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The RPGPundit's Own Forum / The Decline and Fall of SJW's
« on: May 31, 2020, 06:56:06 pm »
So, as I'm sure some of you are already aware of, the federal government has branded Antifa a terrorist movement and are subjecting the various Antifa groups and networks and anyone who openly affiliates with Antifa to the same restrictions used for terrorist and organized crime groups, and the FBI and DOJ are coordinating in massive investigations of the Antifa movement following the riots in Minneapolis and other cities all over the country.

Here is an official statement from the Attorney General and the DOJ on the matter

There's been a budding wider backlash against the SJW Left among the general public for a while now, dating back to the spring of 2019 at the very earliest, and the coronavirus pandemics and economic crashes have only accelerating everything. People are becoming sick of the left's bullshit and things are getting really serious.

I think this is the beginning of the end and I would love to hear what Pundit has to say on this matter, seeing as he usually knows a lot more about these type of things than I do and tends to have a more informed take on the issue overall.

I'm curious how this will blow back on the more militantly woke elements of the RPG industry (Onyx Path/Nu-White Wolf, Paizo, Evil Hat,, etc.) seeing as those are all very much explicitly pro-Antifa companies with strong far left sentiments on their official forums.

Title says it all. The RPG Site's often seen as the polar opposite of and Big Purple has typically been pro-White Wolf and later pro-Onyx Path after WW committed the sin of thought crime

Who on this forum has the strangest relationship with White Wolf and the World of Darkness?

Not all of the people listed in the poll have animosity with the company and its settings, mind you. After all, CT Phipps is a fierce White Wolf loyalist while I've got a weird love-hate thing going on.

Pundit hates White Wolf, but he's always been an old-school D&D/OSR guy.

For those who are wondering, this poll is meant as a joke

So, a while ago I bought Lion & Dragon and I must admit, it is a wonderful book and I aim to buy more of Pundit's Medieval Authentic supplements for Lion & Dragon/Dark Albion, but I've also been reflecting on Ravenloft, which is my favorite official D&D setting and it got me thinking on some things...

Is the Medieval Authentic campaign compatible with old-school Gothic Horror?

Ravenloft draws heavily from the tropes of Gothic literature of the Regency and Victorian eras alongside the horror cinema of the early-to-mid 20th Century, with Strahd Von Zarovich being the D&D equivalent of Dracula as portrayed by Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee.

However, I've been wanting to try a "Survival Horror" game of sorts that is based in the Medieval Authentic rules of Lion & Dragon, but I also want to mix elements of later horror elements such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, and the like.

Now, from what I understand, werewolves as we know them got their start in the Late Medieval/Early Modern era and there were concerns over witches and demons back then (although the witch hunts were more of a Early Modern thing than a Medieval one) but would it be too much of a deviation to include monster and horror tropes of the 19th and 20th Centuries (Romero-style zombies, Hammer Horror-style vampires, etc.) in a game that is otherwise Medieval Authentic?

I'm particularly interested in Pundit's opinion on this, since it's his system that I'm using, although I would also love to hear from Armchair Gamer and SHARK as well, since they are both well-versed in history.

As some of you may know by now, Blizzard perma-banned a professional e-sports figure for supporting the protests in Hong Kong and South Park recently did an episode condemning China's disproportionate influence over American media and corporate entities (Disney in particular) and the CCP naturally banned South Park like the commie thugs they are, even though South Park wasn't even airing on Chinese television before the ban.

It's often been speculated that the neoliberal embrace of the bland and deliberately non-edgy "woke culture" that is so often espoused by Millennial SJW's is partly because most SJW woke values don't upset the CCP (aside from all the LGBT stuff, which I'll address later in this post) and the big shot companies like Google and Disney can make a lot of bank from the Chinese and Millennial college kids at the same time. That's part of why despite "Get Woke, Go Broke" being very much a real observable phenomenon in the West, the media is still going with it, because they know that the Chinese will gladly buy up their bland pablum even if it tanks in America.

