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Lots of systems do correlate degree of successes to damage.  FFG's Genesys/Star Wars, Shadowrun, White Wolf, and the common factor for all of them is that they don't have thresholds that you have to roll over, any success is a hit, so you just count the number of successes and add that amount to the damage.  It makes the math very straightforward so you don't have to rely on a subtraction-deficient group member working out the numbers involved.

As far as I can tell it was actually the opposite, she was condemned and demands began for her to be run out of town, then it was discovered that the player was a woman of color and therefore allowed to play anything.

Wait but this is IIUC more about general dysphoria - not I will make my boobs smaller to not be attractive supposed phenomena.
My point is that the excessive demonization/sexualization of women’s bodies by the media compared to men’s may be a key risk factor in why so many women and girls are disproportionately developing dysphoria and seeking irreversible surgery in the first place.

It's hardly new, this is just the new flavor of the same issue that led to eating disorders being a big thing among girls.  Only now instead of an insecure teenager harming themselves with an eating disorder, they're harming themselves with medical body modifications.  Of course, now there's an industry profiting off of it, so where eating disorders were rightfully being discouraged as harmful, getting your body hacked up and permanently damaged with hormones is stunning and brave.

And boys aren't immune to it either, they just tend to harm themselves through attempts to match an unrealistically Hollywood-chiseled standard of male attractiveness, going to steroids and other damaging methods of excessive exercise that can lead to serious injury when there's no professional trainer keeping an eye on things.

Alignment being a quantifiable, semi-permanent thing in D&D has always struck me as dumb; some random Drow grocery shopping probably shouldn't be radiating pure evil, unless they're shopping in a Whole Foods.  Arcana Unearthed tossed alignment wholesale and not only did the system not suffer for it, I think it came out a bit ahead in the bargain.  The one and only thing that I think is a positive for the alignment system is Planescape, the cosmology that arose from nine different afterlives is pretty cool.

That being said, I also have no beef with '<insert group here> is actively antagonistic to humans and a threat'.  You wouldn't want to live near a bunch of orcs in the same way you don't want grizzly bears hanging out by your kid's school, they're dangerous and liable to kill people and not overly interested in talking things out.  They don't have to be inherently evil or stupid for that to be the case, just hostile.  Even among humans there are ample cases throughout history where a given group has gone and wiped out another group without even attempting a peaceful resolution, it's still happening today.  It would be even more common in a world where several intelligent species are competing for resources.

Articles / Re: Why People Fear Rules Lite Games
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:02:16 PM »
In a similar vein, I have found through extensive research why people prefer rules lite systems over rules-heavy systems:

1. They're too stupid to understand rules more complicated than 'do whatever and flip a coin, I guess'.
2. They can't trust the other people to have any flexibility within rules, because they're subhumans who can't conceive of trust or empathy.
3. Newer is better.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Enjoy.
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:55:53 PM »
Note to self: If I ever need a few days... who knows, maybe weeks, of Internet Laffs all I need to do is necro this thread, or any other Zak S. thread, which will automatically function as a 'Summon Obnoxious Idiot' spell, and I can watch the entire fucking forum degenerate into a tarball of the most hilariously misguided semantic debates.

Where is my :chef kiss: emoji?


Superhero RPGs set in the 20th century could pretty easily have an anti-commie theme to them, as could any retro-futuristic setting where you need to rocket into space to save Mars from those dirty reds.  There are also some military special ops RPGs floating around here and there that would easily be adapted to that theme.

A Rifts book, not making any sense?  Why I never.

I really do appreciate Rifts for being a balls to the wall batshit crazy setting, but like others have mentioned it does require a fair bit of tweaking from a GM to smooth over the rough patches.  The Coalition being a dictatorship paranoid of magic does make sense, given that magic blew up a large percentage of humanity and got another large percentage eaten/enslaved/both by demons and Cthulhus.  And keeping an underclass uneducated so your dirt farmers don't get uppity ideas about things like voting, that makes sense too.  A blanket ban on all literacy on the other hand is nonsensical, since you need someone sufficiently-educated to build and maintain your giant skull robots.  So, tweaking.

The Modiphius books are for sale cheap at Humble Bundle.
I'm not interested in the system, but are they worth getting for background material?

If you do get the Humble Bundle, bear in mind that you can designate where the money goes, and the EFF is a pretty decent charity to direct your payment towards.

Shouldn't this thread belong in "The RPGPundit's Own Forum"?

It is gaming related rather than purely political, if people are going and brigading others online for the crime of playing as other ethnicities.

"Luke's pissed!" -> Spend Force point to upgrade attack.
"Han used a spare advantage on his attack to give a bonus to the next person." -> Add one boost die.
"Luke isn't going to move or get cover, so he'll spend his maneuver to aim." -> Add another boost die.

With those buffs, taking down three troopers with one triumph and a lot of successes is still really lucky, but not impossibly so.  Plus you could say that Luke at this point already had the Sense power to add Force dice to his attack rolls, given that he proceeded to do exactly that like one day later, so if you add in a Force die that could be another couple successes.

I have no beef with a sorcerer with a laser sword being flatly superior to Bob on the street.  They have space magic and laser swords, duh.  It gets more prickly when in a game if they're outclassing the other PCs to a big degree, however, and I think Fantasy Flight did an excellent job with it.  The Force is strong, the Jedi talents are good, and lightsabers are absolutely horrifyingly lethal, with easy crits and basically ignoring armor and toughness to do direct health damage.  But a non-Jedi with the same XP to spend will have bought more skill ranks and equivalently good talents, and other weapons are also extremely deadly with a high skill and some mods attached.  It's not hard to wind up with a blaster that's essentially the one from Rogue One with the backpack power supply and proceed to mow down anything in sight.  The fact that FFG's system makes you buy everything with XP is an inherent balance to the system, 'cause the points spent on force powers have to come from somewhere else.

I'm a big fan of the FFG version, have run and played in several successful campaigns for it.  I feel it's a very cohesive system and manages a tight balance for cinematic-ish gameplay while not going all bonkers on the power levels.

The funny thing is, transhumanism is the ultimate refutation of identity politics.  If you can swap your race, sex, age, anything at all physical about you, the only things left to differentiate people are wealth and one's personal choices.  But identity politics have steered away from wealth, coincidentally ever since Occupy Wall Street, no connection there, and 'I was born this way' is an integral part of the IdPol creed but no longer valid in a world where your body at birth is fairly irrelevant.  But by golly they've still got to cram that into their game, even if it's the worst fit ever.

I'm going to throw Eclipse Phase a bone here and say that because the setting indicated that bodies are pricey, I can see legitimate scenarios for transgenderism.  Specifically, person low on cash can only afford a "slightly-used" body, body is a different sex from what the person's born as, now they're stuck in it until they can afford to swap it out, bam, valid in-game situation for there to be a transgender character.
The thing is, that character should be viewing their situation much like a person today who bought a used car that turned out to be a lemon: An annoyance that will be rectified as soon as means allow.  They wouldn't have all of the identity baggage that comes along with 2020 transgender people, because the fix for their problem is obvious and straightforward by the standards of the setting.
My bigger beef with the setting is, like other people mentioned, the way it tries to portray the Jovians as being crazed in their dislike of technology after out of control technology went and murdered like 99% of humanity.  And their very valid fear that copying yourself into a new body isn't actually copying "you", but making a software duplicate of yourself who walks around and acts like you.

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