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Media and Inspiration / "Join a game group today!"
« on: March 05, 2008, 06:25:28 am »
And why doesn't my GM have a hot sister tied to a chair during our games?
I shall complain when we meet next quarter!

Quote from: Drew
I had no idea that was the case. It explains a lot.
Looks like I need to find out who's really responsible.
Horseman Events I beleive. Check out UKRoleplayers - there's often quite a lot of discussion about Gencon & other UK cons on there.
(Notable absense is Salute2008 in Docklands - which this year is being held on the weekend all local trains are shut down for maintenance. Way to go guys...:rolleyes: )

Media and Inspiration / new KNIGHTRIDER
« on: February 20, 2008, 06:20:44 am »
They used a black 2007 Mustang Shelby for KITT? :mad:
This show had better be the most awesomest show in the entire history of very cool things, because if they wussify my dream car I'm going to be very upset.
I'll have to by a Monaro instead.

Media and Inspiration / on growing websites - we need five good people
« on: February 18, 2008, 05:52:12 am »
Focus is important.
I'm a limted scope moderator at another general RPG site which is now a virtual ghosttown. It has more game-specific subforums than posters. Once, about 10 years ago when it was called a different name and had different owners, about 50% of those forums were active.
Now, there are four active forums.
Two are support/general bs forums for the two affiliated chatrooms.
The other two are focused on one specific RPG. I'd guesstimate one has about 20 regular posters, the other probably half a dozen.
IMO, if you have a core group that are tightly focused on a single subject then the "five good posters" is probably right.

Help Desk / What happened to the member list?
« on: January 29, 2008, 08:33:37 pm »
Quote from: brettmb
Exactly. You have to keep in mind that most users are also primarily tangency posters, something that is a complete waste of resources for an RPG site.

At a guess, given my game group spends one Sunday evening a month playing if we're lucky, I spend 99% more of my time doing things other than face to face gaming.

Best purge me now to be on the safe side.

Other Games / Oblivion: GOTY edition
« on: January 25, 2008, 06:55:20 am »
Quote from: RChandler
Of course, it isn't over yet. Now I've got all this nice new content to keep me going. Knights of the Nine, the Shivering Isles... Can't wait to get started.
Any advice or suggestions? Things I should do? Sights to see? Fun things to do while I'm meandering about, enjoying the sunrise, smiting monsters and taking their belongings?
Cool stuff to do in the KotN and SI expansions, or in Oblivion generally?
For the PC there's an massive raft of mods, some very very good indeed.

Media and Inspiration / OMFG I got suspended from RPG.NET
« on: January 25, 2008, 06:50:02 am »
I rarely venture into TT, but the unusual longevity of that thread finally piqued my interest and I went to see the trainwreck :D
As I approach the age where I pause and look in the window of Marks & Sparks and think "Hey, nice slippers." I've found one old saying to be fairly accurate - Birds of a Feather, Flock together.
They made Curt a Mod, and evidently they still think he was a hoopy cool frood who really knew where his towel was. Darren is a mod. Eric might as well be.
Enough said on that score.
I think Hinterwelt ought to change his user title to "Befuddled by the shiny lights of TheRPGSite", and Jamescat is right - the correct course of action for Koltar was to challenge Shannon to Bat'leth's at dawn :D

Quote from: dar
With a combat session, or two, depending on your players.
Or Oceans 11.
I thought I was the only one... :win:
Quote from: Tyberious Funk
If you can, get your hands on "Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads"....
Then feed it to the dog, burn its poop, dissolve the ashes in acid and scatter the remains to the four winds.
The makers reccomended method of CP2020 gamesmastering can be boiled down to "Screw over your players." Usually by making sure your villains are bigger, badder and have more GM fiat on their side than the PCs. You may have an inkling that I disagree with that method ;)
You're better off with a good background in the Cyberpunk classics such as Gibson, Sterling and Walter Jon Williams, a dose of common sense and possibly a copy of Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering.
It's unfortunate that a lot of the CP2020 stuff you'll find on the net is dedicated to firearms and ultraviolence. CP2020 can be played just as well as a noir style detective story, a heist caper or a Jason Bourne / 007 style guns & gadgets spy game.
I even heard someone once ran a "This is Spinal Tap" game with the PCs as a rock band, roadies and manager.
I'm running a PbP at the moment at RPGNet, and in a shock revelation, at least two of the PCs are not gun toting psycopaths! :haw:

Quote from: Balbinus
The DVD release shows the proper episodes. The BBC are fuckwits, they pay through the nose for HBO material and never know what to do with it, in this case an American show was dumbed down for a Brit audience (nobody really accepted the explanation point, which was nonsense incidentally) because the BBC didn't trust Brits not to turn over if there was a bit of thoughtful dialogue on screen. Similarly Band of Brothers got aired at ludicrous times despite being bought for a fortune. The BBC has a history of buying quality US shows but then not knowing how to showcase them.
Actually, Rome was a joint HBO-BBC production with HBO contributing the lion's share of the money ($85m vs $15m) whilst most of the actors & production crew were British.
Rome was shown on Wednesday evening and repeated on Sunday evening timeslots IIRC, Band of Brothers I can't exactly recall but was I think was similar. (I watched most of BoB on DVD anyway.)
Worst offender for scheduling on UK TV are the independant channels anyway. Two of my favourite series, Tour of Duty and Space: Above and Beyond were frequently shown at odd hours late at night and were the sacrificial programs first to be rescheduled if anything else needed to be squeezed in.

Quote from: pspahn
Take out Vorenus and Pullo and you have a much less interesting show.

Call me shallow, but I lost a bit of love for Rome when Vorenus and Pullo weren't hitting people with swords. Even Polly Walkers jiggling hooters only hold so much interest.
I heard that despite being a BBC production, there were chunks cut from parts of Series 1 for airing in the UK but left in in the US release,  because the producers felt that UK audiences would already be well acquainted with the political intrigue between Ceasar/Pompey and wouldn't need it explained. As a Brit, I would have preferred them to leave it in.

My current group is using GURPS 4e with enough houserules to fill a street.
I'm running a CP2020 pbp game over at Big Purple, which is the same game I tried to set up as a tabletop face to face one in my local area - however there are only 3 internet connected gamers in my entire county, and only 1 of them was really interested.

A guy I used to know in the US Marines used to run CP2020 with guys in his platoon.  Many of the Twilight 2000 players I've met over the interweb have ex-military backgrounds.

In a Cyberpunk2020 forum game once, the GM asked me to take on a particular character for a bit part - I got a name, rough description and job function, and I fleshed out the rest. Basically I took on an NPC on behalf of the GM, and that NPC became a proper PC. I loved it, the exact character concept wasnt one I'd have normally dreamed up.
I'm not sure it directly counts, but in my current tabletop group, 3 of the current players have taken over characters left behind by 3 of the last players.

Space 1889 : Shooting skill is only used for targets greater than 20 yards away. For targets less than 20 yards distance, you have to use the Melee combat skill. Not only is this utter bollox IMO, but Melee combat skill is capped at max 2. Makes a 1880's cowboy gunfighter a bit hard to generate.

Media and Inspiration / Question for the Computer Geeks out there
« on: October 23, 2007, 03:53:32 am »
I wouldn't panic.
With 25c case temp my AMD X-64s tend to run about 40c idle, 45-48 under load.
Intel chips tend to run hotter, although I beleive the very latest chips are cooler than equivalent AMDs.

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