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Quote from: zircher;1141811
In infinite shadow, all things are possible.  :-)

Thing is, using Age: Threefold would require a mix of lords of Olympus and Amber in order to work. So the best way would be to have the Amberites / Olympians related in some way.

Heck, you could even strip out Amber and add in Lords of Chaos / Order from Moorcock / Dc comics in order to get the relationship ironed out - whether you re-insert Amber or leave totally out at this point does not really matter.

As long as you have the principles you're all good.

Okay so lock down, despite still being working, has left me with a lot of downtime - as I am sure many of you are also in the same boat.

And to be honest, I came across a couple of rather interesting books.

This is kind of tied into Pundit's Abyss thread, in that Champions Mystic World would be a great for this, in that it uses the same ideas from Gurps Cabal, just in more detail. Such that it has on the tree universes that run exclusively on magic (Exalted crossover anyone?), or to those dimensions that have rulers. You could then have Briar and Atziluth as the province of the Primordials i guess.

Although a better source book is from the Age system - this is the absolutely superlative Threefold. It has three types of world lines - Netherworlds (Demon dimensions), Otherworlds (magic can be freely used), and Primes (where technology is used, but magic can be used by some / few). The cosmology is interesting, in that it can easily incorporate the Lords of Olympus stuff, and allow for Amberites etc.

It has some multiverse travelling factions such as the Divine Empire, Sodality and Peridexion (kind of UFP across planes), and the Nighthost. I absolutely plan on using this myself at some point, veeeery soon.

Let me know your thoughts.

Is there a link by any chance? I don't have FB anymore.

In all fairness I was working on re-writing a lot of powers, and am now working on combining the Amber, Lords of Olympus and Gossamer.

I was thinking of ways to add other factions into a combined game. So we have the Olympians, Amberites, Gossamer Lords, so a freaky idea came to mind.


Crazy, well sorta. Then I remembered a series of books I read when I was younger, like a lot younger. The Incarnations of Immortality. What if another faction, kind of like the Endless from DC, and Incarnations existed? Each one representing a concept, but without being too OTT like Nobilis tends to be.

With a bit of tinkering, and splitting them up, like in the books into Greater, Intermediate and Lesser would actually work. It may result into a bit of cosmology changes.

That raises a question, would Death actually collect an Amberite, or Olympian upon death?

This led to a whole host of other thoughts. What if there was a family of Gossamer Lords? Perhaps one of the gods, was not actually a god in the first place. But one of the first to eventually walk the Infinite Stair? For me I think this would have to be Janus. But you could just as easily invent your own.

Perhaps because there are infinite universe, he was obviously once mortal, so his children, and children's children, descendants over X number of years - before the gene dilutes itself too far, could also become Gossamer Lords? Hence in a way they are his family, albeit through probability.

Just a few musings I was having.
As always, let me know your thoughts?

Moar books Pundit......that would be great.

The Official Amber DRPG, Erick Wujcik, and Lords of Olympus Forum / Rebma?
« on: February 08, 2019, 06:27:24 PM »
If there were any more powers they might be cool to know......or have access to.

Quote from: Panjumanju;1069777
Animosity is necessary. Conflict is not. The auction helps form relationships. It substitutes for all the years you've been growing up. You come out of it with people who you know have very different interests than yours, people who you know are at your heels (or above you) in the ways you want to be great, and get a helpful glimpse into the attitudes of the other characters.


An attribute auction is not the best way in my mind to show this. You can buy stuff like allies, frenemies and enemies to demonstrate this more accurately. Then have players earn extra points by writing up a joint post where they achieved something, in character, at some point in the past. The way in which they do this would show their ability to compromise and work together.

Quote from: zircher;1069595
Maybe I'm missing out on something here, is player (as opposed to character) animosity an essential element for this style of game (Amber/LoO/LoGAS)?  I think might be part of why I could never get any of my face to face groups to give it a try.

PvP is a large part of Amber; but not really so much with LoG or LoO - both are more about being extremely distant from one another but being able to call upon, and request aid from each other should the need arise.

Quote from: Panjumanju;1069206
Speedy maybe, but it loses a lot of meaning that way. Players making characters in little silos with only a superficial relationship to each other seems contrary, to me at least, to Amber.


