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Quote from: Stuart
A Knight in heavy armour didn't stand on the battlefield to absorb "damage" so that his allies could more freely attack the enemy.


The men-at-arms in a medieval army shielded the archers and allowed the cavalry to maneuver freely.  Pikemen in a Renaissance army had the same function and the hollow squares of Napoleonic infantry and also be viewed in the same way

Even today, armor can take ground, but it needs infantry to hold and defend it

Other Games / CoH trial version
« on: August 04, 2007, 04:00:11 am »
Slot your powers for accuracy

If anyones interested, I head up a Villain group on Infinity that's currently recruiting.  PvE complete base with teleport beacons up to Nerva

Give them character levels.


Serious, goblins are already scary.  You just need to do them right.  And there's been some great suggestions on this thread

There's been a trend in comics recently to re-imagine the pulps and their predecessors ("League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", "Planetary", "Tom Strong", etc.).  Other than generic tentacles/squaimous beasties and HPL having a bit part in a Planetary story, the Mythos hasn't been touched.  At all.

I'd suggest this means that the rights issues are confused enough that no publisher in their right mind is going to touch them.  You wouldn't believe how messed up these things can get

Quote from: David R
So, he gives me his character's name and "have a wife and two kids and my uncle lives with other family and I joined the Road Wardens when I reached the required age and have been doing this ever since". And this my friends is all he wrote.

I'd just like to take a moment to say that that's a really really great background.  Normal people can be adventurers (heros?) as well

I've found this useful when thinking about character backgrounds.  I wouldn't ask my players to fill it in, but I've used it for major NPCs and novel/comic character backgrounds

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / We don't need a Gaiman, we need a Batman
« on: April 18, 2007, 02:49:49 am »
Quote from: Quire
Shit, that's a shame. Gaiman and Fabry working together sounds like a blast. Pity it didn't work.

Gaiman had very little to do with it.  When I spoke to him about it at a signing he described it as having "a very different vision, but that's fine" in a similar voice to the one he used when talking about the Todd McFarlane lawsuit

There was Dragon Warriors as well

The problem is, while gamers say they'll buy them in this format, they don't appear to in "reality"

Also, I can't see a paperback standing up to the sort of abuse we give our game books

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / We don't need a Gaiman, we need a Batman
« on: April 17, 2007, 03:56:20 am »
Quote from: Quire
I remember thinking at the time that I would have loved to have seen that as a comic.

I'll be honest with you, the comic wasn't that great.  Glenn Fabry's style (which I love normally) wasn't a good match (IMHO) and I disagreed with some of the art direction

It's a trap!

Isn't there a forgie game like this?

Quote from: droog
It's a little bit of fire from the hell where Cash is burning....

If he's in Hell, then we're all fucking doomed

Quote from: pspahn
Yeah, see I thought 28 Days Later had some good ideas, but was poorly written and poorly acted.  I still can't understand who would see a pile of wrecked cars in a dark tunnel and decide to try to drive _over_ them.  And I hated how the characters only looked for zombies when the script called for zombies to be there.  Like the grocery store scene where they loaded up on goods---no one even bothered to check to see if the place was crawling with infected.  I don't know, things like that just bug me.  It wasn't a bad movie, but I think it could have been a great movie if someone had paid a little more attention to details.

Civilians do stupid things, particularly when suffering from PTSD.  However, I think that the writer had that fantastic image of the rats fleeing from the infected, knew that it needed to be in the movie and then had to write the plot around it

I first watched it with my gaming group and, near the start when the protagonist is wandering over Blackfriars Bridge I actually said "You know, by this point, we'd be speeding around in one of those ambulances looking for a TA barracks*."  One of my players responded with "And we'd have found a frock coat and tricorn from somewhere."

* Territorial Army ~= National Guard

Media and Inspiration / What will england do?
« on: April 09, 2007, 04:40:16 am »
Quote from: JimBobOz
If things don't admit of degrees, then Britain should have declared war on the United States in the 1970s, since the USA was involved in the conflict in Northern Ireland, largely funding the IRA. "The USA is either involved or not - otherwise you're arguing for the "a little pregnant" designator."

It wasn't just in the 70's.  If any posters from the States have ever been in a Irish bar on St. Patricks day and, without thinking, stuck money in a collection tin that someone was rattling around, there's a pretty good chance you've helped the Provo's in their attempts to blow me up.  Not that I'm bitter or anything - we've all done stupid things when we're drunk

Small point JimBob, but, as an Englishman of Irish descent, I think it's important to distinguish between the honorable men and women of the Irish Republican Army and the bunch of Marxist thugs who took their name.  I think "Provo's" (short for Provisional IRA) is a better word unless you're actually taking about the comrades of Michael Collins

Quote from: JimBobOz
Note that Capt Air of the Royal Marines said, "I think it [selling their stories to the newspapers] can be part of the process to get things off their mind. To be honest, it didn't seem that traumatic at the time to me and I don't think it's going to affect me in a terrible way." That'd be because a Royal Marine is trained to deal with exactly this kind of psychological manipulation after capture.

I think that's the biggest lesson that the Navy has to take from this.  Some level of SERE needs to be given to all service members in a combat role.  As has been shown, it makes the difference between just going "lads, I think we're going to be executed." and vomiting in fear when you here a weapon being cocked behind your back

Media and Inspiration / Amelia Earhart, 70 years later
« on: April 09, 2007, 04:17:09 am »
I think it matters because human beings are inherently interested in legends, icons and mysteries.  This avatar of "The Flying Woman" (to put her in UA or Campbellian terms) embodied all three

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / We don't need a Gaiman, we need a Batman
« on: April 09, 2007, 04:13:52 am »
Quote from: droog
I've only read Elsewhere, and only because I was stuck on holiday with nothing else to read. That man is a charlatan.

If you meant Neverwhere, you probably didn't get all the references.  You really need to be a Brit or have spent a lot of time in London to get the full impact of it.  Knowing who the Marquis de Carabas was would have helped

American Gods was a rehash of a lot of his ideas for Sandman without pretty pictures to look at.  Anansi Boys was similar, but a lot better.  I love his short stories.  I enjoyed Marvel 1602, but was left a little disappointed by Eternals

But Pundit, have you actually read the whole of Sandman?

What I believe we actually need is a Scott McCloud

Quote from: J Arcane
The best solution I have really seen systemically, were the "MacGuffin" and "Resourceful Pockets" skills in Time Lord, but there we're back to just boiling things down to a die roll and a move on, and thus all the problems I discussed with that solution in the original post.

Not quite: a good description (from the players), some sub-plot elements (collecting the right bits - negociated between the players and the GM) a die roll and move on

This sort of thing used to happen all the time in Shards.  The refs would present us with a situation that they had no idea how it could/should be resolved, but in the confidence that we were creative and had lots of resources.  Sometimes it resulted in the campaign plot taking a massive leap to the right (like the time we protected an NPC from a major occult threat by making her the Queen of Faerie (and thus it was Faerie's problem now)), but a good GM can handle that

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