard -- go full corpus delicti, demand that the prosecution prove he was actually dead, the whole nine yards).

Then there's the case of Bruno Cua, a young idiot who decided to join in the 1/6 peaceful protest (yeah, I'm calling it that, until people stop calling the BLM riots peaceful protests). He's up on 12 federal counts, including assaulting a police officer (you know, the same charge DOJ dropped against the Antifa shitheads) and possessing a dangerous or deadly weapon. I won't excuse him -- my mantra's been 'don't go to stupid places' -- but I find it darkly hilarious that the federal prosecutors are playing up a homeschooled eighteen year old as some kind of malevolent terrorist while they pretend they don't see actual terrorists burning things down and attacking cops and journalists.

This is how things go kinetic, folks. Two sets of rules, and people start to think they can't get a fair shake in the system.

Battletech uses this. Initiative is determined, then it typically plays out as the unit with the lowest initiative goes first. All movement is resolved, then it shifts to the firing phase; all ranged attacks occur simultaneously, so even if you core your target he still gets shots off.

Physical attacks work similarly but only -after- the shooting phase has been resolved. So if a Mech gets destroyed during firing phase, it cannot make physical attacks.

BGG has not surpassed yet, but it's going that way. People who "dared" to defended Tony and Frances (from Ant Lab Games) from the wokemob got banned. Not to mention all the ruckus regarding the "problematic" cover of Tiny Epic Dungeons:

(if the hag complaining about TED's artwork ever sees some old AD&D artwork by Caldwell she'd have a stroke!)
I feel dumber for having read that link... and stand by my previous statement; for every bit of woke nonsense like that I read about I add another image of a sexy sorceress in tight leather to my game book.

Caldwell's cover for Dragon #147 was gorgeous and smoking hot and fight me if you don't like it :D

Dragon #94 was a particular favorite. Not sure of the artist.
That's a Caldwell too :)

The first Clyde Caldwell painting we've published in more than a year is this striking portrait of a female ranger. The model was Jeanne Stanley of WinstonSalem, N.C., who met Clyde when both of them were attending the 1984 GENCONĀ® Game Convention.
Ah, back when Gencon wasn't run by woketards, and ladies didn't mind modeling for artists.

This intense interest in Sicknick is rather amusing, considering that for some reason charges keep getting dropped against Antifa tards. Even for charges of assaulting federal officers, a felony.

Dismissed with prejudice, which is bizarre. Unless, of course, you plan to have two sets of rules: one for your Sturmabteilung goons, and one for nonleftists.

But keep telling us how Biden is the 'law and order' president.

BGG has not surpassed yet, but it's going that way. People who "dared" to defended Tony and Frances (from Ant Lab Games) from the wokemob got banned. Not to mention all the ruckus regarding the "problematic" cover of Tiny Epic Dungeons:

(if the hag complaining about TED's artwork ever sees some old AD&D artwork by Caldwell she'd have a stroke!)
I feel dumber for having read that link... and stand by my previous statement; for every bit of woke nonsense like that I read about I add another image of a sexy sorceress in tight leather to my game book.

Caldwell's cover for Dragon #147 was gorgeous and smoking hot and fight me if you don't like it :D

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« on: March 04, 2021, 11:02:40 AM »
Mibbe you should consider accessing the NHS. Mental health problems aren't the stigma they used to be.

I'm not the one happily engaged in an abusive relationship with the government.

No, you're the one who thinks there's a worldwide conspiracy out to get him.
What makes you think he's the only target?

Don't think of it as a grave. It's the future you chose.


Two points that Brad was too stupid to notice:

1) The alleged fraud was perpetrated by a Republican Justice of the Peace and his accomplices.

2) No Democrat is demanding that the 2018 elections be thrown out, nor is any Democrat trying to get a mob of hooligans to undo the election results by threatening to kill elected officials in a putsch.

What did I do besides post a link about pretty egregious election fraud? Your second point is so laughable that I honestly hope you seek mental help.

