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Help Desk / Poll: Google Ads
« on: August 09, 2007, 12:50:05 PM »
Quote from: Settembrini
I donĀ“t understand:
How can any cash be generated by google ads?
I mean we are like smart guys and gals, who would click on a google ad?
Of course no one clicks on Google ads!  How did they afford to pay a billion for youtube though?

Help Desk / Poll: Google Ads
« on: August 09, 2007, 11:50:53 AM »
I would like to point out that google's ads are tailored to the site using their patented pigeon techology.  It's absolutely true. Those pigeons will serve up ads that are of interest to the users, not just random guano.

Quote from: joewolz
Thank you.  He should never have been allowed to be in the first place.
In the beginning there was Pooka.... And there was nothing, and the nothing was dying....  And the Ruler of the Nothing spake onto Pooka, make a board.  So he did, and it was called rpgsite.  Then some nutkins showed up and convinced him to make the board a Nutkinland... And this was done... And the nutkins left Pooka and he cried out that he intended to return the board to the Nothing.  And the Ruler of Nothing told the Pooka to look among what few users remained for the one that truly believed in the board... And this was RPG Pundit... And the Ruler of the Nothing told Pooka to give the board to Pundit... And so it was done.

Before you question the place of another don't you think it wise to learn the history of that place?

Quote from: RPGPundit
Considering what Pooka posted on another board, intentionally seeking to troll and disrupt this board, whatever his motive, is not something you can do and still retain Admin status here.

I'm sorry Pooka but you really left me no choice. I hope that you'll still be willing to help out with the technical advising areas of the site.

I understand, and yes I'm willing to help as best I can - for another fifth of Jack.

Don't you guys think your taking this stuff a bit too seriously? :deflated:

The last thing I want, playing around or otherwise, is to undo what was done, so I'm going to go scurry down a rabbit hole again.

Quote from: James J Skach
What a complete load of shit.
Do you have any idea what that statement says about you?

Quote from: Serious Paul
So we're sure none of the other categories in the Ennies have "cheating" then? I mean as long as we're sure, right?
You cannot comprehend what has been repeatedly put to you plainly, so how do you expect to successfully interpret anything I have to say?

Quote from: GoOrange
See, what really got myself and a lot of other people up in arms was  This Post by Michael Morris, which directly contradicts what you are telling us here.

Quote from: Michael Morris on the FtB forums
You are not being punished for revealing the weaknesses of the system. You are not being punished for cheating. You are being punished for holding the awards process in contempt, for encouraging cheating, for debasing and udevaluing both the awards and the process by which they are derived, and for calling into question the integrity of the awards.

At this point it's hard to know what to believe.

Why is it hard to know what to believe? Is it because the world is never as it seems at first glance? In life don't enemies sometimes turn out to be friends and friends to be enemies? Do you believe that speaking plainly never works? Do you believe people read what they want to read and hear what they want to hear and all too often they come away with just that information that upholds and confirms their prior prejudices and convictions? Does it make sense that I might as all good pooka do speak in riddles so that only those willing to reach beyond these all too human faults will understand, and those who are are unwilling walk away befuddled, confused and angry?

What of my statement above made when I'm not playing the trickster Pooka? Isn't it ironic to see that statement twisted far more thoroughly than the riddle-ridden language I use here? Didn't I state FtB was punished? Don't you think I chose that word carefully and used it very deliberately?  Punished. Didn't Denise say the actions of the board were for the cheating? Isn't punishment another thing entirely? Isn't it the result of the actions of the board, and not itself the action of the board? Aren't punishments in whatever form they take scaled not only to actions but to the consequences of the actions? Did I list just the actions or did I list the consequences? Think on it a moment. Think hard.  

Isn't cheating the same as "holding the awards process in contempt?" Isn't a consequence of not punishing cheating "encouraging cheating?" Isn't a consequence of cheating "debasing and devaluing both the awards and the process by which they are derived?" And doesn't cheating "call into question the integrity of the awards?" Aren't all of these consequences of the same single act - the same single act that prompted the board's action?

You all are gamers - certainly you've seen where Luke Skywalker tells ObiWan that "Ben, you'll find that many of the truths we cling to come from a certain point of view."  So don't you think when I wrote that I was speaking true to my point of view?  How can I speak to another?

Quote from: joewolz
My dick's real big too!

I dunno, that's a real small ruler.

How can anyone be sure of anything?

:) You begin to understand grasshopper.

I'm a Democrat because I'm sure they're mostly right, and others on here can be Republicans and be sure they're right.  You can't be sure of anything, on any kind of level, other than the fact that the self exists.

The Walrus and the Carpenter, having finished dining on the oysters, stopped to ponder the morality of their action. Then they belched.

But on the subject of FtB joking, yes, I'm fucking sure because I'm sure.

Does it matter if they were joking? Does it change the fact they stated that they cheated - voting from home and from work? If you remove all else, does that fact justify asking them to withdraw?

Suppose you answer 'no' to that last one - what do you say to whoever finishes second and third when they point out the winner admitted to cheating? Which is more damaging to your reputation?

Quote from: Serious Paul
Especially since a member of the ENnies staff seems to take such joy in being disruptive, and apparently they (The ENnies people) are fine with him going out to troll other boards for reactions and pick fights with people.

Am I trolling? Or am I asking questions outside your capacity to comprehend, interpret? Can you be introspective, or must you be always defensive?

I applaud you Denise, and your staff members for keeping such a brilliant programmer on your staff. I hope he's actually useful with computers, because he's obviously no good with people. (And given the state of everything I'm betting he's not up to snuff on his code slinging either.)

As one without worth, how is one to judge worth? Why are you trying to insult me? Don't you understand that in order to give insult the writer must be held in esteem by the reader?

My whole world revolves around your every whim and command. Does that make sense?

Quote from: Serious Paul
Now it all makes sense Pooka is Micheal Morris. Now I understand a lot more. Hi Micheal, you're a twat!
I love you too. Did you bruise any brain cells figuring that out?

Quote from: Serious Paul
Very well. I deal with pedophiles and other scum in my line of work, so this will be nothing different in many ways.
You deal with pedophiles in your line of work?  Ewww... You're a news reporter right?

Quote from: James J Skach
I ask all this because you've accused someone of cheating (which could very well be the case), but the rule in question does not seem to have been explictly been stated - at least as far as I can tell.

Do you suffer from Asperger's Syndrome? Did your mother have to explicitly tell you not to walk off high ledges as a kid? Do you twist at rules like this with your DM??

Quote from: RPGPundit
Pooka doesn't own this site, AT ALL anymore (I really wish you hadn't said that, it only makes things harder for me, Pooka).

Edited my post to make that absolutely clear!

Quote from: Serious Paul
Will you ban me if I don't?

Should I?

I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to dislike a forums administrator because he's a fucking furry?

Where did I ever say or imply that?

Gee, does that offend you're fucked up sensibilities, or lack there of?

Does that matter?  Could you tell the difference?

Eat a bag of Dicks Pooka.

Where did you learn that cute remark?

I'm allowed to dislike you, and ask questions, especially questions that are legitimate.

Did anyone say or imply you couldn't dislike me or ask legitimate questions on the board? Or are you pissed because you didn't get the answer you wanted?

Just the same as you're allowed to hide behind your status as an administrator, and pretend your something special.

Who's hiding? Is it written somewhere that when a user makes a request the admins must comply? Do you honestly believe you've behaved yourself in a manner that deserves anything better than being asked to shut the fuck up?

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