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I generally agree with oggsmash here.

The label of "terrorist" is a meaningless binary that mostly just says who has the money and power in a conflict. The South African ANC were terrorists, and we supported them against the Apartheid regime. The mujahideen in Afghanistan were terrorists, and we supported them against the Soviets. The Nicaraguan Contras were terrorists, and we supported them against the Sandinistas. The Kurdish PKK are terrorists, and we supported them against Saddam Hussein.

I support freedom for the Palestinian people. I don't endorse Hamas, but I think the Palestinians are justified in violent resistance against Israeli oppression. Israel has been a constant aggressor against Palestine using military might for decades. Any time Palestinians fight back in any way, Israel cries that it's illegitimate and that the Palestinians must only use non-violence while they use American-made planes and missiles to blockade and encroach on the Palestinians.

I think we should stop spending billions to send weapons into that conflict.

I disagree.
I am not in doubt about who’s the terrorist side in this conflict.
Which one of the two frequently lets the other side know where they will attack, so that they can move civilians away? Israel does. Which one is frequently targeting civilians and actually using its own population as a shield? The Palestinians (repeated claims that this has been debunked never quite hold up. Hamas does have less populated areas where they can fire rockets but they generally choose not to)

Besides, people often make the argument of how Israel is better equipped, organized and supported. That did not have to be the case since Palestine has always had powerful allies in the immediate neighborhood, while Israel has typically been supported by America. Israel was immediately attacked from all sides following the declaration of the independent Israeli state, but they won. they organized themselves because they had to and they had the skills to do it. Israel has been better organized ever since.

Makes me think some of that was done with coloured pencils. Which is quite good results really. Just some like that one are a bit... off? Others are pretty good really. And at least one is a-lot worse.

The guy in the middle looks like he had some watercolor lay-in, but most of it looks like colored pencils or pastel pencils (which would explain the pastel colors).

For comparison, this is the BBC adaptation of The Silver Chair from 1990, around the same time:

They're not completely on different levels, but the BBC costuming and effects are much better done. I wouldn't say their puppet Aslan was convincing, but at the very least, it is impressive.

Alsan: "I have swallowed up girls, boys, women and men"

Jesus, is that you??

Yeah the way I remember it 1st Ed Ad&D had worse art than 2nd ed, but that was probably just a progression towards higher production quality in general. I don’t have those in front of me though.

Amazing Adventures (Besides the index being really fucked up in the PDF ) has this gem in page 32 :
I... don't hate that art. Despite the technical problems.

I'd be completely fine with it, if only the artist hadn't been high on mushrooms while drawing the limbs on the guy in the chair.

If you want awkward and Exalted...

I remember that one. The controversy and gnashing of teeth could be heard to the high heavens, so it was almost worth it 😀

Amazing Adventures (Besides the index being really fucked up in the PDF ) has this gem in page 32 :

WTF? Is the guy melting in his chair? 😆


Perhaps it's just me, but I always thought that Exalted had bad cover art on their books . This one I find especially awful, the whole pose with the strange bow and all just looks awkward and fake.

Not terrible, but it always makes me cringe.

Looks vaguely familiar. What the hell is going on here? Is the wizard farting laughing gas? 🤪

I saw this the other day and thought it was a joke.  Nope, it's an Evil Hat game. 

Found some superb one-liners from this game

“If you love angsty disaster lesbians with swords, you have come to the right place.”

“In this book, you’ll find:
Flirting, sword-fighting, and zingers in a system designed for both narrative drama and player safety.”

Elmore's stuff may have been cheesecake but damn if it didn't at least look better than this stuff. Avalanche's covers look suspiciously like photomanipulation.

Personally I am not his biggest fan, but I have nothing against Elmore’s type of cheesecake.

This book is called "Viking Age" (not "Sexy Fantasy Vikings" or some such), and the art pieces on the front and back really give me a lot of confidence in this product.
At least they fixed the problem in their later books....


maybe we could blur the titles and play a game of “guess what this book is about”.

Has anyone read these? I wonder what the text is like.

Not sure if this one is a joke...... :D

Speaking of barrow-wights and RPGs... the way barrow-wights are depicted in Tolkien is different from how they're depicted in D&D and derivatives. Namely, the "barrow" part of the same.

Like Clark Ashton Smith, Tolkien was a fan of archaic words and using them even when nobody else understands them. The barrow-wights are wights of the barrows. They're spectral entities sent to haunt the barrows by Mordor, going so far as to desecrate and puppet the bones of the long-dead in order to terrorize and murder any interlopers. There are probably other kinds of wights, like forest-wights, river-wights, hearth-wights, land-wights and so forth, but we never see mention of them in the books.

In D&D, the spectral and barrow parts are removed and the reanimated bodies alone are conflated with wights as a whole.

I find this frustrating, because I wanted to pull a Clark Ashton Smith and feature stuff like (actual) barrow-wights, forest-wights and river-wights in my world building, but my readers are going to erroneous assume they're undead and if I provide an explanation then they'll just be even more confused.

Visit and search for "lich" in the sidebar. Clark Ashton Smith's stories use the word the way that we would use "zombie." I can internalize the original meaning easily, but I fear that modern readers would be left hopelessly confused by the descriptions of (to them) CR21 undead wizards being treated as mindless soulless automatons by the empire of the necromancers.

Wights are "vetter" in Norwegian. And you're right, they were assumed to be in different parts of the landscape. The latest reference I have heard of people believing in vetter was actually in reference to barrows: locals were scared of the wights when they were excavating viking barrows around Tønsberg in the early 1900s.

I have Runequest 3 but never played in Glorantha. How do you like the latest edition? Overly complicated? Is it fun or a woke mess?

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