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Quote from: Yig
I dunno about you guys, but I consider pretty much everything that was put out by WotC as core :)

Core means PHB, DMG and MM1.
Quote from: Yig

I think that I would find the game quite boring if it only included stuff from the PHB.

That's great!  If your just pointing that fact out, fantasitic. Couldn't agree more. And it also has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand.

Quote from: Graywolf

As a DM I can see your reasoning.  As a player, I want to try out all those new classes, feats, and races too.  So I'm gonna start bringing them in on the DM side.  I get to play more combinations of character's and feats than anyone else at the table.  Muahhahahaha.  ahem.


My goal is to actually be able to incorporate the new books and existing books I and my players have, but in a way that makes sense. Say, everything from the core books, since that is what D&D is built around comes naturally to any player. After that, if you want to incorporate something from a Complete book or campaign supp it's actually just fine except it costs your character money, training or both, and/or perhaps a quest item. By quest item I mean the patron or trainer says "I will teach you this or I have access to this spell but you must first to this for me and in doing so will put you onto the path of enlightenment" or something to that effect. What I want to avoid is the chaos that ensues when any and every book is being thrown around, a ruling needs to be looked up and no one has the book at hand etc. It can get crushing over time especially at very high levels of that I can attest having lived through it once already.

Quote from: Janos
Neat idea right off the bat.

Do you have the down time within the campaign to make this a viable option in between each level or within a few small levels?  Otherwise it heavily complicates the campaign by requiring certain characters to take time out constantly to train, and other characters get impatient with nothing for their characters to do.

Wizards who can learn from scrolls or pay for a scroll to be created to learn from also get a bit of an advantage with this route.

Downtime is an issue and I think if they arrange for it and I provide it any problems could get smoothed over (famous last words). Good idea on the scrolls, maybe they have to find them first....

Quote from: Gabriel

So, my advice is just scratch that itch and see where it takes you.

Oh, the itch is scratched! I am currently running a short with just core only. Me, I'm lovin it, my players not so much. They buy books just like me and want to use them...I don't want to deny them that pleasure but I want to try like hell to stay away from a hodgepodge of confusion. The last campaign I ran went to high levels and included everything, it just got to be too hectic.

I love all the new books that WoTC has been churning out lately. PHBII, new monster books, complete books etc. But, I also hate having to run a game with so much crap floating out there like some big giant buffet.

What I want to do is this for my next campaign:

Only the core 3, the psionics expanded and the Eberron CS (since it will be an Eberron campaign) are available for free (feats, skills, spells, etc). Beyond that any feat must have a trainer. Any spell outside of the core will need to have a mentor or sage for training. Sorcerers psions and divine spellcasters must find an outsider within at least 2 alignments of them for training of new spells. PRC's will have to find an expert willing to get them started and for any special abilities thereafter.

I'm thinking 50 gold a week for one or two weeks and depending on the power level perhaps a quest item as well.

Will this work?

Quote from: Harry Joy
Oh -my - gawd.....
That's the kind of person that is absolutely certain to come to any table with some issues. And I don't want to know what they are.

I feel bad for Wil Wheaton. There is now a picture of him with this...person floating around teh interweb for all eternity. :hang:

So is this thread going to become a thread about pretentious asshats on another forum that has a thread with a bunch of pretentious asshats talking about pretentious asshats on another forum?

Just wondering, I need to know how I want to join in on the fun...

Quote from: Janos
For characters word and excel with some custom spreadsheets I built awhile back.  I use NPCGen on occasion too, but still do a lot of it by hand.

That writer cafe thing looks neat.

I always find myself going back to my huge bound plain black book with big blank  white pages, no lines. I write and draw out my campaign as I go. However I do use the computer for monster stat blocks.

Quote from: Nightfang
I don't award XP at all, anymore.  I found my players were too into doing whatever they could to earn the max experience possible for any given situation....

Yeah. This is the same reason I stopped telling them exactly how much XP they had, or even how much XP they earned that session. I keep track of it all and if they need to make a magical item I let them know if they feel they have the inner strength or whatever to pull it off. Nobody complains and there hasn't been one single "hey lets go do this for the XP" discussion since I started doing it. I'm glad because man, that was really annoying the shit out of me for some reason.

I don't, I think its too subjective. Of course, my players don't know that.

I've always been a fan of the vicious venues section, I even have them printed out and take the ones I think I might use with me game time. I also like the Steal This HooK! articles.

Quote from: Cyclotron
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Somtimes you should, just because you can! :deviousgrin:

Quote from: Levi Kornelsen
I see it as a win-win contest, really.  We get the joy of airing our opinions and smacking them around, and everyone else gets to watch us toss each other around, and maybe spots stuff they like in our opinions.

That's why I chose lemon curry. Lemon Curry?

Speaking of Conan...

Who else besides me can't wait for Red Nails?

Inspired by tales of the Trojan War, Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew , and his earlier Conan story, Xuthal of the Dusk , the story makes a final, bold statement about many of the grand themes running through all of Howard's writing:

--A savage hero confronts a lost, decadent civilization struggling in its death throes and puts it down to a grisly end;

--An immortal witch or wizard so terrified of aging and their own mortality, they will sacrifice anything, including their humanity, just to survive;

--And finally, in the creation of XUCHOTL , the fabulous, lost, jeweled city, Howard has given physical manifestation to black, unspeakable, soul-devouring evil and has put a closing exclamation point on his lifelong disdain for civilization and modern living.

Ron Perlman (Hellboy) is doing the voice for our beloved barb.

Clancy Brown (The Kurgan) is in it as well.

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