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Help Desk / Re: Norton Dark Web warning
« on: April 13, 2021, 04:19:38 PM »
From what I understand, Norton, Lifelock, and other systems that Dark Web scan for people selling passwords to sites have popped up theRPGSite as being advertised.  I haven’t looked into it though, just changed my password.  The password was unique, so not worried anyway.

seems like a game about maya and the americas in general would be about runes and scalping, not to mention wounded knees (the classic courtney means kneecourt). i haven't checked out the game in a long time but it seems like you couldn't get further from an exalted-esque western than neumenon. i'm not too read up on kant but the silhouette rouge has just enough of that cthulhu-inflected abstraction to be akin to a lazer hatchet, a bricolage of distance rules. the key diff is that locomotion would be really interesting in the sense of insects while in the west they'd be plagued with dust-bowl like conditions before money was really a thing. gotta make that hatchet a gold one and invite montezuma into the picture, allowing for the discussion of oppressed groups in the americas while ignoring oppression elsewhere. it's the classic philosophical aside: colonialism is what you make of it, if you bring it into the picture are you supporting it / what is colonialism in the context of war. and in the west there's a plethora of proto-wars to justify a brutality unparalleled outside of blood meridian, which was a recent book selection for our book club. amazing read, depends on whether you think that colonialism is structural or sandboxy.

I think an AI got loose.

muhammad and jesus are the new blade, like my avatar of miles davis. the coolest idea would be to run a shadowrun game where the stem-cell parts of jesus lived infinitely in a world where his bones would be used as money. light-slicked streets of NYC leave the cross on people's necks, unless they get stomped on like chauvin. the eiderdown is superior to the gun as we've always said and it means all the homeless jesuses have their i love jesus hats.

Way too many meds or not nearly enough.  :D

Articles / Re: Adam is still toxic
« on: April 06, 2021, 11:42:22 AM »
Live by the Mob, die by the Mob.

Jesus as a Vampire isn’t very original.  The parallels are pretty obvious.

Ever since Shadowrun, Native American futurism has been interesting to me.  I kind of doubt this game will be worth it, but will take a look if it ever hits the Trove.  I’m thinking the White “Cherokee” Connor Alexander is going to take his million dollars and vanish, but who knows.

Other Games / Re: Warhammer 40K Ninth edition
« on: March 08, 2021, 04:43:05 AM »
eBay is the way to go, especially if you don’t mind stripping shit paint jobs.  There’s also very good paint jobs for affordable prices, although you have to be lucky like anything.  I got a crapload of Khorne Berserkers, Khorne Bikers, and some Rhinos for WAY less than the price of the models themselves.  They don’t even need to be stripped, just touched up a little.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: These FIVE men control your freedom
« on: January 15, 2021, 06:21:17 PM »
That’s the problem with 230 protections.  Social media companies are exercising all the editorial power of publishers while having all the legal protections of platforms.

If you want spamming Pew-Pew, make the PC work for it and hunt down or have built a Quiver of Holding.  You can have 179 different types of arrows in there and the one you grab will always be the one you want.  Done.

Otherwise, it’s been simple since forever.  Some jackass wants to carry a barrel of 100 arrows strapped to their back, you model how stupid that is when stealth and mobility are necessary, same as you do when the guy in plate mail holding a great flail wants to sneak past someone.

Otherwise, you just go with the old “hits are recoverable, missed arrows are broken”, or if you want to go deeper make an Item Saving Throw.

Unlimited anything without magic is 4-color baloney.

This is the kind of discussion that makes me think I should just sell off my collection and resign myself to life as a non-gamer, since I'm not particularly interested in doing it 'right.'

On a less self-pitying note, I think Pundit, Jeffro Johnson, et al. are right in one thing--we've got several different hobbies going on here, all trying to use the same tools and claim the same brand identity.

Yeah, it's amazing how many people use roleplaying games to not roleplay.

I should note: the plot is based on an actual medieval legend.

I've used those child eater legends in Warhammer. I ran it as a convention one-shot and I started the session by having the PCs roll D3 for number of kids and then had them name the kids...then I began the game and informed them what happened when they returned to town after being away a few days...

