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Dragon #130 had a flying carnivorous agave sword plant. I think you can pillage Gamma World for ideas and not run into too many issues in a fantasy setting :D

I did mention at the start porting over mutations. And AD&D has that little section on crossing over between the two for shi-fi/post-apoc meets fantasy.

Try again please.

I really can't stand watching people play RPGs online. I've struggled to put why into words. I think you're onto something. RPGs are an interactive experience, and watching someone do it is a passive experience. It's not like pure game, like watching a tournament or sports game. There's more to the RPG than just the G.
Maybe the passive experience watching an interactive game is what's making my brain go ow.

For some RPGs are more about the experience than the actual interaction. This has been known and discussed since nearly the start. Usually the player that sits back and does not input much, maybe talking to NPCs and such, but seems to be really enjoying themselves.
Others just really enjoy watching a game being played. Or at least for them, certain types or styles.
Contrast Critical Role with say Zee Bashew, Puffin Forest, or Dingo Doodles for example. One persons going to gravitate to one of those, but possible not have much interest, or even be turned off by, the rest.

Others are more hands on and watching a game, no matter how entertaining, just wont work for them.

Was going to mention Gamma World, but its not a fantasy setting. But you can port over mutations fairly easy.

Also consider just renaming existing critters to fit this. A gorgon is some magic induced bull, as is a catoblepas for example. Cocatrice, and so on.
Eberron seems to run on this and is what they mean really when they say any race or monster from D&D is possible because... magic! rather than because these are stable genetic stock.

Similar to the draconians in Dragonlance and drakes in Neverwinter. They are not natural and are created via magic and dragon eggs.

Dragon had for 3e an article on various ways animals can end up corrupted or radically changed by magic. Including Unicorns driven totally insane after having their horns harvested and becoming Bloodlances as the blood from the wound forms a saber-like horn.

I'd have to dig it out but Red Steel setting might also have elements of this as animals likely can end up corrupted by cynnabar as well. And Neverwinter had this whole Black Ice thing that corrupted anything that came into contact with it too long. Similar to Red Steel.

Theres also been a few articles on this in older editions of Dragon.

As a 3/3.5E fan, I can tell you this:

You don't need to "learn everything". RPGs are not a wargame like "Advanced Squad Leader". The core rules in 3/3.5E are surprisingly few. Check the rest only if you do something really unusual.

While not a fan of 3e I can very much back this sentiment up. And its a complaint that was leveled at AD&D and 2e as well and it falls flat vs them as well.

Core gameplay is pretty simple. 3e just expands on 2es kit complexity and monster kitbashing of prior editions.

And while I cant fit a 3e character on an index card. I can fit it on TWO index cards! nya-ha-ha-haaaa! 8)

Polygon is run by idiots. Charlie Hall (the author) is also an idiot.

My favorite bit:

“Why is there a Domain that is a desert that is riddled with these ancient, inexplicable haunted monuments and ruined pyramids?” Schneider said. “How does a Domain like that exist? How does it make sense? To an extent it doesn’t, and it’s going to be the players that come and explore that, who are some of the only people that realize that the entirety of the domain is, to an extent, gaslighting them.”

Way to fucking rediscover fire, Charlie. That's one of the core bits about the Demiplane of Dread. It deliberately fucks with its inhabitants on multiple levels, especially its Darklords.

1: I wrote Polygon off long ago as the village idiots of a village of idiots.

2: Man. Egypt makes no sense! Its a big desert with all these haunted tombs full of treasure. Egypt is gaslighting explorers!
Anubis wept.

3: They havent rediscovered anything because they cant even find the earth to find the forest for a tree. Just reading that paragraph kills brain cells. Someone call Darkseid. We have found the Anti-Life Formula!

In Dragon Storm this sort of thing was the norm since pretty much anything could be twisted by the warp and tox contamination and mutate into some horror. A few have sorta-kinda stabalized into new breeds. Others are just random victims of the necros spread of the taint.

This thread also made me realize how weird and awesome some of those D&D inspired fantasy gameshows were.

Yeah paleface drow were in the Tasha book.

As for who could play a drow. Well black people of course. But once WokeTC is done palefacing them they wont be able to. Irony eh?

Or the opposite will happen and even more people will start to believe that RPG sessions are some high production or neo-LARPs. But if its a game show then it will fit in likely with some from the past.

Way back in the late 80s there was Knightmare too. A UK produced series I believe.

Then in the 90s there was Knights and Warriors, a sort of American Gladiator style game show with a fantasy theme.

Believe there is at least one other but its been ages.

And of course the fantasy contest show The Quest. That had fairly good production and mixed elements of a LARP and an elimination challenge contest.

What think you? This really bugs my "player agency" part of my thinking, but then sometimes you just don't get a fair shake no matter what you do.

Player agency is taking an action and then seeing what happens success or fail. The players decide to hide in the closet. Theres now a chance someone finds them. How is that not player agency?

Pretty much been a feature of D&D from the get-go. NPCs, henchmen retainers, etc gain a cut of any EXP that they participated in. The NPCs were also the backup pool of potential replacement characters if a PC was killed or incapacitated.

5e has two systems now. The normal one for hirelings and NPCs, and a second one for the Sidekick/Companion system.

Other RPGs have approached it from various angles but most allow for NPCs to grow.

Wasn't there an old joke about the typical RPG session having 10 minutes of exciting fun spread out over four hours of play?

I thought that was supposed to be the typical Wagner opera.

There is a difference? 8)

Great, Gaming advice from at least one person who barely seems to even grasp RPGs except to look down his nose on them.

As for players interjecting details. Like others here I work with it if it makes sense and does not contradict anything established.

But Im more used to players asking if such and such is a feature and then working with it or not if it fits. I've never had a player actually try to ursurp control of the setting and dictate whats there.

"Im going to go look for the towns inn and see if we can get rooms for the night" is perfectly fine with me long as I havent for whatever reason stated before hand none exist in a town.

"Are the dwarves on bad terms with the halflings to the south" Im also perfectly fin with working with for the same reasons.

"The Kink has declared all gnomes outlawed from the land!" is probably a flat "Sorry. No." and explanation why and also an explanation why making a statement like that is not really the perview if the player. And suggest how to better frame that as a question or suggestion.

I think part of the issue with meta plot was 1) it was primarily about setting new books and boxed sets (not a bad thing on its own, it was cool once in a while, but it became annoying when it became the focus). 2) It tended to focus on just a few key strands (kind of like following a marvel universe story) rather than giving you a regular update of where the setting was at in terms of development.

That seemed the problem for some. The publishers were trying to emulate world in motion but some just did not seem to grasp it.
Though could be the focused metaplots were deliberate. Like "this is the thing thats moving along. And the rest is free for you all to break.
Or could be that was what they deemed worth moving forward.

Others though were moved along by the players. So probably some of that was like in so many other things that get complained about now... turns out was something the players created.


From experience over there way back I'd say that they were originally a relatively normal forum/database. But like BGG. There were cracks early on. Then at some point the cracks widened. I've seen this sort of gradual decay on fora, chars, even MUDs and other MU**s. Especially ones where there is some sort of "buddy system" for who gets a moderator bit. Or where the admin seem to be actively gunning for the players and deliberately making staff the worst of the lot to make it more of a hell for the normal player/customer base. Like they want the product to fail.

And for all the odd staff behavior over on Its still a better RPG gaming database than BGG's.

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