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Quote from: One Horse Town;469494
Happy birthday, Seanchai.

It's tomorrow. But as Pundit is apparently giving my gift early...thanks!


Quote from: RPGPundit;469450
You'd have a right to do that, if it wasn't for  the fact that the reason you're doing it is to disrupt this thread for the sake of trying to continue your one-man crusade against my person.

It's interesting how when you start to lose arguments, the people making them are always suddenly out to get you. When Narf made the same arguments you did, I argued with him as well, choosing even to address his comments over yours. Do I also have some awful agenda and "one-man crusade" against Narf as well?

The only person bringing your moderation practices into this thread is you. I discussed the points at hand, first point buy and then your using Amber to "storygame."

I know the idea of you using Amber in that fashion is distressing to you, but...shrug. That's what you've done. You've let the "story" and it's "agenda" override the game. Personally, rather than cussing and thrashing about, which only serves to convince folks that you really do understand that my point is apt and yours is not, I'd recommend move on to more productive, less embarrassing waters...


I was, but it is was in prison, so that doesn't count...



Quote from: RPGPundit;469186
If you gave  nothing in your description that would have pointed to "noir" how could I have judged it that?

Shrug. You're the one who believes setting and genre are synonymous. That being the case, I don't see what the trouble is - everyone should have known I was basically thinking Brick set in Denver when I said, "Denver, Colorado, present day, with all it's people and political figures."

Quote from: RPGPundit;469186
...either you actually don't understand the difference between SETTING and STORY, in which case you are an irredeemable idiot too stupid to be of any use to us here...

A setting is about possibility and a story is about specifics.

In your case, however, you're throwing out the Amber setting. It contains a wide range possibilities, including PC bakers and candle makers out in a Shadow somewhere. You've rejected all that because that's not what happened in the stories...

When a game dictates player and GM choices on a "meta conscious level" to create or preserve some narrative element, it's what you call a "storygame."

That's what you're doing. You can cuss, foam at the mouth, make whatever kind of personal attacks you like, etc., but it won't change the fact that you're treating Amber like a "storygame."

Quote from: RPGPundit;469186
..or you are continuing to argue out of hatred for me personally and doing it unforgivably in the worst way possible, by making arguments you know are utterly fucking retarded, your desire to annoy overcoming any lingering sense of shame or self-worth you might have in the back of your conscience trying to warn you about how much of a fucking moron you sound like.

You're confused. I don't remotely hate you. The strongest emotion I feel for you is pity, but mostly it's just a general head-shaking apathy over your antics. I've disagreed with you over this issue because, once again, you've made an extreme, stupid argument.


Quote from: DominikSchwager;469232

Also, RPG artwork is on average extremely sexist.

This is my answer. The chain mail bikini has been a staple for decades. To answer the question, I don't find that terribly sexist, but nor would I think it's terribly inviting to women.


Quote from: RPGPundit;469066
Not based on the description you provided.

Sure, based on the description I provided. What more than my description would I need for a noir game?

Quote from: RPGPundit;469066
No, its creating a virtual world that reflects the imaginary world of the novels.

And when storygamers sit down with their storygames, they're just looking to create a virtual world that reflects the imaginary world they've imagined.

But, that aside, you're not. The imaginary world of the novels is much larger and more diverse than that the stories in the novels. It's large enough and diverse enough have all kinds of characters, not just nasty, fratricidal ones.

Moreover, a universe with just or mostly nasty, fratricidal would fall apart under the weight of its immoral character. It couldn't function. And it wouldn't be an interesting stage on which to set stories.

No. You want Amber games to be cut throat, full of PVP, and nasty, fratricidal characters not because the world that Zelazny created is that way but because the stories of the novels are that way.


Quote from: Imperator;469113
I don't understand why anyone could give a shit about any anouncement from any company.

Or worry too much about it. How many times has a company had a "big announcement" that turned out to be...uh...not so big?


