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I'm thinking of inventing some hypoallergenic, subtle air fresheners for gamers. Maybe they're built into dice trays or towers. Or maybe ones you can stick to the bottom of tables (via suction cups). There's money to be made there, I'm sure.

Once again, fantastic suggestions. You guys and gals rock.

Quote from: Black Vulmea;957303
Not bad, Chains, but you and me and everyone else still stand in the Shadow of the Master.

That was glorious. Especially:

I can just see him now, holding up the book with his Cheetos-stained hands, spitting out the last syllable of "no thuch thpellth available to thhamanth" so that little flecks of saliva and popcorn land on my blazer as he engages in some twisted power-play for status as alpha geek. If that's what was going on, I'm not surprised that the DM got so pissed off he engaged in some massive screwage. The DM doesn't design games so you can slap your dick on the table trying to contradict him.

Wonderful advice folks, thanks.

For perspective, I'll be spending all of my time at tables, playing games. While I prefer to GM, I'm eager to learn new games and to observe how others do it behind the screen.

Heh yeah I shower regularly: I'm more wary of other peoples' hygiene skills ('had a few negative experiences with socially awkward catpissmen)..

EDIT (followup question)

Say you're halfway through a game session and you realize that things are going badly. Perhaps the GM is just awful, the social dynamics are awkward or perhaps the play-style just isn't working out for you. To put it bluntly, you're not having any fun for whatever reason.

Now the rules of the convention are clear: don't leave until the session is over. Also, like most socially-adept people, I don't want to make a scene at the table or start up a debate with the GM. I'm there to learn, experience and to make friends, not  to be a douche.

What do you do? Any tips on just going with a shit train of a game? Any methods to constructively make the best of bad session? I'm not the passive-aggressive sulking type.

I finally lost patience with my regular pool of potential role players and have reached out to the local community. Ottawa is quite bustling, it turns out, and I've discovered the yearly CanGames event.

I've decided to attend, as a player, and sit at as many tables as possible. I'm hoping that I'll discover some great games and do some substantial networking.

Alright cutting to the chase:

I haven't played with strangers in a while, and never at a convention.

Is there anything that I should know or prepare for in advance?

Should I bring supplies? Pre-print character sheets for the games that I know? Bring my own dice?

Also, socially, anything I should anticipate? I'm socially competent but if there are any taboos or "faux pas" at these types of events? There isn't much on the CanGames website other than general stuff about being courteous and not leaving a game until it's over.

Thanks in advance and comedy suggestions (ie- insults at my naïvety) are welcome as long as they're balanced with equal amounts of actual advice. :)

Quote from: RPGPundit;956837
So, anyone actually played any of it yet?

I'm waiting for a local game store to give me the official okay to run it there. I plan on going through all of the dungeons, in order, starting with level 1 PCs.

If it happens, I'll happily post summaries here.

I think that this sort of thing is necessary to visibly encourage and welcome any women out there (who still rightly believe that this hobby is traditionally a mostly boy's only club) to be active participants. I think that the move is a corny, cynical marketing ploy, though, based on the social media battles it has intensified (saw a comment on Facebook from a gal desperate to start punching "those Nazis" who are against Green Ronin's move).

I think that things are getting better, but I despise the way that discourse works these days. So many assumptions of bad faith by both sides of the debate. Including myself, I admit, for only thinking that a company is doing this as much for inclusivity as for marketing. This book will sell more because of both factors, I guarantee it.

Quote from: Black Vulmea;955503
Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

I love it.

Myself, I only really have three things to say to new players:

- I (the GM) am not your adversary.
- Don't be a dick.
- No mobile phones at the table.

If I have to tell you more than 3 times to stop trying to constantly "defeat" the GM, being detrimental to anyone else's enjoyment of the game, or constantly texting or browsing social media, you won't be invited back.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Point-Buy
« on: April 01, 2017, 05:58:37 pm »
Quote from: Ras Algethi;954511
I didn't think one could make a dick measuring contest out of options of rolling up characters for an RPG... I guess I was wrong.

Always good for a laugh. Fucking nerds acting like tough guys based on their choice of make believe character creation. Give me a break.

Quote from: fearsomepirate;954832
My party had a lot of fun in ToH. I gave them each 3 lives and heavily emphasized that the point was to see how far you could get, so they went in with the right expectations. After everyone lost a life on the green devil face, it went pretty well.

That's a great way to go about it (lives). What level were the characters, just out of curiosity?

Just got my copy. I like it from a quick browse, and a read-through of the Tomb itself. For all you old school guys who've played them all, it wouldn't be worth it. But I don't have, nor have I played, any of these.

Will give a better read through and post reviews here (and elsewhere) shortly.

Quote from: Brand55;953982
Roaming Millenial also did a response to one of Riley's videos on this subject a few days ago, and she also mentions how a lot of criticism directed his way is getting stifled:

I like Roaming Millenial, even if I don't necessarily agree with all of her conclusions. At least she doesn't sink low into childish ad-hominems. She's even reached out to other youtubers with opposing views. I wish more people were open to dialogue. I hope that she engages more with "the other side" rather than just echo chambers in the future.

Quote from: estar;953052
Fine let's start a campaign, you are a 1st level Fighter out to seek fortune & glory. What do you do?

The clichés are always reliable: hire myself out to escort caravans, hunt down bounties, clear giant rats or slimes from the sewers etc...

Quote from: Dirk Remmecke;952904

My awe overcomes my ignorance. I will investigate.

Quote from: tenbones;952907
Nope. There are races that are sentient plants, but they're not the closest analog's to Elves. I'd say the closest are the Ariane - but their culture is only similar to elves in D&D on the surface. Also in context with the setting, they're different, since Talislanta has a lot of post-apocalyptic elements. They look like "drow" - but are nothing like drow. They're probably closer to the Tolkien-style of elves. They're otherworldly, transcendent. Not frolicky and shit.

That said, they have very little big impact on the world. They're one of the old races that survived the last apocalypse and are fairly rare. So you don't really get the whole "ancient elvish empire" thing. Those things never existed.

Obviously I need to read up more on the setting. Sounds interesting.

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