Funny thing is, even if he wasn't bashed in the head but died from a stroke, that doesn't mean the Jan 6 fascists are off the hook. If prosecutors can show that Sicknick's stroke was caused by the strain of having to fight off a bunch of MAGA morons, they can still be charged with murder, like this scumbag:

Yeah...get some help. Seems like you're delusional.
Elfdart also conveniently forgets that the Democrats and the left attempted to overturn the 2016 election.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« on: March 03, 2021, 10:28:49 PM »

Well, Gamedaddy just flamed out and threw a stupid fit, and Pundit brought the *BANHAMMER* down like the wrath of god. Gamedaddy was told more than once by other members to take his Covid arguments, political commentary, and conspiracy theory ranting to this sub-forum, here. Pundit even graciously warned Gamedaddy, and Gamedaddy proceeded to rant in the EN-World thread, and even *dared* Pundit to banhammer him. Gameaddy proceeded to lament--or conversely, brag--about how he had been banned from so many other forums, and that he was unfairly victimized and persecuted because he wanted to talk about "THE TRUTH".

Gamedaddy, by his own account, has been a member here and regular poster since 2006. 14 Years.

What the fuck is wrong with people like Gamedaddy? It is definitely difficult not to bring in political elements into any discussion, especially nowadays--and I think Pundit is keenly aware of this fact, and goes to some length to keep us all focused and on point, as for the appropriate forum, and does so in a gracious and fair-minded manner. Then Gamedaddy brazenly ignores Pundit's warning, purposely defying and provoking Pundit, and continues to rant about political theories in the gaming forum.

Geesus, man. Fucking sad. Gamedaddy seemed to scream, "YES! Please Banhammer me!"

Semper Fidelis,

To quote Immortan Joe, 'Mediocre!'.

I have no idea what Gamedaddy was thinking. I'm not even sure he WAS thinking. I mean, he straight up triple-dog-dared Pundit to go hard option on him (metaphorically speaking) and Pundit obliged. Suicide by mod, I guess.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« on: March 03, 2021, 01:58:08 PM »
It seems Mississippi has decided to discard mandates as well.

Note that no one is forcing people to unmask, or demanding businesses fill to the gills. There just won't be any governmental demands that people wear masks or businesses limit customers.

Needless to say, the freakouts are hilarious and disturbing. It seems Loki was right, at least in part: some people are just made to be ruled.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: These FIVE men control your freedom
« on: March 03, 2021, 01:56:46 PM »
Before you get too far along on the high horse, keep in mind that the left has been demanding a chance to dip repeatedly into inherited wealth via taxation for a while.

In other words, you might have to spend it because your kids sure aren't going to get the chance.

Wealth Tax is fucking bullshit.
Yes, yes it is.

The U.S. federal government, and many states and localities, already dip into your pocket regularly in the form of taxation on various goods and services. Those are bad enough. A wealth tax, assessing what you have already purchased with money that's already been squeezed, is an abomination.

Other Games / Re: Valheim anyone?
« on: March 03, 2021, 10:41:58 AM »
Also, for a game that is unforgiving, the crafting is surprisingly kind. Breaking down structures gives back the resources used. Repairing the initial tools and gear are free.

Yep, crafting is pretty generous.
Certain rarer materials can be challenging, but overall the game plays fair.

However, it's easy to die via drowning and combat. You exhaust fast too.

When you go out to dangerous areas, make a plan,  be aware of your surroundings and when you're gathering resources, keep an eye out on your surroundings.  Circumstances change fast.
For a starting character, early places like the Black forest can be deadly.
I've been taking it slow. Reconstructing my house, for example. The game has some simple physics regarding construction, so don't try to build goofy-ass Minecraft houses; they won't survive.

I'm having a bitch of a time figuring out how to 'level' out an area so I can put down wood floors that look better than dirt. Still, one thing at a time. I might opt for an elevated structure so I don't have to worry about it.

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