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Here's a Truth for you. You're posting on a privatley owned message board. While the owner has a dedication to free speech ideals, it's not absolute. For instance, I was told to change my avatar from a Nazi Dinosaur with machine guns strapped to it's horns because (I assume) the dinosaur had a Nazi Swastika on it's side.

Is this something we need to address? I suppose we could create a forum somewhere else, or a subforum here specifically for dinosaurs wired up with machine guns that display nazi swastika's for "Der Fuehrer". The dinosaur with machineguns came from a parody movie by the way, They were making fun of Nazi's. That movie was named Iron Sky and was made by a bunch of Finnish college students, and a few renegade German outlaws. Always thought that that would make a hilarious game. I especially liked the OneTrueWay(tm) Apple Acolytes.

For the record my Llamma packing twin .50 cals will smoke all the Nazi flag bearing Dinosaurs that show up! Also, if you like that so much, how come you haven't setup your own messageboard featuring all sorts or rebel dinosaurs?



Clever how you add truth to gaming to make weird logical twist - that every talking about truth is talking about gaming because... MAGIC.
Besides even if we would revere truth - why would we trust you to have and understand truth - if you cannot understand board rules.

I don't want you to trust me. I want you to present better arguments than I do for what truth is.

When you simply dismiss someone, you are not presenting a better argument.

When you omit or ignore facts, you are not presenting a better argument. Not for a game, or not for politics. You are simply ignoring the facts, theories, and assumptions that already exist. None of them is being challenged. In such an environment how do you learn whether something is true, or not? Oh, I see....  Magic. Magically you know what is right or wrong?... show me how that works.

Pat says conspiracy theories. But Covids doesn't create itself out of nothing. It can't be transmitted if there is no environment for transmission (like if it is trapped in a fucking remote cave, with some nocturnal bats that never even go near humans, for example). How many people do you actually know that go rooting around in a cave to capture bats, specifically bats infected with Sars or Covids. Did he, even once, propose a better idea for how all those Chinese got infected with Covids, which previously didn't infect humans by the way. He basically called me a liar on this board, without offering any proof, any proof at all, anything else happened. I don't have to put up with that.

...and you, invoking MAGIC. What kind of Magic kills free speech and the fraternity of a brotherhood of gamers that do value you the truth, both in the real world, and with RPG games?

Here, we have been, for the most part uncensored, and I would prefer it to remain that way. If not, Oh well. It would be a great loss though, since this is still one of the few gaming boards left, where speaking the truth of life and games is valued. But then again, perhaps not. We shall see.   
If this were ENWorld or, you probably wouldn't have even gotten the warning. As it stands, just remember that when the ban comes its not going to be because of your political speech, its going to be because...

A) You're posting political speech that is not directly related to gaming in the section of the forum where that is banned (there are other sections for that).

B) You completed ignored Pundit's warning about not posting in this thread again... and not only did you do it with an attempt to swerve back on target, you did so by continuing precisely the things that the header and Pundit himself told you would lead to a ban.

So... here's pre-emptive "Bye!"

I hope your self-perceived martyrdom keeps you warm at night.

Byeeeeuhhh! Don't let the swinging saloon doors here hit your ass on the way out!

the actual subject of this thread is: I'm shaking my head about ENWorld now. Is it becoming more like

My question is, ....are we becoming more like

Not quite, it would seem. We don't ban people for talking about gaming and truth here, and if they ever do, I won't be posting over here on gaming, or anything else, because that would be meaningless, to post in a place where truth is not revered, a place like ...and what Enworld is becoming. If we really become like that here, then I don't really need to be here, and won't miss being here either...

I actually don't mind seeing people here clash over their ideals of what gaming should be, and to what extent politics should be interfering with our gaming. Such energetic and free discussions allow people the opportunity to determine for themselves what truths and models best serve gaming. Without it, all the gamers are in a boring lockstep, marching to the tune of one piper, whoever that may be.

What an utterly bizarre jeremiad in response to absolutely nothing.

You only say this, because you don't even know what you are missing.


LOL, Has that ever worked for anyone? Ever? Let me guess what is next! Are you going to DOUBLE DOG DARE HIM? Yeah do THAT! Nobody could EVER resist the DOUBLE DOG DARE!
Come on Dude. Either play by the rules or don't. That's fine if you do not like the rules and end up deciding to leave over them. It's even fine to stat that fact. That's how a lot of us ended up here instead of over on ENworld. Say your peace and leave like a adult.

Screaming and yelling and DARING Mods to Kick you? Why? Do you really think that they will change the entire site and alter the rules just so you can post whatever YOU feel is TRUE regardless of what they want the board to be about? No, No way do you really think that right.