While a lot of woke stuff will feature LGBT themes, the stuff produced by major companies like Disney and Warner are often deliberately written in a way that can easily be censored or rewritten for Chinese audiences. Both Steven Universe and Voltron: Legendary Defender feature openly gay characters, but the Chinese translations rewrite the dialogue to remove this element. A good example from Voltron is the character Shiro, who is revealed to be gay in the later seasons and has a deceased lover named Adam. However, Adam is rewritten to be his best friend in the overseas versions whenever he is mentioned. A lot of American shows do stuff similar to this for overseas versions in the hopes of getting past the Chinese censors.

However, the Hong Kong protests are starting to wake people up, slowly but surely. People are getting royally pissed at Blizzard and the fact that South Park was able to air their most recent episode at all without getting censored by the Comedy Central higher-ups is a sign that the tides are about to turn.

The People's Republic of China is an authoritarian hellhole that openly engages in covert cyber-warfare with the US, and they also are infamous for their human rights abuses such as the infamous Social Credit system, harvesting the organs of murdered dissidents, and their oppression of ethnic and religious minorities such as the Tibetans and the Muslim tribes in Northern China. There's also the shady activities of groups like Tencent and Huawei, as well as all that deliberate IP theft, protectionism, and the seditious collaboration of Silicon Valley tech giants such as Google in the aiding and abetting of these crimes. Despite Facebook and YouTube both being banned in the PRC, Google and Facebook both collaborate with the Chinese government and make lucrative business deals with them in the tech sector.

Funnily enough, the freedom fighters protesting in Hong Kong have adapted a new mascot, the character of Mei from Overwatch (a game published by Blizzard) and are using her as a symbol of liberation as a way to tell both the CCP and Blizzard to fuck off.

Consequently, I've had Mei as my avatar on this forum for a while. Fuck the CCP!

But on a more serious note, corporate censorship is bad enough as it is. It's even worse when the corporations are doing it on behalf of a despotic foreign government that is infamous for its human rights abuses.

Assuming Pundit is interested in this thread's topic, I'm curious to hear his thoughts on the matter.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / When Cancel Culture Goes Too Far
« on: September 01, 2019, 01:29:22 pm »
So, apparently there is a recent development regarding the infamous SJW attention whore and ANTIFA field medic Zoe Quinn AKA the dangerhair hipster cunt who was the initial cause of the GamerGate controversies.

Apparently, she made obvious false accusations against Alec Holowka, the creator of the video game Night In The Woods and riled up the woke Twitter mobs to harass him and threaten him and push the cancel culture.

And you know how Holowka responded? He killed himself.

Now the SJW's are siding with the abusive liar Zoe Quinn and celebrating Holowka's death, and I hope to all that is holy that this ends up being the straw that breaks the back of the social media Bolsheviks, but I doubt it. This is just odious, even by the standards of Zoe Quinn and her Anarcho-Communist and college SJW sycophants.

The Quartering just made a video about it.

I have no doubt that the Antifa trannies at and Onyx Path Forums are ecstatically celebrating the fact that an innocent young man was driven to commit suicide because of false accusations, cancel culture, and all this "listen and believe" witch hunt bullshit.

Well, I'm fucking done with it. I will NOT listen and I will NOT believe any longer!

Someone needs to press charges against Zoe Quinn or at least pursue some form of legal action. I don't know how one could go about it, but I'm sure she could be held liable for Holowa's suicide, even if it's just a wrongful death civil suit and not a criminal case.

Alright, I've been getting back into old White Wolf stuff for the first time in a long while.

This includes both the Classic World of Darkness and the New World of Darkness as well as the Street Fighter RPG from the 90's. Naturally I am becoming rather nostalgic, but it also got me thinking about something...

There is a major problem with the old White Wolf IP's and that is Onyx Path Forums and their near-monopoly on the White Wolf fandom discussion.

Onyx Path are a very loud vocal minority and actively played a role in the failures of V5 and the demise of White Wolf under Paradox Interactive's control, and they also have a very strict and authoritarian forum culture that can best be described as a more focused and intensified where SJW ideology is mandatory and any dissident opinions are an offense worthy of a permanent ban.

A lot of the same toxic people who run with an iron fist also have a lot of sway at Onyx Path Forums, most notably Darksider, a very sociopathic and petty mod who gets sick pleasure from banning users or telling them off for disagreeing with the forum's zeitgeist. Again, he is smug and pretentious and a general scumbag.

