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So, I have been reading a lot about this new genre of video games called "Survival Sandbox", a genre that combines many elements 0f the Survival Horror and Wide Open Sandbox genres. The games tend to be light on the narrative and instead emphasize survival and exploration. Notable examples include Day Z and Minecraft (Minecraft being the relatively family-friendly, cartoony version of Survival Sandbox) and I'll let the folks at TV Tropes explain this in more detail.

The point is, I'm wanting to implement a Survival Sandbox style campaign in Dungeons & Dragons. Your character starts out at Level 1 with limited resources and equipment and must simply do their best to survive in a hostile and vast world. This style of gameplay would work very well with One-on-One campaigns and solo gameplay as well, but could also theoretically work with a traditional party of PC's.

Has anyone ever ran a game in this style? I'd imagine it would take less prep than a traditional dungeon crawl or narrative-driven campaign. I'm wanting to run a game in this style and I'm not sure what edition or rules set to use. I could do an OD&D or Basic D&D Retro-Clone, AD&D 1E or 2E, 3.5/Pathfinder, or 5E. 4E is off the table mainly because I don't like 4E and its mechanical issues such as healing surges and highly durable starting-level PC's would be counter-productive to the Survival Sandbox gameplay I am wanting to implement.

Frankly, I'm leaning towards 3.5 for nostalgia's sake (D&D 3.5 was the system I started with) combined with some minor elements lifted from Pathfinder, but I am also open to OD&D by way of Microlite74 Basic, both editions of AD&D, and D&D 5E, since I own all of these games in hard copy form.

My campaign setting would be a very grimdark pseudo-Medieval fantasy setting inspired heavily by Dark Ages Europe (particularly the Sub-Roman Period of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries CE), Feudal Japan (particularly the Sengoku Period), and Late Medieval Europe (particularly during the time of the Black Death). The setting would have a lot of anime aesthetics (particularly dark and violent anime such as Hellsing Ultimate, Berserk, Elfen Lied, Urotsukidoji, etc.) It would be a semi-apocalyptic setting in which the world is in the early stages of a massive societal collapse. Think Dungeons & Dragons meets Stephen King's The Stand but styled like a gory seinen anime. But enough about my campaign, let's focus on the topic at large.

What D&D or OSR systems would you guys use for a Survival Sandbox campaign?

Alright, the polarization of this country, especially in the wake of the 2016 Election's outcome has gotten me really upset at both the Alt-Right and the Regressive Left. I am a socialist liberal but I really despise both sides for obvious reasons. So in order to cheer myself, I made this weak parody piece and I thought I'd share it with you.

Also, I'm seriously considering running for local office when I turn 25 (I'm 23 right now).


It is titled America Strong! (Remove Alt-Right and SJW) and is a blatant parody of the dated alt-right 4chan meme Serbia Strong! (Remove Kebab), which stemmed from an old Yugoslav War-era propaganda video that the Serbian Army produced to express both Islamophobia and Serb Nationalism (particularly in support of disgraced politician and war criminal Radovan Karadzic). When this old video was leaked to the internet around 2011-2012, it became an internet meme and soon parodies appeared all over with new material, usually including Tupac Shakur and more Serb propaganda videos of the time. So, to express my disgust at the Alt-Right, I decided to re-appropriate the Serbia Strong song and make it an attack on the Alt-Right AND the Regressive Left, and express support for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein instead of Radovan Karadzic.

Now, before anyone makes any accusations, I don't think Donald Trump is an actual alt-right politician. He's definitely popular among the Alt-Right, but in actuality he's just a loudmouthed meme candidate with more dollars than sense and he loves attention (though his ties to Steve Bannon are troubling, but that's probably just more pandering on his part).

Now, to further calm me down, I wrote this in the style of a crappy script fic (as TV Tropes would call it, "Stylistic Suck") and the cast includes my favorite fictional characters from my childhood. The cast is as follows...

Sailor Mercury: Vocals
Takeru "T.K." Takaishi: Trumpet
Mr. Conductor: Keyboard
Tuxedo Mask: Accordion

Now, onto the lyrics of the actual parody itself.....

America Strong (Remove Alt-Right and SJW)

(Sung to the tune of "Serbia Strong")

Verse One

From Social Media all the way to Portland Town
All the way to Portland Town
Free Speech is under attack!
Free Speech is under attack!


