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News and Adverts / Targeting & Armor Avoidance 2
« on: November 22, 2020, 04:15:03 pm »
This is an optional sub-system for Glory Road combat. It is optional because it adds a layer of complexity to an already-complex combat system. When I was ready to publish the full game rules, I realized that the targeting and armor avoidance system we had used over the years was too complex and had largely fallen into disuse, although it was quite popular with some, a sizeable minority, of the players. This is a much simpler system, although it is still not simple.
It does, however, have its advantages. It often makes combat quicker. Using the sub-system may make one round of combat more complex but it can reduce the number of combat rounds. It gives the combatants more meaningful options. If the player-characters use it and their foes do not, it can give the PCs a unique advantage. I admit that I am a meanie and the NPC foes of my characters will use these options but they don’t use them as often as the PCs.

What to do if there is no one of your ethnicity in the environment? Sure, you could play a white person in a sub-Saharan African campaign but there couldn't be many or you would be playing, shudder, colonials.

Or what if you were playing in my Silk Road campaign. Of course, a Chinese person could play a Han and a Japanese person could play someone from the Nine Pearls. It is even possible to play a European, a Persian, an Arab or a Black African. But that would mean that the player-characters would all be from the edges of the map. The middle of the map is Tocharians (extinct), Sakas (long gone) Toriks (fictional speakers of a Turkic language) and Sarmatians (gone) Can nobody play them?

Or my pseudo-Europe. Does anyone identify as a Mothi or a Shan?

Shouldn't this thread belong in "The RPGPundit's Own Forum"?

No. It passes the test for this forum

It is game-related. And the even stricter test: If there were no RPGs, the question wouldn't exist. 

On an unrelated note, what if there were no rhetorical questions.

News and Adverts / A Misplaced Prince, an OSR/D20 Adventure
« on: November 14, 2020, 06:32:17 pm »

Titanic Thompson said it well: "Suckers got no business with their money."

Thanks for that... :) :) ;D

I am very skeptical about the whole Kickstarter idea.

If you don't like the product, then don't buy it. Simple as that.

I'm perfectly happy with my collection of OGL Conan.

Yes but what about the people that supported the Kickstarter before it decided to do this?

Are we meant to say ‘Hey this isn’t what we signed up for, give us a refund’?

Titanic Thompson said it well: "Suckers got no business with their money."

"Martial Arts" is racist now. It's amazing that I can still be surprised by the things that SJWs decide to be offended by.

I always thought that assuming eastern or oriental in front of the words "martial arts'' was racist. Also, assuming that the term only covers unarmed is insane. My favorite martial art is gunjutsu, also known as bangdo. The art of making someone lie down and leave you alone.

"Pull out a spear" just isn't feasible. The reason swords were ubiquitous backup weapons was because you can wear them. You can use a spear as a backup weapon on horseback because you can rig a way for the horse to wear it and you can have one hovering over you in a video game and you could do it if you were stationary on foot, by sticking it in the ground where you are going to stand, but you can't do it on foot if you are going to move around.

Some of the thread posters here seem to be missing a critical point:

You will be made to care.

You will not be given the option to 'live and let live'. You will not be allowed to 'let them play their way'. That's been the crux of this argument for quite some time.

i agree that is their intent, or some of them. But what are they going to do? Come to my place on game night and say I'm doing it wrong. I don't need the industry as long as I have the hobby.

Let people enjoy games that make them feel comfortable and safe.

Literal fucking LOL at this crap. Jesus Christ you people truly are insane.
Wow. You actually are willing to deride someone who makes a very open and accepting statement that people should play the games that make them feel comfortable and safe???

Why? Do you think that some people are not allowed to be comfortable and safe? Do you think some people are not allowed to enjoy the games they like? I don't understand you motivation, here.

I have played in and run games since 1975 and find it odd that people need specific game rules to feel comfortable and safe. Yes, there are rules sets that might make a person feel uncomfortable or unsafe but D & D, and I don't particularly like D & D works fine for diverse people, as does my own Glory Road Roleplay or GURPS or Traveler. We have almost always had at least one lesbian and more than one gay man in our gaming group.

Still, if the rules make for a fun game, I have no problem with them. 

