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Well I liked it.


Mike Pondsmith is doing a pretty big sale on the Cyberpunk 2020 books for this holiday. I love these Humble Bumbles and they do a lot of good.

I picked them all up.

Quote from: BoxCrayonTales;1131655
Talking with WoD or CoD fans alike stresses me out to the point where I get diarrhea.

We love you too, BoxCrayonTales.

I love Sabaton.

Great music for killing Nazis to.

I didn't feel Awakening very much but I loved the Seers of the Throne.

I feel much better antagonists than the Technocracy.

Quote from: Shasarak;1131523
Right, which is why when they come on line talking about how great MMT is the answer is not to be a dork and say "I am not talking to bigots, you bigot" it is to use your free speech to explain that free money never works.

[explains socio-economic position at length]

[Its invisible because this is a game forum]

Quote from: Shasarak;1131520
Have any of these [X]s that you are worried about actually killed anyone?  We all know that deep down they want to, but I mean have they actually done it?

Look at the murder statistics, you are much more likely to be killed by someone you know then by a random member of [X]

Listen man, you can't trust one-legged Siberian accountants.

Quote from: jhkim;1131514
CTPhipps - I disagree with you on the free speech point, but I think you've been arguing in good faith and haven't been misusing the term nazi. Personally, I only use nazi to describe someone who openly identifies as a nazi. I think name-calling is a weak, and nazi has been misused for ages. Godwin's Law was expressed as such in 1990, and the principle had already been true for a while.

The issue with free speech is: Does banning nazi iconography and speech actually work to reduce the number of nazis and neonazis? I don't see any evidence that it does. I think driving neo-nazis underground just let's them flourish and reinforces their narrative of being oppressed. They should be opposed, but not banned, IMO. From what I read of white supremacy, it flourishes in the shadows.


I think the most effective take against white supremacy that I ever heard of was when the Superman Radio Show (at the time one of the most popular radio programs in the world--when television didnd't exist) had Superman take on the Ku Klux Klan.

As the storyline progressed, the shows exposed many of the KKK's most guarded secrets. By revealing everything from code words to rituals, the program completely stripped the Klan of its mystique. Within two weeks of the broadcast, KKK recruitment was down to zero. And by 1948, people were showing up to Klan rallies just to mock them.

So I believe in the power of art to take an actual blow against terrible ideas and beliefs. Art can be a powerful force in this world. I don't know if banning Nazi paraphenalia from a State Fair will actually do much to kill the idea but I think it can do a job of establishing that the Fair doesn't ENDORSE THEM. The Neo-Nazis in Kentucky love claiming they're the secret majority and people would side with them if they were honest.

By showing up against them and refusing to serve them/help them, you make it clear polite society doesn't tolerate their shit.


Quote from: BoxCrayonTales;1131513
It's terrible and isn't healthy. That's the entire reason I decided to make my own campaign settings. To avoid all this awful toxicity. To mix and match the ideas I liked from every iterations of the darkness games.

A friend of mine had the same idea and made our GOTHAM CITY BY NIGHT game.

Quote from: Shasarak;1131511
The problem that I see is that the people who you "think" want to kill you because you are [X] are statistically not the people most likely to kill you for being [X].

Its like being killed by the Police, for example.  Everyone "knows" that the Police like to kill people (second most liked activity behind eating donuts) but statistically which [X] are they most likely to kill given a choice?

Not to cut this conversation point off at the source but you realize the point was, "leave your politics at the door and just enjoy gaming", right?

A private forum about gaming should be about mutual respect and enjoyment of the hobby.

Quote from: BoxCrayonTales;1131509
I don't like any of them. I hate them all equally.

Ah, among vampires, hatred is as good as love for relationships.

Quote from: BoxCrayonTales;1131507
Giovanni is just the Italian equivalent of John. It would make more sense to use Di Giovanni or Digiovanni as the surname.

There's an urban legend Mark Rein Hagen created them after visiting a Giovanni's Pizza, not realizing that it was a first name.

Technically, it's not inaccurate. There's some people with the last name John (or Giovanni) in Italy but it is a little weird.

Quote from: BoxCrayonTales;1131505
I don't. Those damned edition wars, which you are still waging right now, drove me away.

Yeah, I hate Edition Wars. You're shitting on fellow fans of something with slightly different tastes. It's the worst of geekdom on display.

If you like Requiem or Awakening, fine. It's like hating someone over liking the Ravnos or Tzimisce over the Ventrue.

I like OWOD more than Requiem because I don't much care for toolkit settings. That doesn't mean other people might not (and do).

Quote from: Doc Sammy;1131503
I'm glad you like it, that actually means a lot to me, especially from a WoD veteran such as yourself

Aw, thank you.

The focus on family and brutality of the mafia life means I think the Giovanni can be a good fit for a coterie of related vampires in the city.

Quote from: Doc Sammy;1131501
CT Phipps, mind if I ask what you think of my idea for a reimagined Giovanni for Requiem 1e?

I think you did an extremely good job there. The Giovanni as a offshoot of the Ventrue, who are a bunch of kooky insane old aristocrats anyway in Requiem, makes a lot more sense than the Sangiovanni. If you're going to do a mafia-based game, you might as well keep a laser focus and making Augustus a Don figure you can actually oppose isn't a bad idea.

:two thumbs up:

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