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For the 30 states with republican legislators, they need to get those Dominion (it could not be more obvious if they named those machines "fuck you peasants!") cheating machines out of their states, otherwise they are going to be "voted" out of office very quickly, and then they need to impeach their democratic governors, all of whom were "elected" by election fraud.

If they do this, they could easily retake both the house and the senate, reinstate the republic and impeach Beijing Biden and Blowjob Harris, both of whom have the popularity of a raging gonorrhea infection.

The white flag of surrender is now the official flag of America. Imagine if the founding fathers of America said regarding the revolution,  "no violence", "we're the party of peace and law and order." They must be rolling in their graves.

All you have to do now is shout "covid!" and Americans drop to their knees and put their hands up in surrender.

Remember that scene in GoT when Cersei shredded the document and asked mockingly, "this is your protection?" The Chinese just shredded the Constitution and used it for toilet paper. They are laughing at America.

The entire world is laughing at america.

Morality/chivalry, as noted above, is an "arms-control pact". Among men. Women have no use for morality, biologically speaking. Morality is invented by the alpha males of a society. Women become the morality that they create, and beta males, the majority of males in a society, must rise to the moral standard set by women as a reproductive strategy, otherwise they don't gain sexual access to women (that is to say, most men are actually submissive to women). Thus women are the moral core of society. If women go bad, then the majority of men go bad since being moral no longer has any reproductive value.

Women as a group are hard-coded by evolution to become neurotic (typified by heightened levels of anxiety and depression) when they sense a power vacuum above them, whether through the absence or corruption of the alpha males. This is nature's way of warning them that there is something wrong. This dereliction can be manifested as feelings of betrayal, and might develop socially as a desire for women to assert their independence, but with an underlying animosity toward men and a repudiation of tradition. Women are vulnerable when they reproduce and they need to secure resources to protect their children, otherwise the tribe does not continue to exist. Therefore they become Machiavellian in order to secure those resources, whether it is through prostitution, stealing, fraud, or whatever.

In medieval Catholicism, the Virgin Mary was greatly revered. It is the closest thing to a "great goddess" that we have at a high level of civilization in the real world. It was, and is, said that Mary achieves her power through submission to God. This is a mythological formulation of the above mentioned relationship between alpha males, women, and beta males.

The problem with a theoretical matriarchy is that women gain no reproductive advantage by being the alphas of a society and it tends to occur as an "assume crash positions" strategy of survival for the tribe. Due to biological programming there would be a natural tendency for the Virgin Mary as alpha to become Lolth the Demon Queen of Spiders.

Most often male deities symbolize protection/tyranny and female deities represent creation/destruction, in other words spiritual male is associated with both the positive and negative aspects of society and its rules and values, while spiritual female is associated with the positive and negative aspects of nature. Monotheisms thus tend to have a male deity at the apex to represent the moral consensus regarding good and evil which the society has established.

Catholicism provides a model for how it works in the real world, but for a fantasy world one must rely on conjecture.

Quote from: Mightybrain
Marriage predates religion and dominates human society (in fact behavior similar to marriage is apparent throughout the animal kingdom) so I can't see any religion opposing or prohibiting marriage lasting long...

Most likely the two go hand in hand, since there is no human culture that does not have religion (totemism is the simplest form). Religion serves two major functions: to prevent the human mind from coming apart and to preserve the wisdom of lived experience holistically through myth and story.

The natural state of the human mind is insanity, which is the cost of human intelligence. Without religion, people as a whole tend to become neurotic, and that neuroticism can degenerate into full blown psychosis. Objective reality is too complex for the human brain to manage, therefore there must be a holistic system in order to process and organize the mass of data into a form that is usable -- that is why we have both a left brain and a right brain, not two left brains.

