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Design, Development, and Gameplay / The World's Largest Dungeon
« on: July 21, 2013, 01:19:28 AM »
F***ING A**... I just had spent an hour typing what had happened (because you missed alot of stuff) and lost it when I accidently back spaced.



good night

Design, Development, and Gameplay / The World's Largest Dungeon
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:28:41 AM »
Oh btw, we are gaming Friday. You should come by my house Wednesday to check out the whiteboard.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / The World's Largest Dungeon
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:26:17 AM »
Quote from: Sacrificial Lamb;671484
* Giles (Meatlips): Giles is a 1st-level Human Cleric. He's young, curious, and still doesn't know what to make of this "World's Largest Dungeon".

He is also a Half-Celestial using the adjustment from Book of Exhalted Deeds. He has the strongest connection to the dungeon because of his lineage. That remains to be played out.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / The World's Largest Dungeon
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:19:22 AM »
Thanks for the advice.

We are using 3.5 mostly WotC stuff.

The one thing I made sure and will keep is to move the story along and not let the players get bogged down. There were a couple of times where the mechanics started to slow down, I just made sure it worked to move the story along and that the players were enjoying it. Last thing is a quagmire in technicalities.

That's where the whole grid thing is a potential pit fall. I went with the grid whiteboard for two reasons. One for the players to see the room dimensions. The second is to know where everyone on the map for combat , traps, searching, and other stuff (got a drow an need to see if he passes  with in 5' feet.

I did not think of that tape quick grid. It sounds like a good idea in a pinch. We had a battlemap a while ago while someone accidentally used a permanently marker on it. We could never get the green out with out erasing the grid lines.

This is the whiteboard I bought. The dots are actually 1" and it's magnetic grip is pretty good. My kids have been having fun with it (hid the Sharpies). Bought 12 different color thick pens and 6 different color thin pens.

I will be printing out the monsters on magnetic paper and throwing them on the board and moving them. The plan is as we move every couple of rooms or when we run out of space on the board is to erase continue.

Now for the monsters, this campaign does have everything laid out and the monsters are all grouped appropriately. I have been using the random encounter table, but I need to keep a better track of time to roll.

The other thing that is kinda an issue I need to work on is room conditions. Need to work on that more.  It's more of a mental tracking thing.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / The World's Largest Dungeon
« on: July 16, 2013, 12:39:42 AM »
I am still waiting for your detailed logs about the campaign thus far. Sac of Lamb. And you Meatlips, I thought you have roasted me by now.


Here is my self review of last two sessions.

The second session we did not play once again because the two of you were still making characters. The third session we were tardy starting because of one more character being made.

I felt I did a better getting the characters to the dungeon and in. I also think I did a better managing combat and the overall mechanics.

Now the errors and issues I made
  • I may have miss judged the distance of the feindish orcs could see was wrong.
  • Now for that initiative between the players and F.Orcs was fair, except I think I should have the players do a spot check to see that the spears were being drawn while the characters were just jibber jabbering.
  • The other issue was the distance and radius when sleep was cast. I believe that some of the orcs were out of the 10ft radius of the spell.
  • The other issue I had was the initiative of the two fendish rat swarm. I do not know if I should have the 2nd rat swam reroll for initiative since the initial swarm was defeated before the 2nd one entered the room.
  • I need to keep a better record of all the characters stats and flaws
  • The players want me to get more into character when playing out NPC (will do).

What was tried
  • I cut up the dungeon on magnetic inject paper and placed it on the white board so the players have a map where they have gone. It is a long tedious process and that it does not look as good as I thought.
  • I also used the Sacrificial Lambs Dwarven Forged tiles. They look nice, but tying to rearrange them was a pain. It was helpful but not practical.
  • We used dice as counters but that ended up being awkward. I had asked to for Lamb to dig up some of his figurines but is still unpacking from his move. Did not work out smoothly.
  • I ditched the laptop and ran the entire session from my webos powered HP Touchpad. It worked quite well. Had the necessary PDF open, maps, webpages.
  • The google docs form I made for tracking monsters per encounter works out well. eventually i would like to have a public sheet that people can see the body count and have it updated automatically.

This is what I have planned for this week.

  • I bout a 4x3 grid magnetic white board for $97 delivered. With dry erase markers it ran another $15
  • I have printed out magnetic counters of up coming monsters. I will need to create counters for the player characters.
  • The grid 4x3 board will be for maps and the other 3x2 white board that Sacrificial Lamb has will be used as a status board for initiative, mosters. player info and other elevant information.

Did I miss anything?

Design, Development, and Gameplay / The World's Largest Dungeon
« on: June 24, 2013, 06:23:21 AM »
I noticed two more error.  First one had to deal with the Darkmantle you faced and how I handled the environment. The second was room conditions. I elected not to do any random encounters.

