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People keel over and drop dead all of a sudden for a number of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with coronary artery disease. In fact most people whose heart stops ticking outside the hospital do not have a clogged coronary.

Some usual suspects include non-ischemic arrhythmia-inducing heart disease like valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathies, congenital heart disease and aberrant electrical conductivity pathways (Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome). Non-cardiac problems such as pulmonary embolism and cerebral aneurysms are also common causes of non-cardiac sudden death.

Nevertheless, fatal acute myocardial infarction at 49 is unusual but certainly not unheard of, and genetics may indeed play a large role. If you're over 40 and regularly engaging in exercise, or even younger but have a preexisting heart condition or a family history of early-onset heart disease or sudden death, you should be seeing a primary care physician regularly and discussing the necessity for heart health screening:

Quote from: GameDaddy;970842
True story.

I am deeply sorry for your friend and for the girl. What a tragedy.

But I don't see how the game itself contributed to this turn of events. They might have met anywhere, they just happened to meet via RPGs. But they could just as easily have met in a party, or a bar, or a sports game.

And just in case this is an issue: you are not to blame for any of this. Neither is the game.

Great thread.

Quote from: David Johansen;959893
One I've used, in my games is that the standard ship board duty suit actually provides constant resistance to motion, thus allowing muscle tone to be maintained.

That's a good one, as long one has a flip-off-isometric-resistance suit for emergencies, and the discipline to keep it on every day.

Quote from: flyingmice;959902
There are several answers to oyur question, besides the gravitic control one:
A. Muscle and bone mass retention problems are genetic in nature, and can be solved by applying genetic engineering or breeding properly
B. You take a drug which forces calcium deposition. This, along with exercise with the proper equipment, solves the problem.
C. Ship engines are designed for constant thrust, which functions as gravity on ships. Stations spin.
D. Ships spin all or part of themselves while coasting, like stations.

A. Epigenetic, technically. Microgravity messes with gene expression in bone and muscle cells. Maybe the right drugs can drag it back on track?
B. See above, but I suspect modern-day bone resorption inhibitors won't quite cut it.
C. and D. Wonder how practical that would be?

Quote from: Dumarest;959925
Speaking for all Traveller players and referees, are we?

Christ, is Shawn still around? Doesn't everyone have him on ignore?

Why did you burn out on SW, Fate and Cypher?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Pick a Pirate RPG
« on: April 26, 2017, 10:47:12 pm »
(6) Your favorite RPG, plus pirates?

On a more serious note, I'd go with Savage Worlds if I was pressed for time, or on a lazy kick; ACKS with Guns of War if I wanted it D&D-flavored; or Runequest/Mythras if I wanted the seven seas to run red and PCs to get eyepatches and peg legs.

I have yet to check out Flashing Blades. I've been meaning to look into it for years, but I never actually get around to it. I suppose my group isn't too much into swashbuckling fiction and gaming, the uncultured heathens.

Quote from: estar;959626
What people forget time and time again when it comes to what the OSR is about, what it ought to be doing, where is it going; that it defining characteristic is the use of open content, leveraging digital technology and using the internet for distribution.

The net effect is that there are no gatekeepers, there nothing that the OSR as whole (if something like that is even possible) or segments or cliques can do to impend any projects from being released and distributed.

Are we still using QFT? Because QFT.

Conversely, people who are too concerned about what the OSR is or isn't or should be, are just a byproduct of the Internet working as intended.

Quote from: estar;959626
No one incident prompted this essay

Of course not. :D

Conservative pearl-clutching makes liberal pearl-clutching look sensible and even justified.

Who gives a shit, as long as the art is good and the system does get streamlined into something more functional with less bookkeeping as promised.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / The Genera in 3
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:58:13 am »
Three books? Agreed on The Hobbit.

A good Conan anthology is necessary, let's go with Del Rey's The Complete Conan (now that's cheating!).

#3 for me would be a toss-up between the first Elric anthology (Elric of Melniboné) or the first Lankhmar anthology (Swords & Devilry).

Elves are the survivors of an ancient transhuman starfaring civilization, who would scoff at the idea that they come from human stock, and probably believe that humans are the degenerate descendants of their storied, long-dead empire.

Dwarves, once a slave-race bred to withstand the gravity, pressure, toxicity and radiation of deep-earth mining operations, are only dimly aware of their origins as thralls to the ancient elven star-empire; but aware enough to cultivate millennia of enmity.

Humans, though genetic progenitors to all of these races, tend to be seen as the young interlopers, as their own climb out of primitivism and back to civilization was longer and more difficult.

Orcs are uplifted humanoid boars bred as infantry for the elven empire. Same with Minotaurs and bulls, Gnolls and hyenas, the elves were on a big Dr. Moreau kick after their empire collapsed. Chimeras were probably just a bunch of undergrads fucking around, though.

Goblins are ancient enemies to the elves, having been the original inhabitants of Arcadia, the legendary capital and crown jewel to their star-empire. Hobgoblins and bugbears are also byproducts of elven bio-sorcerous meddling.

Quote from: Spinachcat;957499
What do you think are the best selling points of BRP/D100 games? What draws you in?

It's a game system that strikes a very neat balance between complexity and verisimilitude. It's also one that hinges on almost no "setting assumptions" and can be easily modded (skill list granularity, hit locations or no hit locations, HP calculation, etc.) the better to reflect the setting, which is why Mythras/RQ6 is my go-to game for fantasy settings that don't necessarily fit D&D's assumptions.

Quote from: Spinachcat;957499
Do you have any hesitations in recommending them to others? If so, why?

If you want a comic book take on violence, where larger-than-life heroes cleanly dispose of their opposition at little or no cost to themselves, look elsewhere. My BRP games tend towards brutality and grit, and usually look more like a Norse saga than the average fantasy novel.

Quote from: Spinachcat;957499
What's the common issues that new players to these games experience? What are the common misconceptions?

Do not assume building a combat-oriented PC means you will not die in combat! Even the mightiest of warriors can die shanked by a lucky goblin.

For my Dragonlance send-up, tentatively named Grimdark Dragonthing, I decided dragons were created as living weapons by the otherwordly, all-conquering serpent folk (think the kaiju in Pacific Rim). This is why they were color-coded for convenience.

While dragons were created initially as dumb beasts, in time (when their empire collapsed) some serpent folk downloaded their extraordinary, magic-adept intelligence into dragon bodies built to support speech and sorcery. This is why some dragons speak and cast spells, and some don't.

Of course, as their dominion crumbled and survivors grasped at the last straws of power, a cadre of particularly crafty serpent folk sorcerer-scientists created (or maybe just unearthed) the ultimate control mechanism for their biological flying tanks, including those piloted by the consciousness of their rogue comrades; the orbs of dragonkind.

The nascent human empires beat back the serpent folk and their dragons, at the cost of countless lives. Surviving dragons sought refuge in the desolated wilderness, typically in the terrains and climates they were specifically designed to operate on. But every now and then the orbs resurface at the hands of some would-be conqueror or doomsday cultist.

Quote from: vgunn;957195
Tristram, because wearing bulky armor makes you easier to hit (at least in my opinion). But the armor will absorb more damage.

You might want to look into Palladium's combat system.

I tell them what they need to know about the campaign; it's a sandbox, or a mission-based game where everyone works for X, or whatever I deem necessary. But generally speaking I'm a show-don't-tell kind of guy.

Quote from: Black Vulmea;957211
. . . yo.

Alizé looks vile. I'll mix you something decent.

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