The purpose of marriage is so that the community knows who the father of the child is. Imagine an attractive 14-year-old girl who turns up pregnant. EVERYONE wants to know who the father is. Every married woman wants to know, because it better NOT be her husband. Every man who wants to marry her wants to know. Her father especially wants to know. In short, there is a good chance that a murder is about to be committed. Marriage is a social contract that avoids that sort of chaos and unnecessary homicides.

Also, without knowing who the father is, it is impossible to construct the lineages upon which tribal society is based.

As pointed out in the Players Handbook (1e), p. 40:

First, second, third, and even fourth level spells are granted to the cleric through meditation and devout prayer. This spell giving is accomplished by the lesser servants of the cleric's deity. Fifth, sixth, and seventh level spells can be given to the cleric ONLY by the cleric's deity directly, not through some intermediary source. Note that the cleric might well be judged by his or her deity at such time, as the cleric must supplicate the deity for the granting of these spells. While the deity may grant such spells full willingly, a deed, or sacrifice, atonement or abasement may be required. The deity might also ignore a specific spell request and give the cleric some other spell (or none at all). Your Dungeon Master will handle this considering a cleric's alignment and faithfulness to it and his or her deity.

This means that clerical spells of 5th level and above are not necessarily to be handed out like candy, and some cost could be given to them -- this is left to the DM's discretion as it should be. A good cleric for example who is well played might be trusted by his deity (i.e. the DM) to use raise dead sparingly, which means not raising non-heroic characters, those who died foolishly, and so on. Evil clerics will certainly demand outrageous fees for such services, even from fellow PCs. While those clerics who use such spells willy-nilly will be castigated by their deity and/or simply have the requests for such spells denied.

This is changed in the DMG, with only 6th and 7th level spells granted directly by the cleric's deity, but I believe it works better using the PHB's method.

With respect to healing spells, assuming psionics are in play, any such spell has a chance of provoking a roll on the psionic encounter table (DMG 1e, p. 182), which means that simply casting cure light wounds can result in an encounter with a demon prince or arch-devil.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Yes, SJWs ARE Fascists
« on: November 26, 2020, 05:19:54 am »
Quote from: ”Greywolf76”
....Mussolini frequently denounced bourgeois nations as those "based on the plutocratic rule of the rich and that engaged in oppressive economic exploitation of other proletarian nations such Italy and Great Britain". He referred especially to the United Kingdom as "the fattest and most bourgeois nation in the world".
The “plutocratic rule of the rich” is what we would today call the “global elites” or the “deep state”. The British and French empires had indeed become corrupt. Prior to WWI, the British, French, Italians, and Russians had more or less carved up the world between them, such as Morocco to France, Egypt to Britain, Libya to Italy, the Balkans to Russia. The German Reich were the newcomers to the scene and they were a threat to the established World Order. WWI almost started multiple times, such as during the Moroccan crisis when Germany was trying to get a piece of the French pie.

Nazism and Fascism were essentially rebellions against the global elites who had reaffirmed their dominion after WWI. Primitive and violent by American standards, they were eventually to be crushed by the World Order, which carved up the world between the wealthy and decadent liberal democracies of the west and the brutal Communists of the east.

Quote from: ””Greywolf76”
Saying that Communists and Nazi-fascists are enemies just because they fought each other is silly.

They were enemies precisely because they were fighting the same enemy (Capitalism). If you've read Mein Kampf perhaps you will remember that he said the only genuine or acceptable manner of implementing real socialism was the Nazi manner.

The Nazis were nationalists, while the Communists were globalists, and that distinction is critical, more so than any other distinction. I know for example that the Estonians preferred the Nazis because they allowed them to fly their own flag, whereas the Soviets demanded that all nations fight under the Soviet flag. Nazi “socialism” was more about Hitler co-opting the businesses of Germany for the purpose of rebuilding the military. Businesses could refuse requests from the government, and they often did because they didn't want to take the risk. Nevertheless, Hitler discouraged small businesses and encouraged large businesses to form monopolies where possible. Nazi “socialism” wasn't really an ideology so much as a failure to understand economics. It is important to understand that Hitler did not have a comprehensive economic plan for Germany, at least not one that was coherent.