I read up on the next three sections of this map. I have a general idea now what lies a head for the next couple of sessions.  I also need to reduce the distractions by focusing 100% on the NPCs. Also, my tablet in webOS mode is what I will be using. We will need to load the map on your iPad or meatlips Xoom (Or I could use my son's iPad). One other thing is I may have some of the PC come across maps showing just local sections of the dungeon to help with that. I sill think we need to use the dwarven forge to keep combat in check.

After reading 50+ rooms, 25+ pages, and looking up various information in the srd, I am exhausted. I will need to reread the materials and

Now, I need to go to bed to get ready for my week of overnight shifts. I am off to bed.

I have never DM (or GM if you prefer) before. I have always wanted to and have been mulling when and how I should do so. Well, it has passed.

Since Sacrificial Lamb moved over the past week, his life has been anything but normal. While I has helping him with the move, I talked about GM'ing. He was all for it and relived because he has so many thing to focus on. Also, since he hardly every places as a PC, this should be a fine respite.

Now, I have bought two adventure modules. Now, keep in mind that I picked these two larger modules so we can all alternate as DM's. The first one I bought is the Worlds Largest Dungeon. I figured that this would be a decent one to learn the whole mechanics of running the mechanics of the game with out too much plot and roleplaying for NPC. The other one was The Shackled City. I would rather play that one if I can get the handle better and we are happy with our PCs. The goal is to play one of these goals and rotate DM so we all do not get stuck.

Now, I had a few ideas how I would handle my first session. Everything I had wanted to do had failed or did not execute.

I am sure Sacrificial Lamb will do the journal of what happened. He has always done a fine job at it. I am going to post what I did right and what I did wrong. My posts will be more or less to learn from my mistakes and to improve.

Problems I encountered

First, I had been up for the whole day. I had gone to Staples bought some supplies. I wanted to print out the map of the dungeon out on magnetic paper, cut out each room and put it on a magnetic white board. This would the characters map to show where they have been at. We had a white board, but I bought a cutting board, X-acto knife #2, 8 sheets of magnetic paper and plain paper. I printed out the maps and proceeded to cut them out. Well, after 1 hour and 40 rooms of first 100, I stopped. I did not like how it turned out and I forgot to bring it to the session.

Second, I wanted to use Dwarven Forged dungeon tiles to handle the combat.  We could not use it because Sacrificial Lamb had not finished moving and they were not readily available.

Third, we ended using 3D Virtual Table Top. It is a good app and I booted my HP Touchpad in CM9 and ran it from there (I was hoping to use my Touchpad for all reference and game docs. This was a positive point.

Fourth, we arrived latter than I though. I wanted to be at Meatlips house by 9pm and did not get there until half past. Sacrificial Lamb needed food and I can sympathize.

Fifth, I was exhausted. I had to guzzle down several cans of Diet Mountain Dew (yes diet). All the reading I have done with the WLD, I had a foggy recollection of the material.

Sixth, neither Sacrificial Lamb or Meatlips had not created characters. So they created them. That took time. We made some adjustments and looked up information for them to move the process along.

Seventh, I had decided to created a character (factotem) to help them along and move the game forward if we hit a snag. Unfortunately, my minmax gremlin inside of me took over. More later.

Now for my screw ups.

  • So, now it is 1am and we finally start, and I drew a mental block how I would begin the game and how the PC's got to the dungeon. I botched it. I had  mentally drafted a script and I did not implement it at all.
  • I also missed a few things how the modules handles the entrance to the dungeon. Not much impact about the game but more for flavor and only really relevant at the exit of the dungeon when the characters are at 20th level.
  • As for the game mechanics, I screwed up in two glaring errors. One, I accidentally jumped the gun when Meatlips character searched for a trap and failed. I accidentally assumed the trap went off when it should have not. So when he rolled for 1.5 points of damage, I rounded down for this one time. The other error was keeping initiative when the characters encountered the dark mantle. I should have been more attentive to that.  
  • I did not utilize the 3 orcs the PC encountered better. I could have them talk more about what is going on here. Along with that. I could describe the rooms and the style of the dungeon better.
  • Now, there were a few other errors such has keeping track of time and some other stuff I cannot post because the PC's have yet to encounter them or they are events that are to come.

What I think I did well

  • I created a Google spreadsheet with an online form to enter successful encounters the PC earned XP. It worked well, BTW, you guys have 700 xp. You are close leveling up.
  • The next thing I did was using 3D Virtual Table top. I think did ok when it came to moving the game along.

What to work on

  • Now, for the next session. I need to reread the upcoming rooms.
  • I also need to better flesh out the NPC interactions with the players
  • Utilize a notebook for initiatives, time keeping, and other in game notes
  • Perhaps ditch my PC. I may tone him down. He was to be a human factotum, but I made him a dopliganger instead. I will probably revert back. may be a retcon or perhaps kill him off. The players will be bringing two more characters in the dungeon (they are lagging behind) and that new factotum be a guide for the.
  • Address any other issues that the player's will post here.