What you want is to signal to others ...Look at me! Look at what they are gonna do to me!

Bah! Stand up and be an adult.

I for one do not want to see Politics and Covid and mask wearing all over the place here. I literally get all that EVERY SINGLE OTHER PLACE it would be awesome to have one place to just talk role playing games.

One of the reasons I joined this board way back in 2006, is because the cancel culture that already existed elsewhere. This was literally the last place I could go to talk about the games and subjects that I wanted to talk about without being censored, having my posts modified, moved, or outright deleted. It was the single reason I joined this discussion forum.

Everyone else at the time was saying.... Ohhh the RPGSite?... It's like Mos Eisely Spaceport over there, go there if you want to get into a fight, get raped online, or have your eyes stabbed out with fire. There's a bunch of Baaaaaad gamers over there, people that you don't really want to get to know or like, for that matter.

Back then it was the cunts at WOTC that first ran me off their message boards over there becuase they didn't like what I wanted to talk about, in regards to gaming, or in regards to how to treat other gamers. Enworld was still known as Eric Noah's Unofficial D&D 3rd Edition News, and no one there cared to talk about original D&D. RPG.Net was just showing signs of being severely dysfunctional with the white wolf crowd preaching their "one true way" to play RPGs in the new age, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Indy Games crowd preaching the GNS gaming theories and other fucked up ways to game, that came from the folks at the Forge. All they wanted, is the same thing the sjw now want, and that is complete control over any discussions about gaming.  They were quite happy making their kiddie rape games like Maid, and trying to foist that crap off as a real RPG, when in fact, they weren't really interested in RPGS at all. 

I found this place quite comfortable because I could speak the truth, and drag lying cunts like Pat through the fires of truth. He wants to be snide, and an ass because he thinks he knows what the words "conspiracy theory" means, meanwhile he is the child of creators of conspiracy theories, and does their bidding, trying to force everyone into the one true way (tm) of correctly thinking, when in fact such thinking is completely based on ignorance and unquestioningly following authorities.

The facts of the matter are the authorities lie, and then lie some more to cover up their lies, pretending people won't notice, or choose not see.

This is superbly relevant to gaming, and an on topic thread. We discuss gaming here, and truth and justice, and liberty, and how games should portray that.

How could we reasonably have RPG games accurately portray Truth, Justice, and Liberty, when the mods of a forum or board censor those who would speak the truth? That is the failure of and also the failure (to a lesser extent) of enworld, dragonsfoot, and the 0D&D proboards. feeling good is more important there than the truth, and people need to be censored there just for being disagreeable, whether they are right or not, doesn't matter there.

Here, we have been, for the most part uncensored, and I would prefer it to remain that way. If not, Oh well. It would be a great loss though, since this is still one of the few gaming boards left, where speaking the truth of life and games is valued. But then again, perhaps not. We shall see.     

(Edited out some covid, because it doesn't belong on this board.)

Actually does belong on this board. ...Also that the U.S. was the source of the Covids virus is not a "conspiracy theory", and really there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory, that is actually a phrase coined by the CIA to discredit the exploration of facts and ideas to arrive at the truth. It's used to limit the thinking patterns of other people, and to simply discredit people, nothing more. Theories are in fact not "conspiracy theories" but are theories without any supporting facts that require further investigations to arrive at the truth. Sometimes theories are just that, theories, but in this case, there are relevant facts to be considered.

So let's look at the facts, today, and now. Health and Human Services, in 2019 issued a 3.7 million dollar grant to the Wuhan Virology Lab to study the transmission of the covids virus. Until then, no one was traveling the five hundred miles or so, and going into the bat caves in Western China to capture bats infected with Covids. These infected bats who had pretty much stayed in their caves and didn't interact with humans at all, any point in living history.... until the Chinese "scientists" went into the caves with their butterfly nets and captured these infected bats and then brought them enmasse to the CDC lab (not the virology lab) there was no covids at all in Wuhan. The lead "researcher/bat capturer" had quarantined himself twice after being bitten by these bats in the CDC lab.

Here's an article from April of 2020 where President Trump cancels the contract and the funding for the b̶i̶o̶r̶e̶s̶e̶a̶r̶c̶h̶  "scientific research".
Why were the Chinese doing this "scientific research?" BECAUSE IT HAD BEEN OUTLAWED BY AN EXECUTIVE ORDER ISSUED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA BACK IN 2013!!!!

Here's an article from the New York Times where the whitehouse cut the funding for the risky biological study" which was in fact SARS/Covid "Gain of function" research. Up until then Bat Covids didn't effect humans, and wasn't transmittable by humans...