Quote from: ”Doc Sammy”
Atheism is cancer and Yahweh worship has a lot of major issues....

Atheism comes in two major flavors.

The first is more properly called Agnosticism, which is really a fancy word for “ignorant”. These are people who don't know what religion is. Often, they are adherents of Scientism, which is the notion that all reality is understandable through empirical thought. This has two major failures: The first is that there is no mechanism for protecting against human nature (this includes mental illness as well as willful psychopathy), which allows corruption to grow and metastasize like cancer; The second is that the human brain is not capable of understanding all the complexities of objective reality, which in some cases can be like a car mechanic trying to perform brain surgery using tools designed for carpentry -- knowledge applied to the wrong area using the wrong tools results in disaster. Religion uses holistic knowledge to craft a broad understanding of reality, even those aspects which we cannot currently grasp consciously, and ameliorates the natural flowering of neuroticism, which can devolve into full blown psychosis.

The second flavor of Atheism is more properly called Satanism. In this version, Christianity is actively hated, whether consciously or unconsciously, and such Atheists actively cultivate doctrines specifically designed as inversions or perversions of Christian values, such as “Gay marriage”, “transgenderism”, “critical theory”, and so on. The salient point is that there is an undercurrent of despite and envy. This is a manifestation of neuroticism.

Quote from: ”Doc Sammy”
....several good things and major positive contributions to the West have come from Christianity (Catholicism moreso than Protestant or Evangelical traditions) and this cannot be ignored...

“Protestantism” refers to thousands of denominations which are modernized and usually abridged offshoots of Catholicism.

Quote from: ”Doc Sammy”
....I believe that a lot of the more historic positive things brought by the Christian churches were largely thanks to pagan influence from the Greco-Roman and Germanic worlds that were refocused through a Christian lens and put in a Judeo-Christian context.

The philosophies of Plato and Aristotle were adopted by the founders of the Church as time went on...

Christianity (by which I mean Catholicism) subsumes Classical and tribal paganisms as well as the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle. It is more correct to think of Christianity as the current manifestation of an ongoing and evolving mode of thought. One of the major functions of religion is to store the lived experience of a culture in the form of myth and story, so Christianity is the totality of wisdom that we have collected since the beginning of civilization, whereas Classical paganism for example is only the totality of wisdom up to that point in time and excludes everything that we have learned since then. Jesus is a more informed version of the Hero archetype, earlier versions of which are Horus from Egyptian mythology and Marduk from Mesopotamian mythology.

One must be careful not to overly romanticize earlier manifestations of religion. The Oracle of Delphi for example was just a woman who got high sniffing volcanic gasses -- as a point of comparison, imagine world leaders today deciding on whether to go to war based on the ramblings of someone sniffing glue; better perhaps than election fraud, but today we have the capacity to do much better than that. In other words, at our worst we are no better than our younger selves, but at are best we are everything we were and then some.

Quote from: ”Greywolf76”
Christmas and Easter, however, are not adaptations of old pagan holidays....

Sure they are. Humans were celebrating the equinoxes and solstices tens of thousands of years ago. Probably hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, “evolution” is probably a better word than “adaption”, as our understanding of ourselves has become more sophisticated over time.

As individuals, our world view is periodically shattered when we fail at something, and then we have to restructure how we view our reality and reevaluate our goals. This is what “resurrection” means in mythology. It literally mirrors how our brains function on a biological level, and this is the reason that spring has such deep meaning to all humans, in addition to the practical agrarian reasons. Similarly, the winter solstice universally represents death and rebirth, not just physically, but also in terms of how our brains recover from catastrophic failures in life.

