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Basically, I stopped posting in any thread that I considered controversial because the mods have proven over and over again that they will assume the worst interpretation of what you said and hang you for it.

LOL. This. So true. I got a 30 day ban once and the mod who did it assumed so much incorrect information about me.

If they ever ship at all.  It's increasingly seeming like Leftist SJW RPG Kickstarters have a very peculiar culture: the SJW writers pretend they're going to make a book which will never arrive, and the clients pretend that they care about the game.  But the whole time the REAL transaction that is going on is a kind of Selling of Indulgences: SJW Race Grifters are offering mostly-white SJWs a fee for Racial Absolution and the right to Virtue Signal it. THAT'S what's REALLY being bought and sold.

This. I agree with this. It is what is being bought and sold.

I will say, they funded in 45 minutes, and as of my last look, they have just over a million bucks. Even if it turns out to be a shelf-warmer, they can dry their tears with the kickstarter money.

Exactly. The creator's are sitting on a bunch of money. I didn't back it. I'm not offended by it. But I got a sense of anti white from the beginning. It's a dice pool system is my understanding but being in the hobby as long as a lot of us have we've seen trends. And this feels like a trend. What I'm actually astounded by is the virtual dick sucking on big purple. There's so much high fiving of each other like look how inclusive we are.

I have no evidence and I'm not a prognosticator but I hope these backers just didn't get bilked out of a lot of money.

I know I'm not the awesomest bestest game master. And I know someone will be able to run entire I mean epics cause campaigns is an evil word, in coyote and crow but if all you're doing is being first nation with tech fighting is that different than any other number of rpgs? You could do the coyote and crow setting with gurps for crying out loud.

Can someone explain to me why a fucking nerdy ass hobby about pretending to be fruity elves needs any sort of real-world politics injected into it? I am not being flippant or rhetorical, I want an honest answer as to why people just can't leave their problems at the door to play a GAME. I play GAMES to get the fuck away from real life, I don't want to hyper-analyze stupid shit, I just want to get drunk and roll dice. These fucktards are sucking the joy out of something I have enjoyed since I was a kid and made it into an avenue to explore their sophomoric postmodern ideas. Sorry, I actually have two degrees in philosophy, most of this shit can easily be addressed after one semester of Aristotle. Fuck them. Seriously.

Watch some James Linday videos on youtube. (New Discourses) He does comprehensive videos on how critical theory and social justice infiltrate all aspects of society. From D&D to knitting.

TL;DW, an ideology with it's roots in several different philosophies has metastizied into thought cancer.

Wow, thanks for the suggestion. How did I not know James Lindsay before? Good stuff

  :D Check the way the OP of that thread phrases a post a little further down the page:

Here are two quick examples that illustrate my comment above. Two pieces I recently had commissioned. Both were diverse artists I had hired. One is an artist of Mesoamerican heritage, doing a piece inspired from their culture. The other is from an African American, but his dress is wholly European. I should have caught that and did better.

In other words these INDIVIDUAL artists are DIVERSE because they are not white. And the African American's art didn't hold up because it still looked too white.
This is comedy & cringe ;D (did I just come up with a new RPG name there?)

You sir, put it better than I could. Cause that's what I was thinking as well.

Guys go for that cheese cake.  It is a Karen and SJW repellent.

Yep. Just slap some Caldwell art on your gaming folder and any wokes will go Donald Sutherland in Body Snatchers.

That's some funny shtuff right there. I laughed out loud cause that was so vivid in my mind.

Let's not forget that we do live in times when asking "Are chess racists? In the game the White always moves first!" is considered a serious question.

The funny^H^H^H^H^H interesting thing is how this kind of "concern" only underlines a Western white-centric view of the World. No one, for example, asks "Is Go a racist game?" because in Go *Black* always plays first. It also underlines how this specific occurrence of holy indignation is based on ignorance (as "holy indignation" often is) about the "white-centric racism" of a game born in VII Century India, diffused in Persia via the Silk Road, and then in North Africa and Europe by Islamic invaders.

But the above is called "research and analysis". It is also called "using your  head" - and thus a futile counter to thisk kind of madness.


Exhibit #1 in the "potential problematic issues" list:

- Nipples in chain mail bikinis

I.e. Not "chain mail bikinis" (!) in the first place. It tells you all you need to know right there. 🙄

I'll be damned. Good point. I hadn't thought of it that way.

I left there several months ago. Also there from the beginning. It's been pretty bad for the past 2 or 3 years. I couldn't take Russ' (morrus) bullshit and condescending attitude anymore. He used to be pretty low key but has gone off the deep end with woke ignorance.

Yep, agree. Morrus has gotten bad.

Do any of these people actually fucking PLAY RPGs?

That's a damned good question. Man, the creativity that came out of enworld back in the day when the OGL and SRD came out.

I checked the op date and was surprised to see that this wasn't an old, old thread.  Yes they're following's path and have been doing so for a long time.  I left several years ago when Morrus incorporated wokeness into the official forum rules.  It's quite a shame, really.  I was part of the community since (I think) 1998, and once upon a time it was a great place to hang out.
Had the best story hours.

Oh man did they. Wulf Ratbane was probably my favorite but Kevin Kulp's was even good when he posted his groups stuff. Of course, Sep's was, for me, the best. Hell, if I remember aright SHARK had some great story hours there.

I checked the op date and was surprised to see that this wasn't an old, old thread.  Yes they're following's path and have been doing so for a long time.  I left several years ago when Morrus incorporated wokeness into the official forum rules.  It's quite a shame, really.  I was part of the community since (I think) 1998, and once upon a time it was a great place to hang out.

Yeah, it was. I was back there in the day when 3e was coming out. My account is still active......I think. I just can't be bothered I guess.

I really wonder what the purpose behind a thread like this is:
I'm not sure other than pc wokeness

We play 5e. It's what our kids play, what they saw with Critical Role (which I won't put down because it brought people into the hobby). 5e is what is played in the high school where the kids go. I have fun running and playing it. As for preferred? I'd have to say like others 2e. I ran that inside and out. But it's just not practical for the group I play with (might be a generational thing, idk). And I'm okay with that.

So question for the audience in general here. Is the LotR IP toxic? Meaning, it seems to me that no one can hold on to it for an extended stretch of time. Or is that just the nature of Tolkien IP? I've seen MERP (which I, unfortunately, never got into). I bought extensively into the Decipher offering. I bought the slipcase box set of the Cubicle 7 offering. I didn't get AiME because I didn't want 5e polluting ME. And now it's moved to Free League. Am I missing any, aside from the many fan made?

Holy moly Pundit was right. I get it's a public forum and that others are likely to read it but in all honesty, unless someone was looking to be offended this is crazy
Of all sad words of tongue and pen,
The saddest are these: RPGPundit was right again.

Well, not that sad, but the fact is that RPGnet is basically a lost cause. Someone once suggested the only way to fix it at this point would be to physically purchase the servers and software, evict every mod, and start over.

I don't even blame Brad for disbelieving, because at times it seems less like real people and more like a program spouting out prepackaged responses to trigger conditions.

 :D LOL, made me laugh.

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