Jill Stein, lead the Americans!
Please lead the Americans!
Show them they are not afraid of anything!
Not afraid of anything!

Verse Two

Christian Fascists have awoken!
Christian Fascists have awoken!
Do not touch our Constitution!
Do not touch our Constitution!


Verse Three

From Roanoke, the Wolf of Rome is coming!
The Socialist Wolf of Rome is coming!
Be afraid, Fascists and SJW's!
Fascists and SJW's!


Verse Four

In defense of the American People's rights
We fight the Alt-Right and the Regressive Left
We fight, Glory to our freedoms!
Glory to our freedoms!


I'm sorry you guys had to go though this awful parody, but I really needed to get this off my chest. Now, onto the ACTUAL purpose of this thread. And yes, the Wolf of Rome refers to my own personal local political ambitions within the Roanoke Valley. I intend to restore some sanity to local politics if elected to office. It is not meant as a threat but as a call forward to a hopeful future when local politicians can start caring for their voters and tell the extremists to cram it.

Let's bitch about the dangers and excesses of both the Alt-Right and the Regressive Left. Feel free to share your works of parody, satire, or catharsis in relation to the current political climate.

So, since it's getting close to Halloween, I figured I'd start a conversation about one of my favorite RPG settings of all time, Ravenloft!

Ravenloft is literally the only published D&D setting I enjoy and it is one of my all-time favorite RPG settings in general. I love it, and have even come up with my own homebrew domains, namely Wolfenwald (a haunted enchanted forest with dark Fairy Tale motifs and a Darklord based on the Evil Queen from Snow White) and I'm also working on an anime-inspired domain for a BESM game set in a variant of Ravenloft. I own the original Ravenloft: Realm of Terror boxed set from 1990. Bought it at a convention still in its plastic wrapping and completely unopened. I love it.

Forgotten Realms is too over-exposed, Greyhawk is too clich├ęd, Dragonlance is too fucking boring, Spelljammer is too sci-fi, and Golarion is too SJW.

But Ravenloft is just right.

So, anyone else here have fond memories of Ravenloft?

Alright, it's October and in honor of the Halloween season I have decided to begin the concept phase of an idea for an OSR styled game that has been floating around in my head for a few months now. A sandbox-styled horror fantasy game with an emphasis on survival horror titled Into The Darkness.

Into The Darkness is at its base a pseudo-medieval fantasy game, but I intend to make it very modular and produce supplements that support different genres and technology levels, including Renaissance, Old West/Victorian, 20th and 21st Centuries, and Sci-Fi/Futuristic settings, all of them with a survival horror bent to them. There would be rules for different types of horrors and creatures, from typical flora and fauna, to fantasy monsters, all the way to horror standards such as undead, demons, slashers, and aliens.

However, before I get into a bunch of supplements, I want to establish a basic version of the game first. Sort of a "White Box" version of the game based heavily off of OD&D's original boxed set, with some elements taken from AD&D 1E and the various OD&D and Basic D&D supplements. Initially there would be three classes (Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric) and I'm thinking of using an ascending AC and other combat mechanics lifted from later editions of D&D (mainly for the sake of simplicity). The initial atmosphere of this basic set is a sort of crossover-heavy spooky Halloween horror game. Expect some references to Fairy Tales as well.

Future supplementary material I wish to include for a complete game would include more fantasy stuff (such as all the remaining classes found in AD&D 1E), some Japanese-themed classes (Ninja, Samurai, Sohei, etc.), and maybe some Old West character options in the vein of Boot Hill. After the complete version is finished, I will work on supplements for Modern and Sci-Fi/Future horror settings.

But first, I must work on the basic version of Into The Darkness, which shall be titled the Black Boxed Set, at least for now as a working title (I intend to have a black-colored cover when I get it made as a PDF).

Any tips on mechanics would be awesome, and I wouldn't mind having some anime-styled artwork made for the game as well.

Alright, this is an idea I've been toying around in my head for years and years now, something I've been wanting to do since 2012 and I had made a few minor attempts before but never really got off the ground before. That idea is a conversion of the classic 1991 RPG Vampire: The Masquerade to the rules of that blast from the past that should have stayed, Big Eyes Small Mouth. If this conversion works, I may also convert Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, and The Hunters Hunted to BESM as well.

