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News and Adverts / PLANET ERIS Gazetteer & World Map
« on: November 02, 2019, 04:57:26 PM »
Planet Eris Gazetteer

64-page booklet now available on &


A5 Booklet from

Digest Size Booklet from

- PDF -


Planet Eris World Map

Large, 24 x 36 inch glossy poster map on 100 weight poster paper now available from The Scribes of Sparn.


Poster Print (now available for shipping worldwide):


Instructions for downloading the electronic map, a 150 dpi JPEG file, are provided in the print and PDF versions of the Planet Eris Gazetteer booklet.

CARTOGRAPHER WANTED for Planet Eris World Map

PROJECT: The Scribes of Sparn publisher is seeking a cartographer to produce a hand drawn, pen and ink, poster size (24" x 36") map over hex grid to accompany the Planet Eris campaign setting booklet.

(See below for additional project info: DEADLINE, COMPENSATION, CONTACT INFO.)

STYLE: The desired style of the map is gritty 70's fantasy similar to maps produced by Stonegiant (q.v., here), or physiographic 1950's textbook style similar to Erwin Raisz, (q.v., here), or perhaps a combination of both styles.

SCOPE: Below is a draft version of the Planet Eris map produced by Jimm Johnson. It is provided to help the prospective cartographer/artist visualize the scope of the project.


DEADLINE: The project deadline is May 1, 2019.

COMPENSATION: Approximate compensation is $500.00.

CONTACT INFO: If you are interested, reply by email to:

austinjimm (at) unseen (dot) is

Please include a little background information about yourself (or links to such), your desired rate of compensation, and links to examples of any similar or pertinent maps or art you have created.

News and Adverts / XQ1 The Castle that Fell from the Sky
« on: November 07, 2018, 12:47:24 PM »
Added a link in the OP to the digest size PDF on

(Unfortunately, I am unable to make a digest print version available through DTRPG because it has more pages than they allow in that format.)

News and Adverts / XQ1 The Castle that Fell from the Sky
« on: November 04, 2018, 09:23:49 PM »
"Even in the far gulfs of space, the struggle of Law against Chaos, Good versus Evil is eternal. But wherever evil is not extinguished, it will revive to exact vengeance on those who would keep it at bay..." --Neb Lo, Last of the Holy Order of Knights Galacticus


PDF (A5):


This adventure is more than just an old-school, fun-house dungeon. (Although it is definitely that!) Steve Robertson has captured the raw essence of golden age pulp science fantasy and funneled it into an outlandish adventure rife with wonderment and strangeness. On first read I knew this scenario was a perfect fit for my ongoing Planet Eris campaign.

The Castle that Fell From the Sky was originally created as a single session tournament-style event for a gaming convention (NTRPG Con 2015, to be precise). The revisions in this edition are geared toward expanded campaign play, where multiple sessions will afford players a chance to experience more, and ultimately (if they are skillful and tenacious) the completion of the scenario.

The maps have been redrawn, the text reformatted (in some cases additional detail is given), and standard fantasy wargame statistics are now provided throughout. Careful effort has been made, however, to cleave as nearly as possible to the spirit, substance, and language of the original.

Quote from: FrankTrollman;478245
Seriously dude: this is not an obscure concept.

No, but it has nothing to do with orc babies.

Quote from: J Arcane;478241
Which is the point of the fucking reference you ignorant twat.

Well, excuse me, Shitnozzle.

Quote from: FrankTrollman;478238
Look, the fact that it is a game doesn't allow it to include logical impossibilities.

Yes, it does. (HINT: It's a fantasy game.)

Quote from: FrankTrollman;478237
The entire premise of Christianity is that everyone is wicked and redemption is available for everyone. That is the entire point of the religion.

Dang! Your an expert on Christianity, too!

Quote from: FrankTrollman;478230
If the DM changes the definition of Good and Evil even once, then the definition of Good and Evil were not at any time absolute. Once you've defined morality relative to something, even relative to the DM, then you have a relative - and thus not absolute - moral system. That is what the fucking word means.

There is another issue, which is that if the moral system in use is subject to the unknowable and changeable whims of someone who isn't the person making moral choices, then neither the moral choice nor the moral system has any meaning. You might as well be spinning the Wheel of Morality at that point.

You do understand that Dungeons & Dragons is a *game,* right?

Who is truly the supreme being in any D&D game? Is it the dice? Is it some list of statistics written in your notebook? No. It is the Dungeon Master. The DM possesses the supreme power variously referred to as "DM fiat," "referee's discretion," et. al. In a good D&D game, the DM creates the entire cosmos that his players explore, populates it, and brings its denizens to life. The DM is truly God with a capital "G" within the context of his game. (Remember now, it is a *game.*)

As the DM in my game, I'll let you in on a few key *facts.* In my game orc babies eat people. Orc daddies enslave humans and rape women (of all types). Orc mommies make stew out of human babies.

All of these things take place off-camera, so to speak. However, the orcs don't do these things because they are misunderstood or discrimnated against. They do it because they are fiendish sociopaths from birth to death.

As the DM I choose, for the present, to define these creatures as evil (as do the rules of the game-- remember this is a *game*). It is not their behavior that makes them evil, it is their nature, for that is what the DM decrees.

If my players want some pussy-ass-liberal-star-trek version of D&D they are free to seek it elsewhere. After all-- it's just a game.

Quote from: Pseudoephedrine;478227
That is both retarded and empirically untrue.

No it's not.

Quote from: FrankTrollman;478224
If you presuppose racist treatment of a group, the conclusion had fucking better be that the treatment of the group was racist. Otherwise you fail at logic.

Thanks, Mr. Spock. Now I get it.


Quote from: FrankTrollman;478086
If you can't consistently define your absolute good and evil, you don't have an absolute good or an absolute evil. And then you're just a cafeteria christian - picking and choosing the segments of your book you will kill people for and refuse to discuss rationally and ignoring the rest or waving it off as a metaphor. A metaphor for... something... mumble...

What a ridiculous and irrelevant argument. Good/Evil, absolute or otherwise, are whatever your DM says it is at any given time of day.

Quote from: FrankTrollman;478145
That would by definition also be racist.

Apparently this guy is an expert on racism.

Quote from: Caesar Slaad;478028
This thread reminds me of a DS9 episode:

Probably why you don't get it. D&D ain't Star Trek.

Quote from: Caesar Slaad;478023
Orcs are evil->therefore they must be slain

Now I can see how in that over-simplification where the "racism" is. Who says orcs are evil?

(Wow! This thread has grown quick. Someone probably already responded to this. Anyhow...)

The rules (e.g. the Monster Manual) say that orcs are evil. Or, going back to OD&D, orcs are Chaotic. Take your pick.

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