Jesus is the Hero that emerges to restore the balance between Order and Chaos, Known and Unknown, when things go wrong, both on a macro (world) level and on a micro (personal) level. Civilizations collapse into corruption and chaos, but also as individuals we can be devastated by depression and despair. Jesus is the Savior, a road map from the intolerable present to the desired future. This concept can be traced all the way back to ancient Mesopotamian religion where Marduk was elected by the gods to fight Tiamat and her monsters of chaos and destruction.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: 2020 Election Commentary
« on: November 04, 2020, 02:47:14 pm »
I am so sicken and disgusted with the ballots.  They are fucking cheating.

Undeniably so. It is obvious to everyone. It should be equally obvious that this cheating will not stand, and will not dictate the election outcome. What is not obvious is the sequence of events that will deal with this cheating. For that, we will have to literally "wait and see".

The most pervasive voter fraud I've every seen, and they're doing it openly. First and last time I ever vote. This is why I don't believe that liberal democracy can work.

The sense that I get is that the republic is dead since the system has been so badly besmirched and turned into a total mockery. Voting no longer matters one way or the other, it's just a matter of who is strong enough to take control.

The idea of Americans living as slaves to foreign chinese filth disgusts me.

Quote from: ”fixable”
Well yes of course. That means stop deriding other people's game experiences/needs.

I mean the only reason this thread exists is because someone saw an rpg game designed for LGBTQ needs and derided it....

That is sufficient reason. Everyone has the right to stand on a soapbox and proclaim to everyone within shouting distance his personal opinion regarding a product.

Quote from: ”fixable
...I have never made a post in any form of my online presence against them. But there is a difference. Those proposing games like RaHoWa and Myfarog have points of view that can cause active harm to others. Tell me what actual physical harm have thirsty lesbians ever threatened upon you?...

Many people would argue that normalizing sexual deviancy, whether for the purpose of mocking traditional values or otherwise, harms society, and all such persons have a right to voice their opinions.

Quote from: ”fixable”
You take the existence of this game as an attack against you. A game that appeals to otherwise marginalized people, who just want to have fun playing a role-playing game that appeals to them.

One could argue that games that appeal “to otherwise marginalized people” promote a victim mentality, and thereby encourage violent conflict resolution and suppression of free speech. It's well known that leftists have no problem with committing violent acts against anyone that is a “Nazi”, by their definition, who "have points of view that can cause active harm to others". As such, statements such as "This game is not for fascists, TERFs, or other bigots", can be reasonably interpreted as a call for violence.

Why are 80% of transitions male to female, and only 20% female to male? That mystifies me.

Most children nowadays grow up in single-mother households, so there are no male role-models, aside from the stream of the mothers' boyfriends that parade in and out.

For whatever reason, I see a lot of situations where grandmothers or other female relatives put young boys (4 and under) into dresses. Female sexual predation on male children seems to often involve role-playing, with or without overt sexual acts. And it brings up the question as to why all of these women want to emasculate young boys. In virtually every case, these males were also sexually abused by other males -- eroticisizng young boys by putting them into dresses seems to encourage ridicule and sexual abuse by older males.

There is a similar disorder called body integrity dysphoria which is characterized by a desire to be disabled and by self-amputation. The risk factor is knowing an amputee as a child. This suggests that it is a learned coping mechanism for something. It is medicated with antidepressants.

As far as I know, gender identity disorder is a learned coping mechanism for severe depression, learned from exposure to sexual abuse by women and from the public school system which teaches that gender is fluid.

Quote from: ”Melan”
One ironic thing about the whole shitstorm: Dragonlance was probably the only D&D novel series that consistently appealed to women, and had a sizeable female readership.

Which probably played a role in why it was dropped.

A predictable theme is emerging. JK Rowling ran afoul of the SJWs, there is that lesbian youtuber that rebelled against the radical left, Thirsty Sword Lesbians turned out to be a game made by a dude in a dress, not a lesbian, and so on.

