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Design, Development, and Gameplay / Re: Action Points for 3d6
« on: January 12, 2021, 01:01:40 pm »
I used the formula provided by Eirikrautha but did it as a graph. I also changed the 4D6 to 5D6 for comparison.

I think the prospect of rolling TWO additional dice might appeal enough to the players that they favor that option.

The infractions forum reads as if Orwell wrote 1984 as a high school drama.

How people can live life so easily triggered is beyond my comprehension.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Cyberpunk RED
« on: December 02, 2020, 10:16:01 am »
I recently received my physical copy of the book.

The design layout appears pretty good. easy to find information and a decently logical layout of the rules.

However, the first thing I noticed, and am not happy about is the paper stock its printed on. at over 400 pages, its a pretty thin book. Comparing it to my original CP2020 book circa 1990, I dont think CP red will last under regular use.

Personally, I think I'll use the PDF if I get a campaign going.

There is already a much lighter official alt ruleset that is WAY less a cluster than the regular 5e or 6e rules.  It is called Shadowrun Anarchy.  It is not bad at all.

I also Kickstarted Lowlife 2090 and it is awesome.  The backers just received the preview PDF last night.  It uses the same system as Low Fantasy Gaming, which is an OGL D20 variant.  It is basically Shadowrun with a few extras and the serial numbers filed off.

Anarchy is OK. I tried that before changing over to Savage Worlds. Anarchy however suffers from dice bloat almost as bad as other versions of SR. When I used it, I quickly changed from a fist full of D6s to a stat+skill+D10 opposed rolls similar to CP2020. I then shifted to Savage worlds, because a friend in the group wanted to GM his own game, and since we have some very casual/newbie players in both campaigns, decided to use one rule system. TBH, I wish I had not changed over from my house ruled version.

You should check out Sprawlrunners for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, which is definitely not a narrative game. I'd classify it as medium crunch.

Savage Worlds is a pretty good system for Shadowrun. Im running a campaign doing just that. IT's easy to get about 80-90% of the feel for the game. All without the terrible mechanics of SR5.

One of the major issues CP2020 suffered from was that their sourcebooks were nowhere near as entertaining as SR's. FASA, and even later FanPro and Catalyst books kept eating their lunch from a fluff standpoint.

The whole style of 'postings on a BBS/forum' was surprisingly immersive for an RPG sourcebook. I'm still astonished Pondsmith and company didn't do it themselves. Surely people in the Cyberpunk universe have opinions about Arasaka, kibble, or their favorite pistol.

This was a big selling factor for my group when the games came out. I presented both as options, and a quick flip through both books sold my group on Shadowrun 1e. as a reader, and BBS user at the time, I ESPECIALLY loved the forum posts, and arguments. It felt grounded, and added so much to the flavor of the game.

From a background/mythology standpoint, I found Shadowrun to be far more interesting. And as a young GM in the early 90's I played and enjoyed both. However, the Man meets magic and machine concept had a far broader appeal.

However, the rules for CP 2020 were elegant (save netrunning of course). Rolling a D10 plus stat+skill is far more intuitive than rolling 20D6 to hit. (exaggeration, but not by much) the background for 2020 OTOH just felt clunky to me, and already a bit dated.

I recently got my copy of CP Red, so that may change my opinion once I grok the new history.

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