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Varies depending on where the PCs are, or where they are going.

The X part of BX introduced wilderness encounters and there was the module Isle of Dread which is pretty much wilderness encounters everywhere just waiting to happen.

If a campaign is mostly overland oriented and dungeons/ruins are few and far between then its more likely there will be more stuff going on outside than inside.

Dragon Storm pretty much runs on the outdoor encounters as there are just short of zero indoor ones. Pretty much everything happens either en route to a locale, while camped, or at destination. Sometimes all of the above.

In most of my campaigns dragons are a loose knit civilization unto themselves and range from wild savage up to the city makers.

But in one they were beasts and in another they were intelligent but totally un-organzed and it was every lizard for themselves.

Whereas in my own book dragons are one of the early proto-races created. But failed due to a flaw of greed or powerlust. Which causes them to fight amongst themselves. After them came the Griffons who lacked the greed problem but instead were arrogant and manipulative.

I gave up on WotC’s vision of D&D after they made Tieflings and Dragonborn fanfic official standard races back in 2008. I haven’t heard anything to change my mind yet.  :o

My lack of faith on anything else from them just flows from there... :P

Its an odd choice to be sure. But its better than WOTC inserting the Wrenn or other Alternity races as official core races. Just weird to see them in say Secrets of Saltmarsh as Greyhawk has a long running problem with demonic forces. So does Blackmoor for that matter.

Planescape made tieflings popular and no idea where Dragonborn come from. Prior to that everyone seemed to be ga-ga for half-dragons. ugh.

But at the end of the day the DM can prune the tree as little or as much as they want.
Humans only? Done.
Elf only? Done.
Tiefling only? Done.

Ravenloft was stupid from the get go, only the maps were any good.  I've never understood people's obsession with it, but, every time someone creates a "Greatest classic D&D modules" list, there we see, I6 right up towards the top.

Of course, those lists are never really going to be repeated, like they were in the early 90s, because now old D&D and old D&D adventures are icky and have problematic things in them.

I always liked the concept of Ravenloft, but never found the execution done quite right.

I would not say its stupid. But its execution is... odd to say the least. Its an area intended to keep the PCs in there till the problem is solved. This is not like way Ghost Tower of Iverness were theres a deadline to get the job done and the PCs are convicts sent in to get said job done. Instead In Ravenloft the PCs are one way or another suckered into this prison realm and from then on its do-or-die.

The Ravenloft boxed sets campaign settings actually make more sense as its a super prison for the things within rather than a vexing prison for the PCs. Well ok it can be that too. But its almost incidental to keeping the whatevers locked up and frustrated as one adventurer group or another messes with their plans.

I think the original Ravenloft module gets alot more praise that it warrants. But it hied off into practically new territory and even now one can appreciate that.


Because it would mean that the hobby has a problem with Race-grifting con-artists.

The hobby, and increasingly more areas of entertainment have had this problem of race-grifting or race-baiting for a few years now as its come into vogue. Unfortunately it also isnt a new trick either.

Around the start of the current wave of this cult of stupid there was at least one board game called "Darkies in the Mellon Patch" over on BGG that was supposed to be an old racist board game that had been rediscovered. Truth was it was all a fabrication to sucker people out of their money. Im not sure they even produced an actual product aside from some screeners to lure the gullible.

I really liked their historical videos. The serie about Catherine the Great made me buy some books. They were creative, informative and fun.

The first time that I felt a chilly wind was when they pushed out a video about "Representation of women in videogames". It was unneeded and full of crap. I'm now wondering if it is their videogame branch that went rogue and got woke. All their biggest fiascoes are born from it.

1: same. Their history pieces were really good.

2: Theyve been inserting little woke jabs into their Authors series now and I pretty much quit them. I suspect eventually it will creep into their History pieces as well, if it has not already.

For a site that liked to bitch about banning people i see several users seems to be banned.

You mean the ones who deliberately defied the site rules and the mods and kept posting stuff told not to well after being warned and given a chance to stop? Yeah those? Or the rare few that stretch back several years rather than all at once?

Prior to that one thread blow up people getting banned was few and far between. And even in the thread alot happened, some were pretty much begging for it. And even so there were only a few that did.

I've seen at best maybe one ban per year.

Compare that to BGG and other even more heavy handed sites where bans fly left and right.

Battlefield Earth (82) reads like a rip-off of La Planète Sauvage (aka: Fantastic Planet) from 73. Except not on such a massive scale disparity and the hero is not taken as an infant. Otherwise...
Humans live as savages? Check. (except in FP they are savages transplanted to an utterly alien and hostile environment)
One human is taken as a pet and inadvertently has his intelligence boosted? Check. (Though in BE the boost is semi-intentional if recall right.)
Said now uplifted human uses the teaching device to uplift others? Check.
Uplifted humans use this knowledge to turn the tables on the aliens and nearly wipe out their civilization? check (except in FP they build their own rockets to escape the planet and inadvertently land on the neighboring one where the aliens periodically mentally project to share knowledge. And kinda wreck it.)

I've got the opportunity to be a player in an upcoming campaign, and I realized after we had the 'session 0' that I missed asking some things.

I'm confused why you would consider this information to be part of "session 0". Most of this list would be part of the DM's pitch for the campaign, i.e. things you'd already have agreed to before even joining the game. While #6 should be handled through private emails or one-on-one conversations. Not something to bring up in front of the whole group.

I agree here. The first 4 feel more like both setup info and "Common Knowlege" things.
6 is something the DM needs to determine if it should be talked about or not and when, Some campaigns have nothing oddball in them. But also many DMs expect the players to be able to handle a few mild curveballs and not screech in PTSD trauma. As a DM its usually ME laying down the law to curb the players. Not the other way round as I am not fond of foul mouthery at my table and I state this up front to the whole group before a campaign starts..
5, 7 and on are system mechanics things and a factor of how lenient or not a DM is. I usually make sure the players are aware that they do indeed need food and rest and they have a carrying limit. Past that long as no one is trying to abuse the system its pretty open.
Dragon Storm on the other hand has a very strict carrying and rations system and so the players need to stock up, or be able to hunt, forage or otherwise provide.

What are some good old adventures to run in 5e anyway?

Quite a few of the early A and BX ones are fairly solid. As are several of the O ones from the few have gotten to look at.

They range all over the place in style and tone.
Also a few 3e modules are good. Personal favorite is the Darkness Gathering trilogy. Also some of the Spelljammer modules are rather fun too.

Obviously you dont.

Its slowly becoming the Sy-Fy Channel of RPGs where you arent allowed to actually talk about RPGs.

Ah yessss. Good good. Cant have those nasty Jews polluting your pure Aryan ponies now can you?

Keep digging that hole.

its questionable how many people became serious D&D players after watching the cartoon 
I would be one that was drawn to D&D by the cartoon. I expect, though, that it was narrow band of kids in the 80s

According to Gygax and some TSR staff I talked to way back. The animated series actually did garner interest in the RPG, though some of that interest was diverted to the toy line. But that then played back into the RPG as well potentially. So overall it had a positive effect.

Only the players can tell the story, oops, sorry, The Fiction...
The DM, if one is even allowed, it just a leashed vend bot.

   I don't think it's just marketing. As much as people don't want to hear it, I think there's strong evidence that many on the design team at WotC are True Believers in this stuff.

True. But they would not be getting traction everywhere if marketing were not pushing it so relentlessly. We've seen it over in board gaming too.
"You cant have George Washington in your historical game! He was Wacist! (The SJW idiot version of racist)" or, I kid you not. "You cant have a game about exploring Africa! That promotes Genocide!!!"

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