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Year 2022

"D&D is dead, long live D&D!"

pd: RPGPundit's point is kinda brilliant.

Quote from: Vak Jance;1080342
How awful.

Welcome to the forum!

Never thought about it deliberately but:

*Men ocuppy almost all positions of power.
*Important female NPCs are all hot.
*Everybody is heterosexual.

How come no one mentioned Melan's Fomalhaut?!!?

RPGPundit, you should seek psychiatric attention.

Organizing this sort of lynching of someone else on the internet over an RPG product, your sadistic enjoyment of the fray you are trying to create, your aggresive and violent language (totally unnesesary for making your legit point), and your megalomaniac remarks, is showing of a deeply fucked up mind. I pity you.

Get help.

I´ve been playing my own slightly different version of this rules for a long time, before the translation came by, and I got to say, they are my favorite version of D&D. They play extremly smoothly while in a solid framework, that allows for a lot of flexibility. And stating creatures and handling all the DM stuff is very easy!

I simple houserule I'm proud of, is applying CHA bonus to morale of your friendly troops in mass combat. That makes the stat really strong in those situations.

Congrats Melan on the most elegant designed D&Dlike rules EVER!

RPGPundit, I generally agree with your thinking and like it very much, but you are really very uninformed in the subject of the OSR.

And don't have much more to add, cause Akrasia explained everything very well in this and other posts, but RPGPundit has ignored most of Akrasia's "truth bullet points" about the OSR.

It is said that hate usually arises from what you don't understand...

Incredible what can happen when people just don't look at their own fucking asses.

I am cooler than any of you guys here.
PD. and in en world too.

I am cooler than any of you guys here.
PD. and in en world too.


If not applicable:

Amphibian, fishy, scaly type humanoids.

The varied class party is still way better.

For example, old D&D is pretty well balanced, the thing is, combat is not the only    measure of balance.

Party line up 1: Fighter, Fighter, Fighter, Fighter.

Party line up 2: Cleric, Cleric, Cleric, Cleric.

Party line up 3: Thief, Thief, Thief, Thief.

Party line up 4: Magic-user, Magic-user, Magic-user, Magic-user.

Party line up 5: Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Magic-user.

The most effective party is the last one. When people say "wizards rulez" or "cleric rulez", an all cleric or wizard party is very uneffective. Game balance comes from the fact that each contributes to the adventure , something much bigger that just combat, in a meaningful way.

4E did not beget the OSR, it was already alive and well thanks to 3E and a previous interest/use of older editions (previous to 3E).

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