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looks like Matt Swain created an account over at the TBP under the alias of Civil Minotaur with the same thread title. He is a new user that joined today. It could be a coincidence yet he gets banned here and similar thread appears at TBP. Some much for hating TBP. Another bullshit social chameleon SJW who was nothing but. I won’t link the thread it’s still on the first page.

Lol. How dumb can someone be using the same thread title and subject matter.
I admit I'm sorely tempted... but no. Let them figure it out. We can start a pool on how long till they nail him for his sockpuppet account.

Looks like he already got banned (for a day, at least):

So in the end a storm in a thimble.

Reminds me of the hubbub around 3E's Book of Vile Darkness.

As a parallel, I'd bring up the RPG 7th Sea. In the world of 7th Sea, there are no American continents - they simply don't exist. So, my question is - is this racialist against Native Americans, wiping them out just to have a world that never actually existed? Or is it just that the premise of the game doesn't include them?

7th Sea includes the "Americas":

I haven't seen the book here yet. I'm wondering how terrible the Candlekeep book is going to be!

I'm wondering that myself. I'm interested in it (adventure anthologies are very useful to me), but I'm holding off until I hear an unbiased review (and I don't trust the gushing reviews I've seen so far since they're from places like Polygon that care more about how the authors identify than whether the material is actually good). I'm leery since like half the authors are the type with their pronouns in their Twitter bios; I'm not going to dismiss it just because of that - if the material is good, then it's good - but it does make me more cautious.

I was looking at the AAW book. Comments on the quality? That's a lot of adventures.

Was also looking into Sly Flourish's books - anyone like these?

I haven't used the AAW book too much, but I've run a couple things from it and they weren't bad. Though I didn't realize the PDF was $40 (I paid $25 in the KS). I'm not sure I'd recommend it at $40, but if it goes on sale for $30 or cheaper it's probably worth it.

I haven't read any of Sly Flourish's adventures, but his DMing books aren't bad. Not much that a veteran GM wouldn't already know but there are some useful ideas in them.

Trilemma Adventures has a good collection of mini-adventures and they have a supplemental PDF with all the monsters statted for 5E:

There's AAW's "Mini-Dungeon Tome" (5E); I backed this originally when it was on Kickstarter:

You probably already know about the "One Page Dungeon" PDFs that come out every year. There's also a "one page dungeon" generator here: It's a random generator, but the results don't look too bad and could be usable with a little tweaking.

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