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Here you go.

Quote from:  Dan Davenport, April 4, 2011 this site
No, I don't mind.

The short version is that I expressed some conservative opinions that riled up the dominant leftist Tangency culture. I didn't so in any more of a confrontational manner than the other side had used on many occassions, but it turns out that there was an unwritten rule: Tangency's dominant leftist culture musn't be met head-on for fear of disturbing the peace.

First I was de-modded for not putting up with someone calling me a liar about my motives, then I was kicked out of Backstage and banned from political threads for a supposed pattern of misbehavior.

Quote from:  Dan Davenport from Feb 2007, this site
I don't know how much I'll actually be posting here, given that (1) I have quite a bit of writing to occupy my time and (2) I don't know how comfortable a SwineRPGnetMod like myself will be here, but I figured I'd give it a chance, at least. ;)

Approx 2,500 posts since that one!

.... he was never a mod in the forums...
That's false, he was definitely a mod. Why not wait for someone to come along who has better information, perhaps even the gumshoe himself?

In what time period do you think he was a mod of the forums? He ran the #rpgnet IRC, yes, and had full mod/admin powers on the IRC, but the evidence I see (and remember, having been on the site since 2002) says that he was a normal user up until he took over the IRC stuff, and that taking over the IRC did not give him mod powers on the forums.

Quote from: Dan Davenport back in March 26, 2007 on this site
Okay, let me try this again:

I am not talking about the RPGnet forums, where I am a mod but do not set policy.

I am talking about the #rpgnet chatroom, where I am the channel owner.

Or, more specifically, I am talking about an RPGnet chatroom, since there hasn't been an official IRC chatroom for RPGnet since Skotos took over. Anyone can create such a chatroom, with the only restriction being that I happen to have registered the name on Magicstar -- just as another person created a #therpgsite chatroom. And anyone can run a chatroom thusly created however he or she chooses.

They should have went with "After careful consideration backstage, we've decided to shutdown Tangency" for 4/1. Most of them would have fallen for it.

Outside of D&D and Rifts how many RPGs actually use a d20 for example?

There are a lot! I did a thread once on "How many systems use a D20 roll-under mechanic?" and the results were surprising. I can't recall most of them, however. Mostly stuff I had never heard of.

Alternity used a D20 roll-under for it's core mechanic, modified +/- by step dice (d4, d6, d8, etc.)

Feint in d20 was a loser’s bargain; spend a standard action so that next turn your target, if they’re still alive and in range is flat-footed. Throw in that anything without a meaningful Dex bonus in 3e wouldn’t even be appreciably easier to hit and it just sucked.

It pretty much took a two feat investment with a min 13 Int to make it useable as a move action and since that nuked your iterative attacks, the only class that had any use for it was a rogue who couldn’t deny their target their Dex bonus any other way (such as by flanking) and it was still inferior to getting it in a way that allowed your full attack action.

We had a player who sundered everything in a Living campaign... until he started taking out opponent’s magic weapons and armor intended to be our loot and we demanded he stop. It also reminded the rotating DMs they could do it too and the massive size bonus many monsters enjoyed could see the party’s hard won magic weapons and armor shattered because the DM decided to be a dick and inflict lasting damage that would gimp our PCs for the rest of the campaign (as the Living campaign expected you to have certain levels of magic by certain levels).

By contrast, Bull Rush, Disarm and Trip imposed some meaningful penalties that didn’t destroy gear and could be recovered from if inflicted in return.

That makes sense! I think we knew that on some level neither was worth it. In general, we tended to avoid the fiddly maneuvers, although Trip seemed to be a favorite.

No one ever tried a Feint or Sunder in our D20 games. I'm not sure why. On the other hand, there were plenty of Bull Rush, Disarm, and Trip attempts. What are your experiences?

One of the most exasperating aspects is that MgT 1e was a fantastic Core Rulebook.