In rebelling against alpha males and tradition, feminists have become the flunkies of omega males (those males who have no stake in the future due to lack of genetic offspring – homosexual men, “trans women”, incels, sexually dysfunctional males; it is natural for those who have no stake in the future to envy those who do, hence their desire to burn everything down; cf. Cain and Abel). Rather than becoming the morality that alpha males preach, women nurture the bitterness and envy of omega males. Women must nurture something. If not babies, then rancor. This is mirrored in Scripture when Eve rebelled against God when she was deceived by Satan and became his flunky. Obviously our ancestors were trying to tell us something in the stories they told.

And that is the fatal flaw of feminism and the myth of the strong independent woman.

Women are agreeable and conciliatory by nature; this increases the likelihood of being impregnated and passing on their genetic material, so these traits are selected for by evolution. This means that women's movements are readily infiltrated by predatory omega males.

When people talk about “LGBTQ”, they are talking about homosexual men and “trans women”. Biological women therein have become second class citizens. I suspect this is the reason why liberalism has become rancid and turned malevolent.

SJWs will attack anything that actually glorifies women, that celebrates both virginity and motherhood, and instead they will promulgate those things which destroy women and turn them into promiscuous and infertile whores. Dragonlance is anathema to all things SJW.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

This deadness to moral distinctions is the sign of deep moral corruption.

Another issue:

It's possible to play a session that has all the hall marks of a great session -- death defying, character moments, supreme excitement, clever play, etc., but basically get nothing from experience points because you didn't get any gold out.
That's called failure.

1) The whole point of being an adventurer is to acquire treasure, so they should go do something else with their time, such as joining a monastery.

2) Presumably the PCs are dealing with other aristocrats who are already filthy rich, not peasants. The DMG (1e) assumes that PCs are the younger children of aristocrats who stand to gain nothing in terms of land and power, which is why they are adventurers. They are adventuring to acquire gold in order to achieve parity with their aristocratic brethren.

If you had a bucket load of cash, you wouldn't go shopping at K-mart in the ghetto in south central Los Angeles, you'd go to Beverly Hills where the rich people are.

If the PCs start giving loads of gold, which can be converted into weapons, to peasants, then that will be seen as sedition by the local lords who will likely bring in their army to find out what's going on. PCs fomenting rebellion will not be dealt with lightly.


Germany was running out of oil, so Hitler had no choice but to start the war when he did, given that he was hell-bent on attacking Russia. He believed that Germany had to be self-sufficient with respect to resources in order to take on the United States.

He was in direct communication with Stalin and had written a letter to him explaining that he would soon be moving his eastern forces west for the war against Britain, and to be wary in the event one of his generals tried to start a war between them -- in which case Stalin was instructed to not take the bait and get in contact with him directly.

Thus, in order to achieve total surprise, he had to attack before the war with Britain was concluded.

In fact, that was the right time to attack, as Russia was in no shape to fight a war. And no, Russia was NOT planning on attacking Germany. Their military movements were the same that they had been doing for decades, and it wasn't until AFTER being red-pilled by Germany that they learned how to reorganize their military in order to fight a modern war. Russia was aiding Germany in their bombing of Britain, and Stalin lamented after the war that “together we would have been invincible.”

Ultimately the failure of the initial invasion was in-fighing over whether they should go toward Moscow or the south, which diluted resources, and underestimation of Russia's ability to stay in the fight due to aid from the United States during 1942 before they could get their factories up and running again in the east, which they did in 1943.

I would guess that they should've put all their resources into taking Moscow first, and then used the rail system, which converged on Moscow, to aid in a southern invasion the following year, after supply lines between Moscow and Berlin had been hardened.

As it was, the war could have gone either way. If Germany had succeeded in cutting the Volga river by seizing Stalingrad, there is no way that Russia could have won the war, as the Volga was how they were getting the majority of food and oil, and Russian refugees were already starving to death and they were just barely holding it together in the cities.

In order to answer the original question, you need to firmly establish how each alignment views slavery. In order to do that, you need to define slavery. Furthermore, where do serfdom, indentured servitude, wage slavery, etc fit in?...