However, I did not create this thread with the intent of bitching about Onyx Path and their political agendas, this is just a preamble to the main topic.

Onyx Path Forums is the direct successor to the old White Wolf Forums, and since White Wolf Forums went under in late 2012/early 2013, a lot of its competitors and sister sites went down with it, most notably Shadownessence.

So if you want to discuss any White Wolf game, the only game in town is Onyx Path Forums or starting a thread on a general RPG forum. We need to change that.

I am proposing a free and open-ended forum devoted to the discussion of Classic World of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness, Exalted, Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, Scion, Big Eyes Small Mouth, Mind's Eye Theatre, and fan games such as the many iterations of Princess: The Hopeful or older fan games like Senshi: The Merchandising.

It would be an alternative to Onyx Path Forums where you can openly discuss your opinions on your favorite games without being banned for political wrong think, going against canon, or disliking personal horror.

I'm envisioning this forum of mine to be The RPG Site to Onyx Path Forum's

However, I can't do this on my own. I'm not really tech-savvy and I have no idea on how to build a good forum.

If anyone wants to help me in this endeavor, I would greatly appreciate it.

Any thoughts on this proposal?

Given the recent and highly politicized controversies regarding Wizards Of The Coast and Paizo combined with a lot of the issues inherent in both the Pathfinder Society and the D&D Adventurers League, I've decided to start a group of my own for organized play both online and in real-life.

However, this organized group is explicitly apolitical and is NOT limited to a specific game or edition, and unlike the Pathfinder Society or the Adventurers League, this group is all about the old-school games of the 70's, 80's, and 90's as well as modern-era spiritual successors like OSR games and other games of a similar fare.

This is WARPS, the Worldwide Anime & Role-Playing Society and it is very much a loving throwback to the good old days of gaming when the hobby was all about having fun and being "edgy" was not seen as a bad thing.

Despite the name, you don't need to be a fan of anime to join WARPS. All you have to be is a fan of old-school games and someone who is fun to game with. I decided on the name because I am a fan of anime (especially old-school stuff from the 1990's and 2000's) and I figured it'd make for a good acronym.

Here are some important questions and answers....

What is an Old School Game?

An old school game is defined by WARPS as any role-playing game released between 1974 and 2000, with OD&D as the starting point and D&D 3E being the end point. However, we will allow modern games that are intended to be an emulation or reflection of old-school games (such as the OSR) and we will also allow D&D 3.0/3.5 in our society as well, even if it is generally considered the first "New School" game.

What is the OSR?

The OSR (Old School Rules) is a movement within gaming that is comprised of modern games that are based on the old TSR-era D&D rules. The earliest OSR games were OGL-based clones of these older editions, although since then the OSR has grown to include original games and original settings that simply use the old D&D rules as the basic frame for the core mechanics.

"Old-School" D&D is defined as any version of D&D published before TSR was purchased by Wizards Of The Coast and the subsequent release of the third edition of D&D in 2000. This includes the original boxed set from the 70's as well as both editions of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and the many iterations of Basic Dungeons & Dragons.

What games will be covered by WARPS?

The following games will be supported by WARPS in official play and some of the games will have overarching plots that drive the "official" campaign every year. These games can be played either in person or online. Online play will include things like forum-based Play By Post, Play By Email, and playing over services like Discord or Roll20.

As a general reference, the games listed were released between 1974 and 2000. Some of these games are still in print but WARPS will not use editions of these games released after the year 2000 in our sanctioned games.

WARPS is all about old-school role-playing and so the list of potential games for our GM's to pick is quite large and yes, I intentionally included Phoenix Command and the other Leading Edge games as the ultimate challenge for the most hardcore of WARPS players and Game Masters alike.

