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well, yes and no, GMS had the rights to Buckaroo Banzai, and was going to release an RPG of it. Took pre-orders for it, and was going to start work on it as soon as he was done with Far West, which was going to be a month or two after the kickstarter was done.

I think we can all see how THAT turned out.

I wasn't trying to be a negative nancy, or anything, I hope the game is funded, hell I'd LOVE it if it were funded. WotG and LotW were games that I thought were really cool, and for there to be another one in the same vein, has me really excited.  I pledged as much as I could afford (probably more than I can really afford, but who needs food anyway?), and if I could, I'd cover the entire cost myself.  I only asked because I've backed several games on Kickstarter that sounded cool but never met their goals, and they just faded away never to be seen or heard from again.

It frustrates me that cool games like yours don't get enough attention, but pathfinder books that are the same damn thing as every other pathfinder book can be crapped out on a weekly basis, and meet their goals again and again.

Once again, I apologize if my earlier question came across as negative, but I worry overly much about the worst case scenario.

I initially read about your game on 4chan, and got excited about it, then when I saw the kickstarter I immediately backed it. My concern right now is you have 2 weeks left on the campaign and it doesn't look like there is much movement on it. (which bums me out big time)
my question is, are there any release plans if you don't make your goal?

the thing that bugs me is Cubicle 7 had 3 different Warhammer RPGs and they all use different systems.

I want them to all use the same system so if I want to do a massive Hodge-podge setting, I can.  without having to sit with 3 rule books and write out conversion rules.

(granted the only reason I would do that would be to drive the grognard assholes at the local game store nuts, but still)

it is no Zweihander...  :p

Quote from: daddystabz;1130816

Brisco County Jr.

if we are including this Bruce Campbell classic, how about Burn Notice and the classic Jack of All Trades?

or how about The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, many of Verne's adventure stories end up being events that he experienced with Phileas Fogg on his airship, with his manservent Passepartout (who spoke dozens of languages, all of them badly), and Rebecca Fogg. together they fought the League of Darkness lead by the evil steampunk cyborg Count Gregory, who died 500 years ago.

when I was a kid, there was this cartoon that aired on Sat.  I can't remember the name of it, but there were a bunch of kids from earth who got on a roller coaster, and ended up in this fantasy world.  There was this five headed dragon, and this demon guy with one horn and a flying horse.
each of the kids had a magic item and the demon guy wanted them so he could kill the dragon.
and there was this short bald dude who was always causing them to get into trouble.
I always thought that would be a good RPG.

not my kickstarter, but the current campaign from Goodman Games (you know the mad geniuses who brought us Dungeon Crawl Classics) is Saberhagen's Empire of the East.

I don't know about the rest of you but I would kill for a Swords source book.

campaign link:

Quote from: mAcular Chaotic;1129931
whats wrong with white wolf games? they seem like normal rpgs

the games aren't the problem, the problem is the most vocal of the fans. the old line was that white wolf games draw broken people, like all you can eat buffets draw fat people.  the other problem is that the authors and the PTB at white wolf, and now Onyx Path, take what the vocal ones are shouting, and run with it.  They think echo chambers like big purple speak for the entire fan base.

Quote from: Darrin Kelley;1129856
I own it. And all of the sourcebooks for it. It was the only White Wolf RPG I kept. Because I pretty much love that game;.

yup, I too have the whole like of the game. including Combat. I did a conversion of Street Fighter to Combat once, for all the super powers and such, but lost it in a computer crash many moons ago.

had a friend offer me $200 cash for the complete line back at a time I really needed money. I'd sold a bunch of other books, but I turned him down on that.

Quote from: Darrin Kelley;1129710
And honestly? I'm still laughing about the fact that the pro wrestler now owns the trademark to Gangrel. Because when White Wolf went under the first time, there was nothing done to retain the trademarks.

I wish I'd grabbed the figure of him, back when I saw him, but stupid me, I listened to my friends who said that would be a stupid thing to do.

I still have my copy of the first edition core book, but all the pages fell out of it, because the glue they used to bind it was crap.  I also, somewhere, have (or had) a photocopy of an adventure that was published in one of those old quarterly game order books that game stores would get.  the books had product numbers and brief descriptions of all the games they distributed, and one had like a 10 page adventure in the back to act as kind of an ad for the game.

From what I can remember, the PCs were part of a large group of newly awakened Immortals that was mostly made up of NPCs, and one of them, a Peri (one of the 'clans' that was made up of weapons) was killing other Immortals because he was remembering flashbacks of being Jack the Ripper's knife or something.

Quote from: RPGPundit;1128087
That was Edwards. He also compared traditional RPG players to child abuse victims.

wow, that makes me want to give him my money even more than before!
is it ok if I say I think he is a douchebag on this forum, or are personal attacks like that not allowed?

I'm still trying to decide which was worse, was it the multiple fonts on every page, or that every page was laid out using every photoshop filter they had, making it impossible to read?

Second edition, according to one of my friends, was slightly better because they blew all the budget getting Claudia Christian to be their poster girl. Apparently they made the 1st edition metaplot a dream that the immortals got caught in.
there is a third edition that is free to download, that is apparently supposed to be good, but I haven't read it.

Quote from: S'mon;1127790
I wonder how he relates to cinematic and literary fiction?

as he says in Champions Now "Face it: superhero comics are junk."

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