However, I'm going to lay some ground rules for my conversions. This is a remake/reboot of Vampire: The Masquerade that brings it back to the core without completely making a whole new game like Requiem (Requiem 1e is essentially Masquerade 1e distilled, but more toolkit and with a few Revised Edition mishaps such as the emotional deadness garbage).

It's sort of like hitting the reset button and taking VTM back to its very first edition, with all the mechanical and thematic differences that entails. We will NOT be using the metaplot whatsoever, and so in essence, Revised Edition never happened in BESM Vampire. Imagine if Justin Achilli had never been hired by White Wolf, and instead they hired a young Mark C. MacKinnon in his place.

Anyway without getting further derailed, time to list the ground rules.

1. As stated before, this is a reboot of the Classic World of Darkness that still keeps it in the Classic World of Darkness. It's essentially stripping away Revised Edition (as well as rejecting the upcoming Fifth Edition that Martin Ericsson and his ilk are working on) and going back to First Edition in all of its mysterious and shadowy Gothic-Punk glory.

2. The metaplot never happened. Ever. That means no Week of Nightmares, no Independent Gangrel, no Red Star, no Avatar Storm, no Sixth Great Maelstrom, no changing of Clan weaknesses, no Great Leap Outward, no Gehenna, no Revised Edition bullshit. Period.

3. Certain gamelines are removed from this iteration of the World of Darkness completely. The gamelines in question are Kindred of the East and Demon: The Fallen. So in other words, Kuei-Jin and Fallen do NOT exist. That way, you can actually have VTM games set in Tokyo with actual vampires instead of Kuei-Jin.

4. The rulebooks we will be using for the initial conversions are the First Edition Vampire: The Masquerade Corebook and the First Edition Big Eyes Small Mouth Corebook. This is for multiple reasons. I chose VTM 1e for that old-school Gothic feel and lack of metaplot (and the fact I own a physical copy of it as well, instead of just a PDF), and I chose BESM 1e because I own it on hard copy as well, and because it has both the simplest version of the rules and is the ruleset most compatible with the Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book. I may convert material from the 1e Players Guide, 1e Storytellers Guide, and The Players Guide to the Sabbat from 2e, but first I will be focusing on the materials found in 1e's Core Rulebook first and foremost.

5. As for the other denizens of the World of Darkness, there ARE Werewolves, Mages, Ghosts, and Faeries, as they were all alluded to in the VTM 1e corebook to various degrees. However, we will be using the descriptions and iterations of these creatures from that book and nothing else, at least initially. If this conversion works out, I may convert Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension., though I am unsure about converting Wraith and Changeling. Now, in addition to Mortals, Lupines, and Magi, it is possible that the Vampire PC's may also have to deal with Sailor Scouts and Youma as well. There is a reason why I'm including the Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game in the list of conversion materials after all. However, since this is a toolkit approach, the use of Sailor Moon materials in your BESM Vampire games is optional.

6. The main theme of this is NOT personal horror. So, the Humanity meter is NOT getting converted, at least not for now. That being said, I'm not going to have it just be Trenchcoats & Katanas or just political intrigue either, but instead have this version of Masquerade be a toolkit that can support a variety of themes and sandbox-style play as well.

7. However, we are still keeping the original Gothic-Punk aesthetic from the early days of VTM, just with a few minor anime touches.

Well, now I am off to look over the core materials for this conversion and begin writing notes and making rough drafts. I will be sharing these notes and rough drafts in this thread as I write them down. For now, let me know what you think of this project and how you would convert Masquerade to BESM or any other system.

Title says it all, ever write fanfics about your favorite role-playing games and their settings? I do. Mainly out of boredom and because I like fanfics (yes, I know they're considered to be inferior to real literature, but I enjoy them anyway). I want to know if anybody else on this forum writes RPG fanfics or reads them, for that matter.

In fact, I am currently writing some right now. Just posted the first chapter to a fanfic about solo RPG's. Sort of a "story within a story" in which the first chapter about the character playing a solo RPG serves as the framing device for the game's actual story itself.

It's titled "Flowers On The Wall" (named after The Statler Brothers' song about boredom)

I even mentioned this very site in the first chapter, sort of as an Easter Egg.

Also, if you know of any RPG fanfics or write them yourself, share them here.

