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With help from Big Chungus, I talk about the OSR adventure "The Child Eaters", plus some news about my upcoming book!

Awesome video

Did you get my PM about the next episode of Inappropriate Characters I mentioned in the video?

Recommended some fans from this very forum who I think would make great guests for that episode since Venger will be absent.

Specifically, I think Spinachat, SHARK, or jeff3719 would all be good picks.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: 2020 Election Commentary
« on: November 13, 2020, 01:34:11 pm »
"In this fair country, even the oxy fiends and the corpses get the vote!"
-Charles "Chuck the Butcher" Schumer, 2020 AD

"Only voted twice? You call that doing your civic duty?"
-Random Antifa Thug, 2020 AD

As we've seen throughout history - most recently with SJWs and with communists in the previous century - there is no need for any religion when creating truly insane "religious" fundamentalists. "Religion" doesn't need deities anymore. The state works just fine, or "social media consensus".

And the idea that "humans change" is nice, but doubtful. For all the years of mandatory education and the bazillions spent on schools, it's very questionable that our citizens are more informed, more logical, more capable or less prone to "fundamentalism" than the citizens of 200 years ago.

This guy gets it.

A person is usually good. People as a whole are terrible.

Fuck the SJW's

Even if this is a case of Matt Mercer being trolled, I say fuck 'em.

Fuck WOTC, fuck 5th Edition, fuck Critical Role, fuck the Marxists, fuck BLM, and fuck Antifa.

Basic Fantasy is good

As is Delving Deeper

Well yes of course. That means stop deriding other people's game experiences/needs.

I mean the only reason this thread exists is because someone saw an rpg game designed for LGBTQ needs and derided it. I mean how much more hypocritical can you get?

Why on heaven's green earth do you care if a game is advertised as anti-fascist or anti-bigot. If you aren't either of such then good for them. If you are, then just go about whatever it is your kind do on a daily basis. Why are you letting it bother you?

Why the hell do you care about this? Are you so easily offended? Let people enjoy games that make them feel comfortable and safe.
I don't think that anybody really cares about an RPG for LGBTQ people. Though, it is a silly idea. You can play a "thirsty lesbian" in any RPG that I have ever played with no additional difficulty. Thirsty Sword Lesbians is a silly name for a game too, it strikes me as more sexploitation than social justice, and that is probably how they should have done it. Like Car Lesbians.

As for why we would let this bother us? I can only speak for myself in saying that a single small time indy game with SJW elements doesn't trouble me at all, even if the creators say that I'm bad and wrong and not allowed to play.

The problem is that this isn't a one time thing with one minor game. It is an extremist attitude which is coming to dominate all geeky hobbies from RPG's to video games to shows, movies, and books. It seems like we can't engage in any geeky activity without being beat over the had with how bad straight white men are and what villains people are for disagreeing.

Would you be pissed off about a bunch of right wing extremists making a RPG where they said that left wingers are terrible and not allowed to play? I bet you would hate that, even if it was an unpopular game made by a small group. How would you feel then if a high percentage of game companies were like that, if most of the TV shows were like that?

Why are you here chastising us for complaining about Thirsty Sword Lesbians instead of asking them why they care about the politics of role players?
Right-wing extremist games already exist. There are several. I'm talking about RaHoWa or Myfarog. I'm sure left-wingers would be disparaged by players of those games. I'm sure those who play these games would care about the politics of their players as well.

I have never made a post in any form of my online presence against them. But there is a difference. Those proposing games like RaHoWa and Myfarog have points of view that can cause active harm to others. Tell me what actual physical harm have thirsty lesbians ever threatened upon you?

I think the name is a little silly too, but I think that is the point. It is a game that is just embracing that and letting it run. I think it is very brave and forward.

I played in a Myfarog camapaign for a few weeks and there wasn't anything right-wing about it. The GM created his own setting, in the ancient fertile crescent and the rules were just (mediocre) RPG rules. I have glanced at the settings published by the originator of the game and they did seem to indicate something worse than being merely on the political right.

Pretty much this.

Despite my beefs with Varg Vikernes, I did buy a copy of MYFAROG off of Amazon out of morbid curiosity (it was a secondhand used copy so I wouldn't give Varg my money)

To Varg's credit, he's always made a point of separating his music from his politics and with the base MYFAROG setting, there's enough plausible deniability that you'd probably assume it was a generic vaguely Nordic-themed and Tolkien-influenced Iron Age low fantasy setting if you didn't know who made it.

If you're going with the base rules, it's pretty much in the vein of a late 80's RPG and the base setting of Thule has setting elements that only really seem racist when you put it in context with Varg's actual political beliefs.

I honestly think the big recent "Orcs are blacks" controversy in D&D 5E and the Big Purple crowd is partly related to the MYFAROG controversies in 2013-2014. People claimed that one of the "Always Chaotic Evil" monster races was meant to be a grotesque parody of African tribals and he instead insisted they were meant as his take on Tolkien's Orcs (probably as a "Cover Your Own Ass" move)

Another book I bought as part of that same deal was The Coming, a modern/post-apocalyptic setting for the MYFAROG rules set in our time and that one actually is pretty damn racist and also pretty anti-American too.

If it weren't for the fact this is using the shitty Powered By The Apocalypse rules, I'd get a group together and run an explicitly fascist one-shot of this game where the titular thirsty sword lesbians are anti-intersectional fascist lesbians fighting the forces of intersectionality and destroying the marginalized scum

Queer is a homophobic slur, by the way.

I've been dealing with real-life family issues and helping with remodeling and repairing the house for the past few weeks

Might do a one-shot based on World of Darkness

To follow up the Asian Gawain we now have a black King Arthur.

Meh, I think true maturity is realizing that Lucius Tiberius and Mordred were the real good guys of the Arthurian Legend. But that's just me.

Media and Inspiration / Re: Banned... an RPGnet cancellation brings me here
« on: September 24, 2020, 10:25:31 pm »
Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your stay

It's a shame is a madhouse and a cesspit these days

Alternate History is a lot like Fan-Fiction - there's probably some that you'd like, but lots of it that just looks like trash to you.  The hard part is finding an alternate history that is compelling and broadly appealing. 

In many cases, you can avoid all of those issues by repackaging the alternate history in a totally new setting (like Old West parallels/post Civil War with Firefly). 

In many cases, players don't want to be constrained by the historical beliefs/prejudices that are appropriate in that setting.  As you make more and more changes to the history to accommodate player tastes, you have less and less that makes a historical setting useful.

Firefly sucks and Joss Whedon is an untalented hack but you kind of have a point

I'm still here and going to play this game. Just got distracted by real life and the site upgrades


Quote from: David Johansen;1146695
It's a bit weird because they think white hetro-sexual males are orcs but they think orcs are black people.

Self-loathing is a terrible terrible thing. And that Projection Talent they have... truly scary.

The extreme left projects harder than an IMAX theater during an all-night billing

Play by Post Games / IC: Talislanta Sword & Planet Disco Fantasia!
« on: August 26, 2020, 02:57:49 am »
"I got your back on this one!" replies Amara as she stands beside Ghandus and has her sword drawn to fight anyone who comes within range and defend the gangway to the ship.

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