Can the players see each other's sheets when you're done?

I can solve one really easily - don't have auctions.
Points buy only. So each player buys stats, powers and objects with the usual total in mind. It speeds stuff up considerably.

Quote from: Headless;1068967
I think its important for the powers not to be codified, and ordered.  There should be no periodic table of powers.  They should not be predictible.  Their should not be an underlying system that the players cand discover.  

It should seam like it, a lot of it should makes sense, but there needs to be a few things that are like, WTF?  Where does that fit it?  

Thats just how I have been thinking about it personally.  Latly any way.  Ask me again in a year or two.

Excellent, I like it, and i do tend to mirror this is some fashion.
Here is how I tend to look at powers-

Quote from: Disciplines
This is lesser magic involving the shaping and manipulation of reality are used throughout the Gossamer worlds. These powers do not involve tremendous changes in the nature of reality, but instead are minor adjustments, little tweaks to the temporary state of things. These subtle manipulations of pure will are less complex than actual spells, are always instantaneous lasting anywhere from a split-second to several seconds.

Examples: Chill, Clarity, Dampen, Dim, Draw, Flare, Focus, Fracture, Glitch, Grasp, Heat, Invigorate, Jam, Loosen, Mend, Nullify, Open, Purify, Reveal, Smack, Spark, Surge

All are only a single function and require only a basic structure. It consists of spells and that manipulates the natural order with varying degrees of subtlety. What is unique is that it is capable of utilising spells from any School, Circle or Sphere. Thus the spells can still be very powerful, if used carefully and thoughtfully. Unfortunately these are simple spells with two states, on or off. However the nature and effects are visible to all.

L0 (1): Low: These are level 0 spells and consist of utility spells almost like a hedge mage.
L1-3 (2)
L4-6 (3)
L7-9 (5)

Circle- (30 pts)
These are certain areas or circles of magic that can be researched and learn to enhance already existing magical knowledge. As such the title exactly reflects the subject matter, ways to enhance and deepen your understanding of magic.

Deep- (40 pts)
These are areas of magic which contain many different disciplines, whether it is schools, or various spheres of knowledge that can be researched and learn to enhance already existing magical knowledge.

Schools- (15 pts)
These are areas of magic that stem from basic knowledges and abilities.

Spheres- (30 pts lesser, 50 pts greater)
They grant the ability to accomplish great things that would otherwise be impossible.

So yeah, you're right in that it allows the players some form of creativity to choose what they want their characters to do.
But there also needs to be some important powers players can pick and choose from from, e.g. Icons or Trumps,

In fact I went even further with magic.

Quote from: Magic 2
Universal Energy-
This originates from the material planes, and varies with every timeline, born with the big bang. This is the source of the Force, Wielding (Alpha Omega), Ka (Godsend Agenda), Harry Potter, Seaia, and many, many others. This quite often flows in currents, or rivers, creating what are known as ley-lines. There are a variety of ways in which this can be cast-

Arcane: This is acquired through study and research, consisting on common magic.
Innate: They are born or altered such that the knowledge is instinctive.
Mysticism: Those that take this path try to form
Sorcery: Unlike arcane, this is acquired through transcendent knowledge and learning.

This is the act of drawing upon energy from other dimensions, although this is restricted to those relating to a particular timeline. It is the source of spirits and souls.

Examples: Aether, Ascended, Astral, Divine, Dream, Elemental, Negative, Positive

This is drawing energy directly from the multiverse itself. It is a purer form of energy, able to work in every single timeline. It is the most powerful type of magic, and not hindered by either the lesser forms of magic. It enables feats that are normally beyond the power of the user's native mystic energies. They can also magically manipulate extra-dimensional elements, forces and/or substances. This is what most Lords of Gossamer, Amber or Olympus use.

Let me know your thoughts?

Quote from: Headless;1068867
I like what you have done.  But I worry that it might be to rational, structured and orderly for Amber or amber like games.

Thank you. Are the powers are too orderly? Or the structure of beings?

If it helps I am heavily influenced by both DC & Marvel cosmology. At least before the Lords of Order and the various pantheons became higher dimensional beings like in current DC.