The 70's
Original Dungeons & Dragons (1974)
En Garde! (1975)
Metamorphosis Alpha (1976)
Traveller (1977)
Basic Dungeons & Dragons, Holmes (1977)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, First Edition (1978)
Gamma World (1978)
Boot Hill (1979)

The 80's
Call of Cthulhu (1981)
Champions (1981)
Basic Dungeons & Dragons, B/X (1981)
RECON (1982)
Basic Dungeons & Dragons, BECMI (1983)
Twilight 2000 (1984)
GURPS (1986)
Robotech (1986)
Phoenix Command (1986)
Living Steel (1987)
Ars Magica (1987)
Teenagers From Outer Space (1987)
WEG Star Wars (1987)
Macho Women With Guns (1988)
Shadowrun (1989)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition (1989)

The 90's
Cyberpunk 2020 (1990)
Aliens Adventure Game (1991)
Vampire: The Masquerade (1991)
Basic Dungeons & Dragons, Rules Cyclopedia
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (1992)
Mage: The Ascension (1993)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1993)
Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game (1994)
Changeling: The Dreaming (1995)
Feng Shui (1996)
Big Eyes Small Mouth (1997)
Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game & Resource Book (1999)

And Beyond!

Dungeons & Dragons, 3.0/3.5 (2000)
Most OSR Games

The WARPS Blacklist

These games will NEVER be supported by WARPS in any capacity and are not even eligible for the independent GM play games that WARPS can endorse. They are condemned by WARPS and are antithetical to our values.

FATAL (2003)
Wraeththu (2005)
Dungeons & Dragons, Fourth Edition (2008)
MYFAROG (2013)
Beast: The Primordial (2016)
Zweihander (2017)
Vampire: The Masquerade, Fifth Edition (2018) [Previous editions are fine]
Anything that was ever "Powered By The Apocalypse"

There will be more updates in my next post, detailing officially supported campaign settings for certain specific games and details on how to make your own homebrew settings part of the official WARPS roster!

So, I'm curious if anyone on here has ever ran a campaign or played in a game that was a tabletop RPG but set in the universe of a video game?

First, let me say that I do generally prefer creating my own campaign settings most of the time but every once in a while, I would love to play in a game set in places such as Tamriel, Raccoon City, The Mojave Wasteland, the State of San Andreas, or Hyrule.

Personally, I love the concept as many video game tropes have their origins in tabletop gaming.

Also, many famous video game franchises originated as homebrew campaign settings for traditional RPG's. Both The Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy were conceived as D&D adaptations, while Fallout was originally inspired by a GURPS campaign (and was going to use a video game version of the GURPS rules at one point)

When I was a teenager, one of the best campaigns I ever played in took place in the world of Resident Evil, focused on the Raccoon City outbreak described in the second and third games of the franchise.

While I have posted this elsewhere on the site, I figured it would be more appropriate to share this here.

I am currently working on an idealized concept game based on the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games.

While my GTA concept is presented as the premise of a hypothetical video game, I do intend to use it as an actual tabletop campaign setting in the very near future. But enough shameless self-promotion, now onto the heart of the thread!

Who here has done RPG sessions or campaigns set in video game worlds? And if so, how did it go and would you do it again? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts on the matter.

Also, in addition to my GTA campaign concepts, I've also considered one-shots based on Final Fantasy I (using D&D Rules Cyclopedia) and The Elder Scrolls (most likely using a modified D&D, although I have considered looking into RuneQuest)

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Current Politicians You Actually Like
« on: January 01, 2019, 03:38:57 am »
It's no secret that in today's world, the vast majority of politicians are terrible and unfit for their jobs, either due to corruption or stupidity.

You've got a lot of untalented hacks out there here in America alone, such as Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

But what about the politicians currently in office you can actually tolerate or even respect?

For me, there's really only two that stand out to me.

First is Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont. The fact that he is Independent and places his principles above partisan bullshit is noteworthy, as is the fact he stood up to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and almost won. Had Hillary not rigged the primaries and used the broken super-delegate system to her advantage, Bernie would have won the nomination and possibly the election.

I like a lot of Bernie's policies but not all of them, however he's a lot better than either Grandma Nixon or Orange Berlusconi.

Next is Joe Manchin, a Democratic Senator from West Virginia. In many ways, Manchin is the last of the old-school Union Democrats. He's the closest thing we have to a classical liberal in the Senate and he is one of the few remaining Democrats who is pro-Second Amendment and is also pro-First Amendment, willing to call out Antifa's bullshit but also stand up to the Republicans when needed.

Yeah, at times Manchin can be a little too corporate, especially when it comes to the energy companies, but nobody bats a thousand and Joe Manchin is in many ways the last vestige of the old Democratic Party of JFK, LBJ, and Jimmy Carter, or as close as we're going to get to that in this day and age.