I mentioned in an unrelated thread that I want to develop a campaign where the PC's are little green Army Men, sort of like Toy Story meets Only War. It would be a very gonzo game with a lot of crossovers and genre-mixing, sort of like a child using his overactive imagination while playing with said Army Men. The game would be somewhat tongue-in-cheek in nature and as stated before, tons of crossovers and genre mashups would be part of it all.

The question is what system I should use. Based on what I own, should I use GURPS 3E, BESM 1E, Microlite, the Hero 5E Sidekick, or just make my own system?

Would this game be interesting to any of you guys?

Play by Post Games / (Interest Check) OD&D with Microlite74?
« on: July 05, 2016, 01:28:39 pm »
I want to run an OD&D-inspired adventure using Microlite74. I'm thinking of using just Microlite74 Basic for now, and then as the game grows, adding in stuff from Standard and some homebrew material I made for the system.

The players all start out at Level 1, and it would be a wide-open sandbox game with plenty of potential for crossovers. The setting is a non-specific fantasy sandbox setting where anything can happen. This game is still very much in the early phases of development, but I would love to know if people would be interested.

Alright, I want to DM some old-school style D&D, but this is the first time I have DM'd Dungeons & Dragons (I have GM'd oneshots of Big Eyes Small Mouth and Vampire: The Masquerade, however, so running a game isn't entirely alien to me), and I really want to capture that old-school feel. I'm not sure if I should run OD&D (using Microlite74 since it's simpler and I already got it for free), or AD&D (I have second-hand copies of both 1e and 2e that my dad bought as gifts from our old FLGS).

Having looked over both, I am leaning towards OD&D/Microlite74 since Microlite is so much simpler, but I do find AD&D interesting as well.

As a 22-year old gamer who originally missed the boat on old-school D&D and whose first RPG was D&D 3.5e, and whose primary experiences are with new-school D&D, White Wolf, and BESM, tell me and show me how best to capture the old-school atmosphere and style of OD&D, 1e, and 2e respectively. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Alright, I have decided upon myself to make a rules conversion of Vampire: The Requiem 1e to Big Eyes Small Mouth 1e. I have already made some hand-written notes of what I wish to convert and what I want to get rid of, so this thread will be used to display the building of this rules conversion.

I chose Requiem 1e because I fucking hate 2e, and I chose BESM 1e because I have it on hard copy and it's the edition most compatible with the Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book. Anyway, I want to turn Requiem and the New World of Darkness as a whole into a dark action-adventure setting with some horror elements (but not personal horror) that is influenced by anime and manga. So I took it upon myself to convert it to a better system.

It is time we kicked personal horror to the curb and gave the finger to the Goth subculture. So, I have now begun my rules conversion tentatively titled "Blood and Bubblegum".

Some early things of note, mostly fluff changes....

1. Virtues and Vices are still in, we are not using Requiem 2e's system of Masks and Dirges or Touchstones

2. Humanity has been excised completely, as it is the main mechanic that enforces personal horror

3. The Strix and the God-Machine have been completely removed from the setting. The God-Machine is an aspect integral to 2e nWoD, while the Strix were a shitty idea introduced late into 1e and made into a main component of 2e Requiem. So the Strix are gone for good. As for the fate of Clan Julii, they were simply an earlier iteration of Clan Ventrue instead of an entirely separate clan.

4. Vampires are no longer emotionally or creatively dead. This is a big one. It was in the Requiem 1e corebook as a holdover from Revised Edition Masquerade, but was eventually dropped from the gameline, to the point that Requiem 2e openly discredits it (arguably the only thing I like about Requiem 2e). But in this game, Kindred have a full range of emotions and creativity.

5. The atmosphere of the game is dark, but not Gothic. It's more anime-like and is very anti-Gothic and anti-Punk.

6. There is a chance for heroic vampires. Vampires aren't automatically damned, it's just easier to become damned if you're a vampire. There are good-guy vampires, and bad-guy vampires too. Most vampires are just regular joes.

Next up are the mechanical conversions I have written down so far in my notebook. That will be in the next post I make, but for now I'm going to get me some breakfast. Watch this space.

So, this is the open discussion thread for how we would fix the problems in the World of Darkness, whether it be New or Classic.

For me, the White Wolf settings were great in their initial forms and had a lot of great ideas but were often ruined or hindered by pretentiousness on the part of the White Wolf staff, as well as the pursuit of "personal horror", and in the case of Classic World of Darkness, shamelessly pandering to the Goth and Punk subcultures.

