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Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Pre-WotC D&D
« on: March 13, 2010, 03:53:37 pm »
I love AD&D, and I love Basic D&D.

Basic was my introduction to the hobby, bought in an archaic cave called a "Waldenbooks".

My friends and I quickly exhausted the red box and I graduated to AD&D.

I love AD&D precisely for the reasons many folks hate it: the serious homebrewing that went on.

I loved sitting in on games and seeing how different they were from one another.

One of the reasons every game felt different was all the different things people were cooking in: variant classes (from Dragon, from Role Aids, from Complete series, from White Dwarf), mixing and matching settings and gods (Thieves World in Lankhmar, with the Cthulhu Mythos in play? sure!) even different games were cobbled together (I sat in on more than a few games using the Rolemaster crit tables).

It really had a "kitchen sink" vibe.

Quote from: RPGPundit;366237
Well, I for one think this is a fantastic development.
I'm certainly not going to shit all over it just because its 4e. Would I be happier if it was a brand new version of D&D that was closer to the original D&D mechanical concepts? Sure. But ANY time WoTC makes any kind of move that I feel is a step in the right direction, I'm going to fucking praise them for it.

And this, to all external appearances, is WoTC doing what I've been saying they should do for years now.

So good for them.


Exactly right. This looks like the best introductory set since the original BD&D line was discontinued.

Well- having thought a good boxed set would help expand the hobby- I gotta say this hits all the bullet points such a product needs:

1. Complete, with multiple levels of advancement
2. Cheap, at less than 20 bucks
3. Boxed set, so it can go in with board games or books
4. Clear upgrade path

So Wizards has done everything they need to do to get the game out to the masses again.

Here's hoping it succeeds.

Aaron Allston.

He no longer designs games, but he's still alive.

Also a big fan of Scott Bennie, and Jeff Grubb.

Isn't Dancey also the guy who, as a consultant for Fantasy Flight, advised them to get out of RPGs altogether, advice they followed for awhile?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Piracy
« on: November 03, 2009, 05:58:29 pm »
There's some major problems with trying to draw any conclusions from this study.

First, if you read closely, only 10% of respondents admitted to illegal file sharing.

Second, the results were completely self-reported.

In other words, people who SAID they "pirated", also said they spent more, without any real tracking done by those who did the study.

And again, only 10% of those admitted to doing anything illegal.

So besides the problem of trying to compare e-books to MP3's, there's also the issue of whether or not one should draw ANY conclusions from a study like this.

Gaming is in fact a two-way street.

Players have to contribute, come prepared, and occasionally show some initiative, especially if they want any type of sandbox experience.

Quote from: Elliot Wilen;340132
Maybe this discussion should be focused a little more clearly away from mechanical system issues, except where they radically alter the style/focus of play.

E.g. I could cite Blue Planet which I believe had very different systems from 1st edition to the next. Same for Jovian Chronicles (at least if you look at the original Mekton supplement compared to the Silhouette standalone game) and Hong Kong Action Theatre. But, although I don't know those games too well, I think those were all probably faithful translations.

D&D is a game that's undergone much more radical changes. Even if you think they were evolutionary over time, it's obvious that 4e has a completely different tenor from OD&D, 1e core, or BX.

And for that matter, 1e is completely different from BX.

People who stood up and screamed at the sky "they changed the game!" when 4e came out thus confused the hell out of me.

Because constant change seemed more the rule than the exception with D&D.

Quote from: Gordon Horne;340124
Traveller --> MegaTraveller: moderate rule change (codified years worth of errata and extensions), major setting change (one event, civil war, effected everything)

MegaTraveller --> Traveller: The New Era: complete rule change to GDW house system, major setting change

Traveller: TNE --> Marc Miller's Traveller: complete rule change, major setting change

Marc Miller's Traveller --> GURPS(3E): Traveller: complete rule change, major setting change (to original Traveller setting)

GURPS(3E): Traveller --> GURPS(4E): Traveller: major setting change

Mongoose Traveller: Return to more or less original Traveller rules and original Traveller setting.