Basically, the two best politicians left are an independent mixed-market socialist and a moderate Democrat. Everyone else has gone to shit in my opinion.

Feel free to disagree with me on my choices and instead post your own choices!

(cross-posted from RPG Pub)

Alright, I have been thinking of a possible old-school RPG adaptation of my favorite zombie movie and one of my favorite horror movies period. And that is the 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead, written and directed by the late great George A. Romero.

When it comes to a system, I want to use a slightly modified Boot Hill 2E, as I own it on hard copy.

As for why I am going with Boot Hill and not something more recent or better suited for the horror genre like All Flesh Must Be Eaten or the Chronicles of Darkness rules, well there are a few reasons.

One is the fact that both Dawn of the Dead and Boot Hill 2E are of the same vintage, so you got that old-school late 70's feel. But that is a relatively minor reason.

The major reason is the fact that Boot Hill is notoriously lethal, which I feel helps add to the sense of horror and dread among the PC's.

With some slight retrofitting, Boot Hill's mechanics would lend itself very well to the survival horror genre.

Basically, all that needs to be done to the system is to write up stats for more recent weapons like semi-automatic pistols and assault rifles, and you're pretty much set to go. And honestly, that shouldn't be too hard.

(End Cross-Post)

So, what do you all think of the idea of using a mildly retro-fitted Boot Hill 2E as the base rules for a survival horror game?

Honestly, it could work well for zombies, slasher horror, Lovecraft-style stuff, or even old-school Gothic horror.

The only real hurdles I could see would be adding semi-automatic firearms (which should not be that hard) and maybe some extra stuff for melee combat as Boot Hill is mostly focused on gun combat with some rules for brawling.

Would any of you guys use Boot Hill (or any other old-school system) for a different genre than the default?

As some of you may know I've recently fallen in love with Pundit's awesome Medieval Authentic OSR game "Lion & Dragon". And I want to make a sort of Medieval Authentic setting for it, similar to Pundit's Dark Albion, but in a separate world from it.

So, do not expect Frogland or The Unconquered Sun or any of the other specific touches that were created by Pundit for Dark Albion as this setting is separate from Dark Albion.

The setting I have in mind is titled Dark Avalon and it is based on the Arthurian Legend and the Matter of Britain, much as how Dark Albion is based on The War of the Roses. While the stories of King Arthur have been covered by many other games such as Pendragon, I have yet to see it in the OSR.

Dark Avalon can best be described as Medieval Authentic, but not Medieval Accurate. It is not history as it actually was, but rather history as it was viewed by the Medieval historians and historiographers with some obvious magical and mythical elements as well.

The world of Dark Avalon is ostensibly Sub-Roman Britain in a vague and unspecified mythic bygone age of legends and heroes, but it is Sub-Roman Britain as it was portrayed in the works of Sir Thomas Malory, Christien de Troyes, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Robert de Boron, and other writers of the medieval era, particularly Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur and similar Chivalry Romances from the Late Middle Ages.

As such, the world of Dark Avalon is one rooted in romanticism and medieval pseudo-history where Roman emperors and Celtic druids co-exist alongside great stone castles and knights in shining armor and it is assumed that the events of The Bible, Greco-Roman traditions, the Matter of Britain, and Celtic works such as Mabinogion and The Book of Invasions are all treated as actual historical fact of varying degree.

There are several setting details I have been working on for the world of Dark Avalon and I have in mind several interpretations for various Arthurian figures as NPC's in this Arthurian world.

This thread will serve as a development thread for many of my ideas, so forgive me if I double-post in it from time to time.

So, after several months of putting it off, I have finally decided to get a hard copy of Lion & Dragon from Amazon as an early Saturnalia gift to myself and I am making the order tonight as soon as my Mom gets back home since it's her Amazon account (I already gave her the cash up front to reimburse her as I don't have a credit card of my own) and I am really excited for this, as are some of the people I game with, such as my younger brothers and my uncle.

However, I'm wondering what I should do as a GM to keep it both interesting and also remain Medieval Authentic?

Also, I'm wanting to know if the game is specific to one particular nation or region of the European Middle Ages, or if it can be useful for any Medieval European campaign? I know Dark Albion is specific to England at the time of the War of the Roses, but I don't know the full details behind Lion & Dragon.