Media and Inspiration / LEXX
« on: July 21, 2011, 11:20:51 AM »
Quote from: One Horse Town;469040
It's getting proggressively more stupid already and i'm only a few episodes in.

My recollection is that it's pretty damn LCD and puerile. I'm kind of surprised when people like it, but...


Quote from: pawsplay;468946

2. Rifts. One of the most widely recognized names in gaming, with a distinct visual look, and subject to numerous video game and/or movie rumors. Conceivably worthwhile to anyone who wants to keep publishing it, or rebooting it, but probably more worthwhile who says potential in non-gamebook products.

Could be. But would it be cheaper to develop and market your own Rifts-ish game than buy a whole company for it?

Quote from: pawsplay;468946
I could see a lot of companies taking an interest in the Robotech license, if it could be had for a good price.

But if you bought Palladium for the Robotech license, then you'd have to still have to re-negotiate and pay for the license when it came due. It seems to me it'd be cheaper, easier, and better just to go to Harmony Gold and out bid Palladium to get Robotech.


Quote from: RPGPundit;468956
Modern earth, "realistic".  Try again, bitch.

No, sorry, it was noir. (Moreover, what the hell genre is "modern earth, realistic"?)

Quote from: RPGPundit;468956
If I was arguing that Amber was all about playing out the 10 novels, then you'd have some kind of a fucking point.

Why do you think Amber games need nasty, fratricidal characters? Why must a good Amber GM create intra-party conflict in your estimation? Because that's how it is in the books. You're trying to make the game like the books. That isn't "playing out" the novels?


Quote from: jibbajibba;468842
Not all my Amberites are nasty or fratricidal.

Note: I don't believe they should be either. I think playing a game of Amber means using the ideas and themes present in the books and being "nasty, fratricidal" is only one of many. There are plenty of other avenues to explore.

However, some have stated that in order to be a true Scotsman in an Amber game, you have to be nasty and fratricidal and it is from thence that my comments spring...


Quote from: jgants;468848
I see WotC as slowly (ever so slowly) getting used to the idea.  But they are still thinking in "book mode" first.

Really? Because I'd say not printing any more books isn't thinking in "book mode first."


Quote from: jgants;468837

The best we've done so far is some mediocre pdfs and WotC's half-hearted attempts at add-ons.  

Comparatively, WotC has stopped producing books and basically has a digital product. While I haven't seen other publishers following suit, it isn't as if no one is moving away from physical media...


Quote from: RPGPundit;468733
You're a fucking idiot.

And you're a sweetheart. A mixed up, deeply hypocritical sweetheart, but a sweetheart nonetheless.

Quote from: RPGPundit;468733
SETTING is EMULATION. There's no difference. Every setting will be emulating a genre. EVERY setting.

The game is being set in Denver, Colorado, present day, with all it's people and political figures. What's the genre?

You can't tell me, can you? Somehow, despite your iron-clad guarantee, it took me all of two seconds to come up with a setting that doesn't have a genre attached.

Quote from: RPGPundit;468733
"I was forced to be a Knight in Pendragon" is not storygaming, its just a fucking framework.

No, but "I was forced to be a knight in Pendragon and we tried to re-create Le Morte D'Arthur by making certain characters, choices, etc.," would be.

Quote from: RPGPundit;468733
...all you care about is your ongoing vendetta with me, because your penis is so very very small that you feel like you have to lash out at people more successful than you.

I swear I'm not envious your successful discussions of other men's penises.

Quote from: RPGPundit;468733
I'm glad you're finally admitting it.

As we all know, I wasn't. But are you swinging back that position now, after taking a dip in a more moderate one?


Quote from: Soylent Green;468746
It's been a long, long time I read the Amber books so I may be misremembering things, but if I recall correctly for every troublemaker like Blaze or Fiona there someone like Gerard, Random or Flora who,given a choice, wouldn't really rather not get involved.

And Vialle - good people who do good works. If I recall, Martin - the generation of the PCs - was supposed to have seen the light and come around, too, after being tricked...


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