This might explain why I could never fucking understand traveler.

D&D. Twice.

3e bears almost no resemblance to 2e.

4e bears almost no resemblance to 3e.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / WOTC Lawsuit news
« on: October 17, 2009, 05:29:47 pm »
Quote from: Spinachcat;338851
The interesting part was the "20M people have played D&D and 6M currently play" across the world.

I would love to see where they got those numbers.   Sounds like highly exaggerated bullshit - even if you exchange D&D for "all paper & pen RPGs".

That's about half the current active player base of WoW.

That doesn't seem patently ridiculous.

Not that I know, or know how Wizards arrived at that number, but if someone said to me "half as many people play D&D as play WoW" I'd say "yep, sounds right".

Quote from: Settembrini;338861
Hey fuckface! It´s because of YOU and folks like you that I can´t take 4e fans seriously. I´ll explain why, WotC-tardy:

People bought a product/ service. Within one day, without warning, that service discontinued. A service that people already had PAID for. This is a BIG difference from "not selling anymore". Obviously NOBODY ever said it was WotCs obligation to keep selling a given product.

So assmunch, I take it you know it and LIE ou of motives I can´t fathom. You are a bane to humanity and should stop posting now. Or you could repent.


1. Fuck you.

2. I am most definitely not a 4e fan or a Wizards fan dumbass. I am currently writing an OSRIC module and hanging out at the K&K Alehouse and here online.

Does that sound like a 4e fanboy to you?

3. Fuck you. If you want to have a conversation, that's fine. If you want to yell at me when you clearly don't know the first thing about me, then fuck off and die.

4. What product is that? PDFs? How the hell is a PDF a "service"? You buy it, you download it, you're done. The transaction is over. It's as much a "service" as a candy bar.

Same with a magazine. If you had a subscription, and they refund the outstanding balance, you're done. They don't owe you shit.

Same with a game edition. When a company decides to move on, the "service" has been discontinued.

So I don't really know which "service" you could be referring to, because I don't think Wizards sells "services", they sell "products".

5. Oh yeah, fuck you.

Quote from: JasperAK;338827

I'm not trying to argue false dichotomies, but how then would you define good customer service? I think your informed and well-reasoned opinion will be quite telling in this respect.

I think some people have this idea that the customer is ALWAYS right and that if a retailer doesn't roll over and say yes to every demand, that they are not getting good customer service.

I've had people demand something be taken back by a retailer well after the return date fill out comment cards and slam CS representatives, at a retailer that took such things very seriously, just because they were given the right answer, which was "no".

I'd place the idea that Wizards declining to sell something anymore, for reasons they feel make sense in the current business climate for them in this category.

So- not selling 3rd edition, not selling Dragon and Dungeon as physical magazines, and not selling PDFs are most definitely not bad customer service.

They're just Wizards doing what they think is best for their business right now and discontinuing a product line.

You have every right to be unhappy about it. You have every right to feel its a dumb decision on their part.

But Wizards telling you something you don't want to hear is not bad CR.

As for what IS good customer service, its doing everything you reasonably can to make the customer experience a good one, being friendly, keeping the store clean, making the shopping experience an "all ages" environment for any kind of mainstream retail, having a professional staff etc.

Quote from: Seanchai;338649
But, like PR, I think there's a good deal of subjectivity that comes with customer relations. For example, personally, I don't care one whit that WotC took down their PDFs. I don't think it's bad customer relations at all. Others vehemently disagree.


I don't see how deciding to not sell PDFs anymore is bad customer service to ANYONE, even the biggest single consumer of Wizards PDFs.

Telling you something you don't want to hear does not equal bad customer service.

By that definition, every time WalMart decides to no longer sell a product, or a car manufacturer decides to not continue a model of car, they are engaging in bad customer service, because that was someone's favorite product!

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