Sorry for the long post.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: June 04, 2013, 04:46:32 PM »
ok... We release the balor with the command word. We order him to kill the hags and then we magic jar it's ass and kill it's body.

or then we use Amir wish the balor back to its plane and for get about us.

think of the xp! You can milk anything with nipples!

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: June 04, 2013, 01:53:02 AM »
I also been doing some trolling around these postings to see how many XP we will be getting. From what I see the 7-8 level guys will go up a level, but the two 12th level guys will not even come close to leveling up.

OK, we start in the subterranean town (can't remember the name).

There we
-  rescued Kratos
- rescued Karen
- rescued Gears
- other things I can not remember

Then we head to the mancave where we went to that demiplane
- killed a bunch of stuff
- claimed some stuff

Back at the mancave
- chassed after the troll

I do not remember a lot, but hopefully we can remember.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: June 03, 2013, 05:56:07 PM »
that was releases. It was a hell hound. And it is still in there, we can release it with a command word and tell it to go back home or...

even better, we can command it to attack  the hags

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: June 02, 2013, 02:15:03 AM »
it's not that complicated.. Horatio, Rufus and who ever is the dedicated archer will carry the burden. Everyone else just needs to go along. There are other things that can go wrong that will be out of our control.

for doing this in game, I am ok with.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: May 31, 2013, 09:03:59 PM »
Horatio: I think I know how to bag these hags. Let me think for a second... hm... yes.... perhaps.... I got it! Oh this is great. Now everyone, this plan take some timely execution, good misdirection, a bit of luck, and we can con them and beat them.

First, Rufus, you need to die, still. but not really die. For all intended purposes, you will be dead to anyone who can observe your body. I will scribe a scroll of Magic Jar. Now, what this will do Rufus is take your sole out of your body and placed in a vessel called a jar, say a gem worth at least 100 gp. In this jar you will not know what is going out side unless you decide to possess another person. You can sense lifeforms with-in a certain range, they be positive or negative. Once you possess them, your wits and your knowledge will insert into the new body and the soul of the body you are possessing goes into the jar. This spell once enacted we will have a limited time do to this. It may take two days to scribe this, but since I am that good, I can do it in 8 hours.

Second, once the spell is enacted, we need to stage his death. We could slay him and inflict wounds on his corpse. Or we could poison him. Actually, that's better, Hroth we can concoct something. How will we pitch the death.... Oh oh... we will write a letter and put on his body and that says "If I cannot have you, nobody can". Yea that will work. We should do this back at the inn.

Third, we will need to conduct another "resurrection incantation" that we preformed to Karen. Since we are "tired" from her incantation, we will solicit the help of the three hags that are stalking us. I am sure they will help.

Fourth, while this is going on at the inn, I will infuse 3 bolts or arrows of Slaying Night Hags. We will need this for later on.

Fifth, Once everyone is back here to conduct the incantation, Rufus, you need to keep an eye  on how many life forces you can sense. Once you notice 13-14 life force, start to possess once. There are 9 of us and 3 animals and once we have the 3 hags that is the number you need to keep tract of. Possessing a body is random so you will need to hop in and out of us until you land in a hags body. it is a 1/4 chance you will get it with each attempt. Everyone, you need to stay calm if you are possessed and transferred into the  jar.  We need to keep the rouse up. The hag that is entrapped in the jar will probably cannot do anything since they are imprisoned in there until you transfer back, the spell ends, or her natural body dies.

Sixth, Once you have entered the hag's body, You will use the command word of the Iron Flask. I am assuming since these hags can travel in the Astral plane, they are probably extraplanar beings. Since natives of this plain cannot naturally exist on another plain simultaneously, they must from another plane of existence. The Iron Flask will suck one of the hags into it and entrap it until it is uncorked or if you use the command word and uncork it which you can command it for one hour.

Seventh, once the 2nd hag is trapped, the third one will be altered something is afoot. That is when we slay that  hag with the Bolt or Arrow of Slaying for Night Hags.

Eighth, We then kill the hag that Rufus is possesed. Rufus will go back to the jar and the hag will be slain since she has no body left to occupy. This must be done with a certain distance to the jar.

Ninth, We hide the dead bodies and release the hag from the Iron Flask using the command word. This is where we interrogate her for answers and then Rufus will either possess her again and we coup de gra or we shoot her in the back and slay her.

Now, Any questions?

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: May 31, 2013, 09:34:26 AM »
OK, this may seem a bit unorthodox, but I actually want to continue game play for a few post.

Horatio does have a question to Hrothgar:

Horatio: Do you still have that Iron Flask we procured? Way back 5 years ago when we were facing undead and where Xelos killed me.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: May 29, 2013, 03:32:39 AM »
yea... It's banged up job... but you just made the cherry in a cream pie.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Welcome to Kramerland...
« on: May 15, 2013, 08:52:42 AM »
you stopped where it was getting good.

I am going to write up a new boot and loot google docs file that we can post here.

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