There's even a famous statue in Germany

So what was the culprit, a Chaos cult or monster?  How did the PCs take vengeance?

Yeah, wasn't there just another "controversy" that too many players in BG3 were playing white males?

Which way do they want it? Are we supposed to branch out and play other races or stay in our lane?

Both. You literally can not win.
Represent or play the race. Then you are WACIST!
Dont represent the race or play it. Then you are WACIST!
Their definition of racist does not count behavior.  He’s a white male, therefore he’s racist.

Well, this is a subject I never thought I would have to deal with....

I'm small time when it comes to published material. An article here or there, maybe a couple of PDFs. Nothing big and nothing long or involved and extravagant. So, I'm surprised when I find a niche Traveller starship design of mine on a pirate website and an article I wrote for the Traveller fanzine Stellar Reaches chopped up and used in the Traveller WIKI.

I never thought that my stuff would get that level of "notoriety" in hobby circles.

So, published authors, how do you deal with this when it happens? Is there a standard procedure to follow? What do you do to get the best chance of the results you want?

Contact Rob Connelly (Estar).  He’ll know what to do.

Tons of KS backers are demanding refunds, including me.  I spent over $1,000 on this game at the Mount Yishma highest pledge level. 

I told them "At this point I think I'd like a refund of the $1,000 I spent on backing this bait and switch scam of a Kickstarter and sham of a game.  I paid for the tagline of being authentic to REH and the original Conan stories and you have now breached my trust.  I do not want SJW virtue-signaling and soy boy politics in my Conan game.  Leave your politics out of gaming products."

There are tons of people pissed off in the comments for the backers and many are demanding refunds.

Good luck to you - but I have to say - a grand is sort of a ridiculous amount of cash to put into a single game, especially before you've seen it. I think I probably gave a bit more than that to Games Workshop over the years, but that was over the course of more than a decade with multiple armies and three different game systems.

That level of Kickstarter support just reminds me of the Star Citizen backers who bought a theoretical digital battle carrier or whatnot. (To be fair - I did buy Star Citizen nearly a decade ago now - but just the base game. I'm an optimist who liked Wing Commander and Freelancer - I'm not crazy.)

As a birthday present I got an account with a Constellation Ship.  I’ll have to go back and see if I can fly it yet. :D

Isn't that the point of the complaint? I agree with your point here - but that problem is that in practice, almost no one refers to Conan the Barbarian as a "martial arts film" or Errol Flynn as a "martial arts star". For example, in my copy of GURPS Martial Arts (3rd ed), the cover has a yin-yang symbol and there are seven weapon tables: Chinese, Japanese, Ninja, Philippine, Indonesian, Indian, and Korean. So clearly it's not about all combat forms but rather focused on Asian forms.

Unfortunately that's true, and it came about after the term "Martial Arts" became associated with eastern unarmed styles with the influx of Martial Arts films in the 70s, which continued in the 80s and somewhat the 90s.

However, that was at the turn of the last century. We're living in 2020 now. HEMA is all over YouTube. People know about Capoeira, Krav Maga and other non-Eastern martial arts as well. People should know "Martial Arts" extends beyond just eastern styles of unarmed combat by now, and even if they don't they're still in error and need to be corrected, not change the meaning of the term "Martial Arts" cuz some people are idiots.

This was a pet peeve of mine even in the 90s (the decade I started playing), and I would frequently correct people when it came up during play or character creation, and point out that swinging a sword itself was a martial art.
I think we're just agreeing here. I had exactly the same pet peeve.

As regards Conan - it sounds to me like Conan 2d20 originally had a talent tree called "martial arts" that implied something more like Asian styles, rather than just general combat skills. However, I only have the quickstart rules which doesn't have that tree - so I'm not sure what the deal is.

All of the talents except one are based on the first step in the tree, Open Hand, and they are Unarmed.
The one weapon talent in the tree is Symphony of Blades, and it lets you use the abilities of open hand techniques with weapons.  So instead of blocking an arrow with your hand, you can do it with a sword, staff, whatever.  Each new weapon you add you retake the Symphony of Blades talent.  So yeah, it’s mostly focused on Open Hand techniques and the types of moves you see in Asian Martial Arts.

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