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Nothing, I just know it wouldn't pass and that in the current environment someone would complain about it. So I avoided the whole problem. I considered doing a censored version, but that seemed like it would be compromising principles and creating divisions in product which didn't feel like the right way to do things.

The corebook might be on Amazon already. This one will be too, but these things take time to filter through the system.

This product is too spicy for DrivethruRPG, which means I cannot use their promotional tools etc, and I can't link to it off their site. I would greatly appreciate it, therefore, if you could spam the ever-loving shit out of this link everywhere, so that people can be aware of it and buy it direct.

Vielen danke, kiitos, merci, arigatogozaimashita.

This companion volume to badly named but well-executed horror RPG Actual Fucking Monsters is bigger than the original! 120 pages of content for your Actual Fucking Monsters games, too spicy for Drivethrurpg.

  • We've got random character generation if you're into that sort of thing.
  • We've got a whole wedge of new Monster Powers so you can dissolve your foes with vomit or get in touch with their feelings.
  • Want to play a dark, evil magician? Got you covered.
  • Want to introduce boring stuff to worry about, like, 'humanity'. I don't think you should, but we've got you covered anyway.
  • Want to fight against the Monsters as a Hunter? You can do that now, with more details on the Hunter organisations from the main book, and new ones! Along with revised Hunter 'Powers'.
  • Want to run your games safely without some absolute head-end crying to mummy that they didn't know a game called Actual Fucking Monsters was about Actual Fucking Monsters? Details for the M-Card game insurance policy are included.
  • Need victims for your Monsters to do horrible things to? We've got a random victim generator and 100 pre-generated victims!
  • Player advice on how to have fun in an Actual Fucking Monsters game? You bet your sweet arse.
  • Some ideas for artefacts, and some examples.
  • A (very scant) idea of a sort of setting beyond the implicit. Learn where Monsters fit into the world.
  • And lastly, a long-ass example of play, to help you grok with fullness.

This is a and exclusive, so please, inform everyone you can that this is up for sale!

Well here we see another aspect of the issue. The GM is well known for subverting genre and mixing and matching (EG: Dad's Army Vs Deep Ones) that _should_ have been obvious from the sign-up sheet but apparently wasn't. Why WOULD anyone discuss limits etc? Find a table that uses X-cards or whatever if that's what you're looking for - and again, the whole 'rape thing' seems to spring forth from their heads, fully formed, like Athena with the flimsiest of justifications.

And then everyone's supposed to just pretend it doesn't matter if their interpretation is right or not.

Quote from: Shasarak;1090645
I found it amusing that GRIM masked his own face during the interview.  :)

Thanks for doing the interview GRIM.

Kevin didn't say he didn't want his face up until after it was up. So I had to blur it and I couldn't get the selective blurring Youtube tool to work, so... :-/

Quote from: Ratman_tf;1090574
Thanks Grim!

Well, this is another perspective. At least, it points out that horror imagery is intended to be disturbing, and so being disturbed by it is the point.
Assuming that Rolfe is somewhat accurate in his description of how he ran the game, it seems to have been players reading into his description things that he did not intend, and there was an element of gross out humor that he did intend. (Sore bums from diahrehha, not rape.)

I'm sure everyone will put down their pitchforks and torches and deal with this in an adult manner, right?

Careful Noel Coward, I only have so many ribs.

Quote from: Ratman_tf;1090597 is already dismissing the inverview because "Rape is fun!" Desborough was the interviewer.

See, this is why I wanted to get the dude's side. That isn't REMOTELY an accurate portrayal of my position on the topic.

You can read up on it, or listen/watch a video HERE.

Quote from: remial;1089829
gonna be honest here...

I backed Beast the Primordial on kickstarter.  This was before I knew it was a shitshow.

AFM is the game I wanted Beast to be, and if Onyx Path had any balls it would be.

Grim, I have bought a bunch of your games, largely because TBP tells me not to, and I like to think me giving you money pisses them off.

This is your best one yet IMO.  

Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089718
In your playtests, did players wander off in various directions to hunt or did they ambush groups to get their feed on?
I searched for fucking and I got...1-48 of over 20,000 results for "fucking"
Venger Satanis has two "Fucking" titled RPG books Here and Here!
Maybe you could find a horror RPG livestream group and trade them a box of free copies for recording a short play session. They would already have the YT video gear setup and the XP invested in their livestreaming skills.
AFM should totally use X-cards! Except here they mean the player or GM isn't going FAR enough into creepy zone!! Dude, you've been X-carded, add more evisceration and flying entrails! :)
But definitely GMs and players need a pre-game discussion of expectations and boundaries.
I'm an old school adversarial DM so its natural for me to have "PCs vs. NPC foes" referee mindset, but I imagine many GMs will need a primer on "its not you vs. the players, it's PC monsters vs. NPCs monster-hunters" and encouraging the GM and players to discuss the adversarial dynamic and WHY its crucial to AFM and how it adds to the experience.  
Agreed, but I hope you find marketing outlets and promotion opportunities for AFM.
Hopefully it will trigger and offend somebody with a large Twitter following!!!