Probably my favorite version of the game. I also like Gurps Trav. I have mixed feelings about the 2E line. The cover logo looks sharp, and the cover art looks generally good. But I would have preferred B&W interiors with line art.

The thing I dislike about Cepheus is there are no random events. Stuff like "You are approached by a crime boss. Accept his offer and gain X. Report him and gain Y and he is an Enemy."  The character supplements (Agent, Scoundrel, Psion, etc.) offer even more.

Can anyone sum up the changes between 1E and 2E? I heard rules-wise there weren't that many.

Don't get me wrong, cheap bulk dice deals are great and I wish such had been a thing from the start, but I got to say I'm kinda miffed about having quested for dice for so long and for such costs when now you can drop the price of a drive thru long johns meal and get enough dice to save or die an entire orphanage well into their young adult years.
Used to love LJS in the 80's. Now I can't find one that doesn't suck. What happened? Did they change the type of fish (i.e. cod to tilapia?)

Concerning dice, my favorites are a set of "just small enough" dice (about 3/8" wide.)  Can't recall where I bought them, and everyone always asks. I also love the smaller d6's that came with my Traveller 1981 box set. Not the tiny d6's that come in the WizKids Pirates packs, those are way too small.

Bit like this setting I've once read about when Black Plague killed 99% of Europeans, and Asian powers recolonized Europe.

You might be thinking of the novel Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson? Europe gets wiped out by the plague, Islam conquers Europe, America is never colonized, and the world is divided between the Chinese, Indian, Islam, and Native American superpowers. 

It's one of the most boring interesting books I have ever read, or perhaps the most boring interesting book. It's hard to explain. It's not very exciting, but I couldn't stop reading it.

Reading the Kickstarter has provided me with a new motivation to lose those last 20 pounds.

There are some interesting ideas for the next edition on the Mongoose forum thread, like including an index and going back to 2D deck plans. They are also redoing the art, which could be good or bad. Odd that they are not calling it 3E but "2nd rebaselined" or something. Maybe they don't plan on that many rules changes.

This thread deserves a special award, since it made me look up Mandy Muse, Dragon 147, and Jeremiad.

I never really visited EnWorld much, but I stopped entirely when the mods posted that criticizing SJW or wokeness was a bannable offense. It used to be in a sticky at the top of the forum, but I don't see it there now.

Best of luck, Zak!

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Ravenloft 5E
« on: February 26, 2021, 01:24:16 AM »
I checked out the link to the book and I'm actually looking forward to it. I tried to create my own "domains of dread" for a Ravenloft game, but it never got past session 2. Some quick comments/questions:

General take: Hickman comments in the premise to CoS that he saw the vampire in the monster manual and thought "What's that guy doing here?" My main problem with Ravenloft is I ask "What are elves and dwarves doing here?"

Wokeness: I'm surprised that they're putting this much energy into a trope that's basically a rapist (vampire) with reinforced stereotypes of women as weak victims. As Arcmchair Gamer points out, "source material approaching a head-on collision with the agenda." (noice!)

Warlock pacts: At first I recoiled when I heard this, but now I think it would make for some great intrigue.

Folkovnia: What was the problem here?

Vistani: I don't care if they are erased or sanitized. I already did that, since I found the drinking, thieving, fortune-telling stereotype boring. I guess that makes me Deplorable since I was supposed to find it offensive.

Viktora Mordenheim: I usually don't like erasures of established characters in comics (i.e. Lady Thor) but I don't know this character, so it doesn't bother me.

Queerness: I agree with Bedrock's long post that queerness has always been part of the vampire thing.

Weekend in hell: Yeah, that did suck. Uh-oh, I'm agreeing with Bedrock too much...

Players need to have something to care about: I'm no doubt botching what John Kim said way upthread, but it's spot on. The thing is it's almost impossible to get players to create characters who care about anything. Especially in D&D. In Hero, you have Dependent NPCs which reward you for points for caring, and it seems to be the 2nd least popular disadvantage. Phobias being the number one.

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