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Linking these three modules is one of those blindingly obvious "why didn't I think of it" moments. Great work!

So much good stuff in the TSR back catalog, just crying out for moments like this.

I've heard it has one of the best magic systems in the Unisystem-uverse, better even than The Magic Box from Buffy.

I picked up the PDF a ways back but it hasn't reached the top of the rotation to read yet, I should probably bump it up a few notches.

I have to admit I've gravitated toward B/X clones mostly, the best example being Adventurer, Conqueror, King system. With the Players Compendium you have a way to build infinite classes if the ones in the main rulebook don't cover the load enough. And they get pretty detailed, as well as having a bunch of premade ones just to expand what covered.

(I call 'em out on the No Halflings things, but even that's corrected in the Heroes Handbook, or you could just make up your version of hobbit from the PC easily enough.)

The whole game shows how you can pull B/X apart by the bolts and the core structure underneath is really mechanically sound. Alexander Macris shows how the whole thing works and makes something of real beauty if it's close to what you're looking for.

For other games, I've been attracted to Swords & Wizardry with its One Baleful Saving Throw for a while now, and may try to throw it into the rotation sometime. I also like some of Lamentation of the Flame Princess with its skill class and inventory, as well as the Summon-Of-Doom as a first level wizard spell. If I ever run Carcosa it'll probably be with that.

I really really wanted to like Fuzion. I liked Interlock, thought it was cool in Mekton. I liked HERO (up to 4th edition), though even then it was pushing the limit of how much complexity I wanted.

A joining of the two, using the best from each, _sounded_ good.

Fuzion in Bubblegum Crisis was not to shabby.

Champions New Millennium was so 90s it hurts to look at it now. And the previous posters are right, the Fuzion rules read like a 0.6 or 0.7 version, not a fully playtested strong set of rules. Errata was printed in the back of the next two C:NM books.

The system was ....... okay. A whole bunch of new strangeness to learn, and in the end, I was honestly happier with HERO 4. I read the generic rules they released and was completely uninspired to run anything with them.

A revised or second edition would have cleaned things up greatly, I imagine. But after the first two C:NM supplements and a couple other Fuzion powered games (Armored Trooper Votoms and Dragonball Z), it disappeared like the morning dew after the sun rises. Neither Hero Games nor R. Talsorian really seemed to care about it anymore, and thus it went into the dustbin of history.

People on Reddit and Big Purplex are speculating that they'll keep doing some RPG stuff with freelancers, like a lot of the game companies these days. Make no mistake, this still royally sucks for the people laid off and I wish them a quick recovery, but maybe things aren't quite as dead as it seems.

I admit to loving the narrative dice system, all the way back to Warhammer third edition. I think Genesys is a great game, and I hope they release lots more stuff for it.

Currently running B2 using modified B/X rules for my group of friends. We can only meet once a month for a short time, so after a year they're only 2/3rds of the way clearing the Keep. Lots of monsters, loads of treasure, great fun!

Medieval-Authentic Tome I implies more in the pipeline! Gotta get some money for Christmas, then order this.

Not playing currently, but running a B/X D&D game based around the Keep On The Borderlands, and god-DAMN is it like slipping into a really comfortable pair of shoes again. The rules are nice and light but don't mind that I brought my 3-ton toolbox of game mods, I can make rulings off the cuff because the engine is really familiar and operates like a well-oiled machine.

I snagged the hit dice rolling method from Stars Without Number, grabbed the hit-die-healing from 5E, threw in some Shields Shall Be Splintered, mixed thoroughly and baked at 525 degrees for four hours every few weeks. My recipe for fun!

For B/X D&D: Good ol' Keep on the Borderlands. 32 pages packed with adventure and good basic DM'ing advice.
AD&D: Desert of Desolation series, GDQ series.
Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play: The Oldenhaller Contract, great beginning scenario. Any part of The Enemy Within, but for me especially Empire In Flames.
Call of Cthulhu: The Haunting, which has probably launched a thousand CoC games. Shadows of Yog-Sothoth, because Cthulhu is hungry and needs to eat those 1d6 investigators a round. Masks of Nyarlathotep, because if you don't stop ol' Ny, he's going to make sure the stars are right RIGHT NOW.
The One Ring: The Darkening of Mirkwood. Things get worse for Rhovanion, but in an epic way. Lets you interact with Tolkien elements as things build to the War of the Ring, and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as other classics.

Mekton Z with the technical manual makes my brain bleed. Fortunately the core book's construction system is robust enough for everything I've thrown at it so far, and people far and wide over the net have created everything else.

I just wish we'd see more Mekton books!!

Quote from: Rithuan;1080824
Preternatural Fungi

That is so going to be the name of a band I start.

There's something about a blank sheet of paper you use to make a character for the first time that makes it magical.

Aside from that, the green-sheet original B/X character sheet is awesome. I also like the Adventurer Conqueror King sheet, and the first edition Warhammer FRP sheet.

The classic Deadlands sheet also dripped with Western feel, and was useful to boot!

Quote from: Lunamancer;1078482
There are both.

A caveat, though. The "errata" was mostly new materials and updates. And the "FAQ" still gets a lot of things wrong. You can imagine the challenge of people who didn't understand what Gary was saying the first time also not understanding what he's saying the second time.

Lejendary FAQ
Lejendary Errata

Thanks for the pointers and the advice. I'll read these over and see what makes the most sense to me for when I run LA.

Quote from: Rithuan;1078459
That's a great question. I know one FAQ and a few errata.
The Dragonsfoot FAQ is available here:

For the errata, you have to dive into the internet archives of the original lejendary adventures website. You can find a "Lmerrata", "Ordererrata" and the "Playererrata" as pdf.

However, to my knowledge, they don't contain the latest post from Gary's in Dragonsfoot or Enworld.

Thanks for the pointers! I will investigate.

Another question - aside from the abilities of Health, Precision, and Speed, there is an optional 4th ability of Intellect. Does anyone play with this option?

Quick question: is there any compiled errata and/or FAQ for the LA books? My Google-Fu is weak on this matter.

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