You can find titles if you explicitly search for them, but there are various shenanigans that reduce visibility of horror (and erotica) and naughty words. It's a grim calculus of artistic integrity and site visibility.
I'm kinda persona-non-grata with the larger streaming groups which all seem to be infuriatingly woke, but worth a shot.
Could always make M-Cards an explicit part of the game ;)
Yeah, I think an essay would be a good idea. I tend to prefer to be a bit hands-off when it comes to trying to force people to play a particular way, but AFM can use the additional direction.

Thanks for the enthusiasm :)

Quote from: arcanuum;1089698
How would AFM work for one on one play?

It could work quite well, I think you'd have to up the seriousness and down the splatterpunk vibe a little, and would also have to tone down and reduce the frequency of 'Consequences' for their actions, but that could be intense and enjoyable.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089654
Amen! Tell us more about how this works in actual play.

In actual play it works out that almost anything you do - as Monsters - will almost inevitably lead to you exposing yourself and attracting 'trouble'. Lone monsters can be powerful, but not so powerful that even local law enforcement or a revenge-seeking family member of a victim can't do you harm. It's pretty much a necessity to work together to maximise survival chances and cover assorted bases.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089654
Amen! As the PCs do not feed together, their individual "feeding scenes" would not involve the other players at the table, aka they go on solo quest.

While I would not skimp too much on the feeding/transgressing scenes, whittling them down to a dice roll as White Wolf sometimes does, I think the nature of the game encourages other players 'voyeurism' and it shouldn't take too long, plus everyone will get a turn in the spotlight and as you're all in a broadly similar location and rely on each other there should be some interest. In longer-term games this might become repetitive, but in normal circumstances less so I think.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089654
Amen! How do you run that at your table and keep the other player's involved?

By it being gross, and by them being invested in you not bringing hunters down on all of them :) The consequences effect everyone.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089654
Amen! Make this happen! There's something extra fun about getting a RPG in the same box as your fresh undies and toilet paper.

I've approved the print proof, but a lot depends on whether Amazon and other resellers will allow a book with 'Fucking' in the title.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089654
Amen! More about actual play.

There's been a few requests for this, so I thought I might write out - or record - a proper session. I have trouble with motivation and confidence when it comes to recording games though.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089654
Amen! What pitfalls should GMs be aware of?

Moreso than in other games I think this may attract a degree of edgelordery that can go TOO far, even though that's explicitly part of the point of the game you don't necessarily want to indulge someone's paedophillic fantasies - for example. I think, like all RPGs, this is solved by maturity and unwritten social contracting around the table and is better served that way than by something dumb like 'X Cards', but perhaps an essay explicating that with some examples would help.

I also think many GMs have learned NOT to be ruthless with players and to treat player death with kid gloves, that 'programming' can be hard to overcome (and it's not something I personally enjoy in a lot of games) but it's thematically necessary in AFM.

These aren't really pitfalls of the rules, but in playing style and conventions. Harder to 'fix'.

Plus, y'know, people are entitled to play your games any way they want.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089654
Amen! And why not a Kickstarter? AFM doesn't sound like anything else on the market, and I could see the concept grabbing eyeballs.

Because I am a grumpy old curmudgeon.

Here's the cliff notes version as to why:

1. If a project doesn't NEED crowdfunding, I don't like to ask for crowdfunding. I think it should be reserved for projects that need it and hate how it has become pre-ordering.
2. Crowdfunding is a huge stress and pain in the arse.
3. I didn't want to crowdfund when I have another crowdfunding project on the near horizon.

I'd not heard of 'Beast the Primordial'. You could play as Hunters, the Hunter groups are all utter bastards too. I intend to expand on that side a bit in a companion book.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1088926
Somebody poke Grim!

I just learned Fate of Cthulhu by Evil Hat had a SENSITIVITY CONSULTANT for their book. :eek: LOL. What fucknuts.

I gotta know Grim, was Actual Fucking Monsters approved by a Sensitivity Consultant before you published it?

I gotta know, is it safe to read??? :D

Oops, haven't been quote replying. Never mind.

Yes, I talked with a sensitivity consultant and every problem they raised I doubled down on.

The idea is that monsters sort of have to stick together to survive, even if they're all horrible 'people'. Nightbreed/Cabal is the main touchstone.

Yeah, but fuck it. Why not?

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