Here it is directly from the whitehouse

So the scumbags in HHS and at CDC just issued a contract, and then awarded it to the Chinese, who had no moratorium on conducting such unethical research, although I'm certain the Chinese government will no longer willingly conduct such research, for obvious reasons. The Chinese even claimed the Americans were responsible, and they weren't lying.

I have copies of MERS and SARS patents going back to 2003 or so. Were they originally issued to or by the Chinese?  Noooooooo... U.S. and European companies filed and currently own the original patents on SARS and MERS.

You know all that stimulus money is just bribe money, right? The U.S. Medical community doesn't want to take responsibility for the pandemic it unleashed and is distracting the masses with bread (stimulus) and circuses...

P.S. Pundit. Feel free to join the sjw "cancel culture" and ban me for telling the simple truth on your message board. I fucking dare you! The day I'm not allowed to speak about the truth of what is happening in the real world on one of my favorite game boards, is the day I don't belong there anyway.

I have no comment on this, ...however leave this link for your review...

How many studies showed the effectiveness of masks to help prevent community spread, prior to the pandemic?
What was the WHO's guidance on lockdowns, in 2019?

Well, WHO completely failed to isolate the early outbreak and prevent the spread of Covids, so whatever they actually did, or could do to mitigate the disaster, was completely irrelevant, including whatever they recommended for lockdowns and quarantine which was not properly implemented. That's on WHO and the Doctors in charge of quarantine protocols by the way.

The CDC has stated for years a masked or biological hazards protocol is ineffective and won't work. They removed that statement from their website though, after the start of the pandemic last year, at the direction of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which was, incidentally the organization that was responsible for bringing Covids to the human population. HHS secretly employed the Chinese in the Wuhan Virology Lab, and CDC mooks, by issuing a 7.4 Million dollar federal contract for them to research new and interesting ways to transmit Covids (which was a bat disease) to humans. They did this in direct contravention to a standing American Executive order specifically prohibiting such research as it could be considered bio-weapons research which has been outlawed by the U.S. and other foreign major powers with an international treaty. That rat Fauci... knew and approved of this research, only some retarded fucker who handles bats at the CDC lab (Just two city blcoks from the Wuhan Seafood Market, btw, where the original outbreak occurred) fucked up and got bit by an infected bat or mishandled a bat that had been infected with a new strain of Covids created in the Wuhan Virology Lab, and then gave it to all his Chinese market friends when shopping for fresh fish. Patient Zero, as far as I know, was a fish delivery driver, from the Wuhan Seafood Market, but he really caught the virus from somewhere else, and the only two places in town you could find bat Covids, was the CDC lab located a street over from the fish market, or the Wuhan Virology Lab located about three miles away, across the yellow river.

I'll keep this simple though for those that might be a tad slow in reading comprehension here... About half the population has an IQ of 100 or more, being the smarter half of the rest of the population. These folks, we can reasonably expect to use masks correctly, and follow quarantine protocols. If everyone did so for about three weeks. This virus would simply vanish, and we would very likely never see it again (unless of course, it was re-introduced by Fauci along with his weaseley friends at HHS).

Then of course there is that population with an IQ of less than 100 who simply refuses to wear any masks at all, or ineffectively wears masks (illustrations included here for reference)

Walmart Man

We might actually be able to isolate the virus by taking these dorks out and shooting them in the head. However they are about half the population, and include cops, military troops, and about 1/3 of the Senate and Congress, along with an extraordinary number of Republicans so this is actually not a practical solution. If we just let the virus run its course, then the vulnerable die and all the naturally immune continue on with life, which is all good, unless one of the infected and dying happens to be your mom, dad, favorite uncle, girlfriend, or husband, or whatever.

It's really all on the Doctors though. They created the ethics and systems that allowed this nasty virus to be created. and they should fix the horrific problem they created. Not so easy when Pandora gets out of the box though.


I quit Enworld recently. 
Most of the userbase there are really just fans - they're not there to create or to fix or have productive discussions which lead to better gaming or anything like that, but just to argue in a fannish way. 

...this... seems to be an interesting new trend I have not seen before. In the early days our arguments evolved around fixing the game, or creating a better game. Then we got into the TSR era, and the arguments were about which edition of the game was better 0D&D or 1eAD&D, or 2e AD&D and that argument was quickly solved by the marketing department at TSR, which pushed each new edition with everything they had, burying the early editions in waves of undeserved hostility, rancor, and cynicism.

3e was actually a renaissance, a temporary improvement on all of this, and an era where the players were encouraged to participate, and create anew again, defining and redefining the game to suit them. 4e was an unmitigated disaster, the first stirrings of that new school enforced political correctness and of wokeness from Wotc, where they tried to force "The One True Way (tm)" of playing on everyone who had ever played D&D and roleplaying games.