Classic World of Darkness had this problem even worse with its awful metaplot. New World of Darkness did fix a lot of the problems the previous World of Darkness had, but it still had some issues (such as still continuing to pursue personal horror as a theme) and apparently the newest edition of nWoD (Now titled Chronicles of Darkness) is going in the opposite direction with its horrible setting changes and its God-Machine pseudo-metaplot.

Now, as Storytellers we can change all that bullshit and fix a great setting concept by removing the bullshit that hinders its true potential. For example, I stick to the first edition of New World of Darkness, and generally axe out Humanity, Morality, or any similar karma meters that seem to only exist to enforce personal horror.

I also chop out the existence of the Strix in Vampire, and remove the concept of vampires being emotionally and creatively dead (a problem that only really existed in the 1e Requiem corebook and is easily excised). Instead of making vampires inherently evil, I give them free agency to be good or evil. Yes, there are heroic vampires in my World of Darkness, though most Kindred are just regular Joes just trying to survive.

As for the covenants in Requiem, I have three heroic covenants (Circle of the Crone, Carthian Movement, Ordo Dracul) and three villainous covenants (Lancea Sanctum, Invictus, Belial's Brood), and as for VII, I never really used them, but I could figure them into a "wild card" faction whose loyalties and alignments are unclear.

Changeling: The Lost, my favorite setting in the New World of Darkness, I simply focus on the beauty aspects of the setting, the beautiful victory of having escaped the True Fae and now you can either regain your life or start a new beginning. For me, I make Changeling a more hopeful and heroic game.

Again, these are just my modifications to World of Darkness. Feel free to share your ideas too.

Alright, as mentioned in a previous thread, I want to create an anime-themed OSR retro-clone loosely based off of OD&D, but with an anime feel and anime-styled artwork.

The base outline is that the initial core game will still be medieval fantasy along the lines of the early Final Fantasy games and shows such as The Slayers (which I really need to start watching), and each supplement will add material for a new genre or sub-genre of anime.

The outline I have in my head is as follows....

Anime & Adventuring: The core game, essentially OD&D-style fantasy with an anime twist, starts off with the material from the Men & Magic, Monsters & Treasures, and The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures and then includes all the OD&D supplement material in an appendix of the book, as well as some new classes that still fit the medieval fantasy mold, like the Samurai and Ninja.

Supplement I-Modern Adventures: Adds rules for modern settings, including some of the classes from the Anime D20 SRD like the Magical Girl, Hot Rod, Gun Bunny, Pet Monster Trainer, Super Sentai Team Member, Student, and Tech Genius. Has guidelines for different genres of anime such as Shonen, Shojo, and Seinen as well as sub-genres like martial arts adventure, harem comedies, horror, and the like.

Supplement II-Futuristic Adventures: Adds rules for Cyberpunk, Mecha, and Far Future settings, as well as two new classes, the Mecha Pilot and the Space Paladin (think along the lines of a Jedi. I know it's not anime, but I figured it could still fit the future vibe I am going for)

Supplement III-Old-Time Adventures: Adds rules and guidelines for Steampunk, Victorian, Wild West, Edwardian, and Dieselpunk characters and campaigns.

Anyway, that's what I have so far in what I want to create and eventually publish.

Now, as for the system, unlike the original incarnations of OD&D, I intend to have the modern innovation of ascending Armor Class. The dice system will mainly rely on D6's for hit dice and weapon damage, but for conflict resolution and saving throws, will resort to a D20. I kind of want to keep things simple in the initial phases.

Again, forgive me if this sounds vague but it's all I have developed so far. This is sort of a design and development thread so I can expand upon this and maybe even complete it. Hopefully if all goes well, I can publish it too.

Hi guys, first time poster here but long time gamer. Figured I'd talk about one of my favorite RPG's of all time, Big Eyes Small Mouth.

I'm an anime fan and personally, I love BESM for its rules-light approach and adaptability. I can literally GM anything with just my BESM 1e corebook, and I've been wondering if anyone else here likes this game?

If so, what was your favorite edition? Did you like the licensed books for the system (such as Sailor Moon or New Dominion Tank Police)?

TL;DR, Big Eyes Small Mouth general discussion.

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