The author of MYFAROG is a church-burning Nazi convicted murderer, so yes a bit worse than being merely on the political right. Although I hear BLM have been destroying Christian iconography too, so maybe burning Stavkirke is Politically Correct, now.
And as I've said, even as Jewish person I would go ahead and play his game if it were any good. But it's not. And that's the thing about ideologues of every persuasion: they produce only shit.

The rules are, at best, mediocre. From what I have seen, the published settings are horrible. Hower, the GM was very good and that's more important, to me, than the game rules.

We divide crossbows two ways:

How often can they operate:
There are standard crossbows that have to be cocked by brute force. They require three of our five-second rounds to cock and load. If ready when the encounter starts, they operate on rounds 1/5/9 etc. In practice, they tend to be used in fire and forget mode.
There are crossbows with a minor mechanical assist that are more expensive and take two rounds to cock and load, loosing on rounds 1/4/7 etc.
Then there are the crossbows with a major mechanical assist. They are even more expensive and, in some campaigns, are only made by dwarfs. They take one round to cock and load and loose on rounds 1/3/5 etc.

How much damage can they do:(Damage in the game seems huge to D & D players but no one is going around with D4 HP, characters usually have between 25 and 35 HP,  and armor reduces damage and characters get good at not being hit)
Teleks are very small and can be concealed and can be operated with one hand. One needs a set of tools and a worktable to reload them, so they are always fire and forget.
They do 4D6 AP Point Damage (subtract _half_of the armor value, apply the damage) or
4D6 + 2 Stabbing Damage (subtract 1.5 armor value, triple anything left and apply it.
Teleks were invented by dwarfs but are illegal in all dwarf jurisidctions and most others.
Light Crossbows do 4D8 AP and 4D8 + 2 Stabbing
Medium Crossbows do 4D10 AP and 4D10 + 2 Stabbing
Heavy Crossbows do 8D6 AP and 8D6 + 2 Stabbing

Well yes of course. That means stop deriding other people's game experiences/needs.

I mean the only reason this thread exists is because someone saw an rpg game designed for LGBTQ needs and derided it. I mean how much more hypocritical can you get?

Why on heaven's green earth do you care if a game is advertised as anti-fascist or anti-bigot. If you aren't either of such then good for them. If you are, then just go about whatever it is your kind do on a daily basis. Why are you letting it bother you?

Why the hell do you care about this? Are you so easily offended? Let people enjoy games that make them feel comfortable and safe.
I don't think that anybody really cares about an RPG for LGBTQ people. Though, it is a silly idea. You can play a "thirsty lesbian" in any RPG that I have ever played with no additional difficulty. Thirsty Sword Lesbians is a silly name for a game too, it strikes me as more sexploitation than social justice, and that is probably how they should have done it. Like Car Lesbians.

As for why we would let this bother us? I can only speak for myself in saying that a single small time indy game with SJW elements doesn't trouble me at all, even if the creators say that I'm bad and wrong and not allowed to play.

The problem is that this isn't a one time thing with one minor game. It is an extremist attitude which is coming to dominate all geeky hobbies from RPG's to video games to shows, movies, and books. It seems like we can't engage in any geeky activity without being beat over the had with how bad straight white men are and what villains people are for disagreeing.

Would you be pissed off about a bunch of right wing extremists making a RPG where they said that left wingers are terrible and not allowed to play? I bet you would hate that, even if it was an unpopular game made by a small group. How would you feel then if a high percentage of game companies were like that, if most of the TV shows were like that?

Why are you here chastising us for complaining about Thirsty Sword Lesbians instead of asking them why they care about the politics of role players?
Right-wing extremist games already exist. There are several. I'm talking about RaHoWa or Myfarog. I'm sure left-wingers would be disparaged by players of those games. I'm sure those who play these games would care about the politics of their players as well.

I have never made a post in any form of my online presence against them. But there is a difference. Those proposing games like RaHoWa and Myfarog have points of view that can cause active harm to others. Tell me what actual physical harm have thirsty lesbians ever threatened upon you?

I think the name is a little silly too, but I think that is the point. It is a game that is just embracing that and letting it run. I think it is very brave and forward.

I played in a Myfarog camapaign for a few weeks and there wasn't anything right-wing about it. The GM created his own setting, in the ancient fertile crescent and the rules were just (mediocre) RPG rules. I have glanced at the settings published by the originator of the game and they did seem to indicate something worse than being merely on the political right. 

AKA: the Hexcrawl
Confession: One of the reasons I did this is so future modules in this setting will require less w*rk.

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