Rather than reinventing the wheel, it is easier just to go with what has already been established: Western society since ancient times permitted involuntary servitude imposed on criminals or prisoners of war. This is in the American Constitution, which permits slavery and indentured servitude for the purposes of punishment.

The abolition of slavery in Imperial Rome was unthinkable and impractical. Despite this, the Church made no distinction between slaves and freedmen in its membership. The equality of believers in a class-stratified society was one of the attractions that the Church held for the people of Rome. After the Church was legalized, Church funds were used by Christians to redeem slaves, especially prisoners of war. As the Church increased in its power, slavery decreased until it was completely eradicated.

In other words, good ALWAYS treats all humans as human persons no matter what society says, and that is what distinguishes good from non-good.

Quote from: VisionStorm
All of these ranging definitions of the various meanings of "Lawful" vs "Chaotic", including the various considerations for "follows the law" vs "has a personal code", the inherent fuzziness of them, and the realization that "chaotic" individuals could have a personal code too, are the reason why alignment (particularly along the Law/Chaos axis) doesn't work. It's all too subjective and arbitrary, and there's no broad consensus over what any of it means...

Alignment is objectively defined in AD&D. Law is about groups over individuals, and chaos is about individuals over groups. Thus if someone has a personal code, then they are by definition chaotic. Characters who are lawful don't have personal codes, they adhere to the group's code. Obviously, "personal codes" can change from day to day since they are predicated only on personal whim.

Law And Chaos: The opposition here is between organized groups and individuals.[DMG 1e, p. 23]

At its most basic tactical level, lawful creatures such as orcs and goblins will attack as a group, whereas ogres will attack individually and ignore the actions of their fellows. The former are organized enough to send out search parties for the PCs, the latter are not.

Should a lawful neutral PC be able to own slaves?

Yes, absolutely. The same for torture and human sacrifice if done for pragmatic reasons.

In particular, lawful neutral is disinterested in the consideration of good and evil, only what benefits the group.

It must be remembered that in the real world there is no such thing as "neutral", the difference between the game terms neutral and evil being one of culpability. A good example is the distinction between second degree murder and first degree murder; you can't walk into a court of law and say, "I'm not guilty of murder because I'm neutral." A perusal of the Catholic Catechism will reveal that what the game consistently calls neutral, Christianity consistently calls evil, although moral relativism has intentionally blurred the distinction.

In Dragon magazine, Gygax further clarifies the game term evil by saying that evil characters will commit the foulest act possible in a given situation -- very clearly what would be called premeditated and willful murder, as opposed to killing someone in a bar fight or a domestic dispute, which would be second degree murder.

Neutrality is a game construct. The closest parallel would be polytheism/paganism, wherein the culture has not yet come to a consensus on good/evil and the different deities represent different ideals, and moral relativism (which subsumes such neopagan religions as Wicca) which intentionally constructs a moral narrative which is orthogonal to the established good/evil norms of Christianity ("we don't believe in the Devil [predatory psychopathy], that's a Christian invention").

Further, one must consider that in the Ancient world, slavery was an economic necessity. In any society there are large numbers of people who contribute nothing, whether due to low IQ or sloth, and yet consume the society's resources; this is potentially catastrophic in a society that lives hand to mouth and is threatened by starvation. Pressing layabouts, prisoners of war, criminals, etc. into service is very pragmatic.

Quote from: AnthonyRoberson
....I am also making the assumption that he is not beating, raping or otherwise treating his slaves in some other unusual manner.

He will do so eventually, at least occasionally -- it is human nature.

If given a choice between eating broccoli and having a chocolate sundae, most people would prefer the sundae even though broccoli is better for you. That is called having "disordered desires" or having a "fallen nature". Of course you can use your will to force yourself to eat broccoli, but every once in a while you will slip and fall off the wagon and splurge on a sundae. It's human nature, or to say it in Christian terms, humans are addicted to sin.

Thus slavery is like letting an alcoholic operate a bar.

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