Essentially the feel I am after is the pantheons are like in Marvel comics.
Amber / Rebma etc is similar to the Lords of Order and Chaos from DC (whether Nabu, Mordru etc).
And to for fun why not stick in the Monitors somewhere?
That way Amber-esque players are literally Nabu or someone similar. Anyone related to a pantheon would be like Thor or Hercules. A Lord of Gossamer - well I don't have a good parallel for them yet.

I am literally attempting to write up some Amber stuff right now.

I intend to run one fairly soon.

Now what I did was separate off the travel aspects of Pattern Imprint such that each faction has their own travel power.
LoG: Infinite Stair
LoO: World Walking
LoA: Shadow Travel

Pattern Imprint I renamed Shadow Magic, such that it allows the player to control various aspects of shadow.

I renamed Wrighting and Trumps as Communication. Then split it into Icons (individuals only), Trumps (people, items and places), which is far more expensive.

Olympian magic was split into Luck magic, and Old god magic (advanced part) which allows the user, as per rules, to make a rather large mess.

Logrus, and Primordial magic are basically the same thing.

Order, Chaos and Void I used, but I mined Superpower wikia.

These are split into-

Awareness: Sensing the particular primal power

Empowerment: The presence of chaos in their being fundamentally overrides lesser concerns and ailments, making them functionally immune to disease, illness, the effects of aging, as well as highly adaptive against poisons, radiation, or other such debilitating forces. Users become stronger, faster, more durable, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the chaos energy to even slow or stop aging.

Inducement: Able to influence a person, object or area with a particular condition.

Infuse: The user can infuse primal energy into objects (usually a weapon), beings, or powers, empowering and energizing them and allowing the user to manipulate their qualities and efficiency.

Offense: The user can release/use primal forces for attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.

Weapons: They can create or wield weaponry with power derived from a primal energy, which grants the user a wide variety of abilities.

Energy Generation: Create blasts of the primal force

Energy Manipulation: The user can create, shape and manipulate the primal energy in varying ways, allowing things such as energy projection, using the energy for various supernatural feats, to inducing effects of chaos, etc.

Magic: The user can manipulate and reconstructing reality and the very fabric of existence, and bring about order to the multiverse.

Reality: The user can create, shape and manipulate order on a literal, symbolic, conceptual and physical level. They have ability to recognize, discern, envision and understand overt and/or underlying patterns and structure of anything physical, social, mental or natural and know their weaknesses, strengths and all other information and how to use them to reach the wanted goal.

Transformation: User is made up of or can transform their body completely into order/orderly matter/energy. Users transformed form can be either anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of order, in which case it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately user can transform into homogenous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.

This is so that players can essentially be Nabu, Chthon dammit!

I keep cantrips, then added Power Words (basically like in DnD, and Ineffable Names) allowing the user to speak words that have an effect on the victim.

This was posted in G+, so @RPGPundit kindly suggested that I post it here.

Has anyone given any thought to a combined Diceless game?

How would you do it?
What concessions would you give to powers and cosmology?
Would you shift the costs of some powers?

Help Desk / WARNING: There Is a Predator on RPG Sites
« on: November 04, 2013, 04:41:22 AM »
Quote from: Spinachcat;704960
Sounds like more witchhunt bullshit.

"He plays to sympathies, kindness and the loneliness of young girls and women to get them to do what he wants, and when they do he proceeds to destroy their lives."

Destroys their lives???

But no police reports and no legal actions. Just destroyed lives.

"Do not think you can handle him yourself if you're being harassed by this person, let us help you."

Nope. No way a woman could possibly hit the Delete button all by herself. Them poor females don't even know how to report something that happens to them. And everyone knows that having titties nukes your ability to possibly comprehend how to use any blocking settings on a forum. Those poor, poor girls!!!

Quote from: Ravenswing;704979
Yeah, I'm with Spinachcat.  Deeds of this alleged predator?  Nope, none of those.  Identity of this alleged predator?  Nope, none of that.  Just pure vapor.  Whose word are we taking for this fellow's purported depredations, anyway?

Now I know the temptation to protect our wee innocent girlies from the Wicked Wicked Men, but eeesh.

These are stupid things to say. So yeah, judging by this last comment it is pretty freaking serious.

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