Next, I'm wondering what supplements (if any) would any of you recommend for L&D down the line?

Finally, I'd like to ask Pundit himself what he thinks of a "sequel" to Lion & Dragon/Dark Albion that covers the 16th and early 17th Century? I would love to buy an OSR game that does for the Tudor and Jacobean eras what Dark Albion and Lion & Dragon do for the Wars of the Roses and the Late Medieval period.

Hey guys, I decided to finally upload videos to YouTube where I talk about role-playing games. I did this video on the fly while sleep-deprived, so forgive me if my video sucks. I promise that future videos will be of much higher quality.

I figured I'd tell you guys about this channel because I give a shout-out to Pundit and the RPG Site, I even provide a link to The RPG Site in the video's description. I hope you guys enjoy it.

As of today, I have officially created my own dedicated blog to gaming and my first actual blog in general. So far, it's only got two entries, but more are on the way and I can't wait to get feedback from my fellow gamers!

Link is posted below and in my signature.

The blog will mostly focus on OSR concepts and the like, but I will also discuss other games and gaming concepts!

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / An Open Letter To The RPG Pundit
« on: May 04, 2018, 02:23:12 pm »
So, recent events have made me seriously doubt my presence on this forum. I would have abandoned ship completely had it not been for Spinachat inspiring me to stay for a little while longer.

Maybe I can talk some sense and through the power of reason, set things right.

Pundit, I like you. I really do, even if we have our disagreements. i admire your dedication to free speech and our shared love of the OSR. In fact, I envy you in that regard. You successfully published several OSR games, and I aspire to do the same one day.

But this whole D&DGate nonsense has got to stop. The last thing the RPG hobby needs is another GamerGate-style fiasco. All that will do is attract even more unwanted attention from the SJW's and Neo-Bolsheviks on the Regressive Left, and ultimately vindicate, a wretched hive of Goths, Punks, Hipsters, Commies, and other regressive scum.

Do you want to get even more leftists barking at you? Because that's what will happen if you invoke the spirit of GamerGate in the RPG hobby. You'll be playing directly into Big Purple's hands. These Neo-Bolshevik fucks still haven't quit whining about GamerGate, even though it's been dead since 2015 and everyone else has stopped caring, even the most adamant Pro-GamerGate people have moved on. But the SJW's are still raving on and on about it. They think GamerGate is some internet version of the Waffen-SS or the Illuminati or some crap, don't fuel their delusions.

Your idea for a D&DGate movement will only fan the flames more and it will end badly. And with the recent bannings of several forum regulars, many of whom leaned conservative and were generally in your political camp (such as Ulairi and fearsomepirate), I am worried that you will become the very thing you hate and this site will turn into a Right-Wing version of

I know deep down that is not what you really want. You may like the online attention and controversy you are getting now, but it will be bad for you and bad for the hobby in the long run.

Pundit, you are better than the Gothic-Punk communist scumbags at, and you should always keep that in mind. Hold true to your morals and principles of free speech and free expression. Don't just ban users for disagreeing with you or for getting into petty squabbles with you.

Banning people for mere disagreement is what the guyliner-wearing swine at do, and I know you and I are both in agreement in how much we hate those guys. Seriously, those twinkle-toed Anarcho-Communist pricks are incontrovertible proof that Punk Rock was a mistake.

All I ask of you is that you get back to your roots and rediscover your love of gaming and free expression. Forget about being a lightning rod for online political controversy and instead run a game or join a game.

Sit back, relax, stop getting worked up over political controversies (some of which you have injected yourself into), and instead of focusing on D&DGate, why don't you play a D&D game with me or any of your established gaming buddies? Remember, the whole point of RPG's is to have fun. It's about fun and creativity, not gatekeeping and political grandstanding.

So, I say forget about this idea for an RPG equivalent of GamerGate, and instead just play some games. Smoke some cigars, drink a glass of your favorite whiskey, listen to some Creedence Clearwater Revival, relax, and play some D&D or something.

Get your game on and go play! Live long and prosper, be happy!

The best way to stick it to the SJW Leftists in our hobby is to ignore them and be successful and happy despite their whining.

Living well is the best revenge.

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