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Quote from: Dodger;520227
And blahers gotta blah...

Just following your trend of useless chatter.  This threads been derailed since about the 2nd post.

Quote from: Dodger;520202
Or what?

Or nothing - go play the version you like.  Haters gotta hate blah blah blah...

They didn't break your game they made another. Its selling well enough for them that they are producing more content and have a large enough fan base that keeps buying it and playing it happily. Not to mention wanting more. The fact that a bunch of fist shaking grognards is offended is laughable.  Go pack up your toys and go home.

I have a similar order it goes IV, V, VI - done.

Quote from: Rincewind1;518494
They are done by a company who believes that "Full Draw", as in drawing the crossbow or a bow with a true maximal strength (I will not bother the idiocy of crossbow in this one) will allow you greater damage.

I do make characters with greater strength deal greater damage with a Longbow, but should you not require a a "special action" (aka tell the GM) if you are NOT drawing the bow with your full strength?

Every game has it's things.

Quote from: CRKrueger;518446
This is brand new campaign, nothing tying it to the original except dropping the name "Enemy Within" and "Graeme Davis".  Oh, and it will be set in the Empire. :D  They can't follow any of the storylines in the original, most of the people and events have already been retconned out or changed substantially.

The adventure boxes they've put out so far have been quality products.  I probably won't buy this one though for the simple fact that I've got enough WFRP 3 stuff to last me a good while that I hadn't touched yet.

I love it.

Dice mechanics work great
Cards keep the info on the table.
trackers again keep the info on the table.
There are lots of bits you can use or not use depending on the situation at hand.
Combat is awesome with the combinations of group initiative, the action timers and the descriptive range elements.

The one area where it needs a cleanup now though is in merging the rule books.  It's a little spread out for some things.

Other Games / Dear Online Gaming Community Of The World
« on: February 13, 2012, 11:10:26 AM »
Quote from: danbuter;514226
GW must have gotten teabagged by a 12 year old in a shooter.

It's only rape if the teabagging wasn't consensual.

Quote from: kregmosier;509311
  • Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game

OH yeah I forgot about Buckaroo Banzai.  Though I'm imagining it's one I'll buy to read and probably not play.

My list so far is pretty short

Far West is at the top of my list for the new shiny

Followed by a couple new sets for WFRP 3e.

Why aren't the players breaking into said magic shop and stealing it all instead?

RPG's strengths are often it's weaknesses.  Which is to say that your enjoyment of them is reliant on the trust of others.

I currently don't care about D&D it's long off my radar.  But I hope they pull it off.  It'd be a good thing in general of D&D gets revitalized as an edition people generally can back and help drive the RPG market again.

Other Games / Skyrim
« on: January 03, 2012, 05:10:32 PM »
Alchemy is easy, find ingredients make potions learn new effects make more potions profit.  The only random is in the initial testing phase, but that can be reduced if you want by looking up potions on line.

In D&D we use the Gold standard.  In other fantasy games the Silver standard as it's the general currency for common city folk.  Brass for the poor, gold for the rich.

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