5e seems to be 3e on rails, with a very tightly bound IP, that only reinforces the dominance of Wotc (and Hasbro), at the expense of creativity and innovation for D&D (But not roleplaying in general), as everyone has now figured out they can create and play what they want. The consumer masses though seem fixated on arguing about modern issues in society most are which are purely speculative, or created solely at the alter of a group that perceives itself as persecuted, which to me, seems to be arguments that are a complete waste of time, because they will never actually fix any problems with the game, and is also very unlikely to solve the cultural problems that the woke players are continually engaged with.

Also an Interesting side note on this, the latter cultural problems might actually be solved if the players, actually... you know... roleplay... and take on the aspects of their ideological foes, in an attempt to better understand why each side holds the belief that they do, but this is (and always has) been blocked by that small sjw clique that secretly wants to control all of the narratives and agendas related to roleplaying in general.           

I haven't posted on Enworld for years.


To an extent. Night of the Living Dead hit theaters in 1968 and I think that had just as much influence as voodoo zombies on D&D.

My personal favorite was Dawn of the Dead released in 1978. I watched it on TBS shock Theater on a Friday night in like 1980.

 Following an ever-growing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia S.W.A.T. team members, a traffic reporter, and his television executive girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall.

The big draw was taking over and living in the local shopping mall, during the horrific post-apocalypse. I did find the slow zombies kind of unbelievable, and really liked the fast moving runners from Resident Evil and World War Z much better!

The Haitian voodoo zombies that would rise in the night from their graves were featured much more in 60's and 70's Hollywood flicks and I enjoyed watching them in the Bond thriller Live and Let Die,  as well as several other early movies including The Last Man on Earth featuring Vincent Price, Orgy of the Dead, The Plague of Zombies, The Frozen Dead, ...which of course, featured nazi zombies, the Astro-Zombies with the beach boys style surfing soundtrack which was voted "the worst picture of all time", and one of my personal favorites City of the Dead which starred Christopher Lee which I watched on a late-night friday night TBS shock Theater presentation in 1974. One of the finest horror movies from the black & White movie era.

Pretty sure this last one was seen by Gary Gygax and left quite the impression since he left some notes in the original edition of D&D on angry mobs. It was movies like this, that added the angry villagers rule to D&D!

Dawn of the Dead

The Plague of Zombies Trailer


City of the Dead

Vintage Toy Commercials 1950's-1970's

It's an interesting question to me -- when did the stereotype of dwarves having a Scottish accent start? I'm guessing it predates the LotR movies, but I don't know what an earlier source would be.

I thought it was with The Witcher...


They are douchebags anyway. They fired my friend Keith Barrett back in 2013-2014 and tried to force him to train his replacements some Indian dudes Disney had hired in using H1-B Visas. I have had a private boycott going on since then, now they are kowtowing to the politically correct left. Nothing good will come of that, and Star Wars is well and truly screwed now too as well. Cie la Vie.

Hey all,

So, I haven't posted here since about the tail end of 2014. I haven't run a campaign or played in one in over five years. A lot took place in that time, but suffice it to say there was a lot of other stuff that happened; sold off my game books, put my dice and dice tower in a drawer, and didn't give any time to gaming that entire time. There was a time where I had a gaming blog, did tons of gaming reviews, was in on all the trends and new games, and I find coming back it's like I've been in a tomb the last few years. Hard to explain everything that has happened, but there it is.

So, what have I missed? I've heard rumblings of the uber-PC trends in everything, but have no idea what the big games (or little games of note) that have come out in that time.

-What are the best games of the past 5-6 years?

-What is the state of D&D and Pathfinder?

-What's the OSR been up to?

-What are the best trends in tabletop gaming?

-What are the worst trends in tabletop gaming?

-What cool accessories or dice should I be aware of?

-Where are we buying our PDFs and books these days?

Woah, how is everything going? Good to see you here! Haven't been keeping track of what's going in gaming, especially the politics, because I have been too busy gaming the last three or four years.

Currently running three online campaigns, two bi-monthly 0D&D campaigns and a similar Original Edition Traveller campaign, all online using Roll20 and Discord. I'm a volunteer at GaryCon and get badged to help run the show up in Lake Geneva, Let me know if you'd like to join us for some Old school gaming where it all started as I have to drive through Indy on my way up. Should also be helping with GenCon when they are up and running again as well, and of course am running virtual games for both, as well as for virtual GameHoleCon. And also been running games at CincyCon three out of the last five years in 2019 they held their Con the same weekend as GaryCon and they cancelled their annual March show this year already.

The State of Gaming as viewed from my Imgur Page...
Crom! Glad you escaped the Crypt!


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