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He wrote, or co-wrote a number of books for Rifts for Palladium, without going through my collection, I can't remember which ones off the top of my head. I'd also have to go through my Rifters in the same vein, but I stopped buying them after about No15 or so.

It's why I use a set of variant rules base on the original Netbook of Amber. Rank just provides a bonus based on the current sub-attribute score.
As a young Amberite you have 30 points in an Attribute, lets say strength, but you're a dead lift body builder so have 24 points in lift plus part of your rank 1 bonus, 12 points for a total of 36. You meet Gerard, he has 200points in strength. He has 80points in lift plus his rank 1 bonus of 80 points.. you're never going to be able to outlift Gerard.. but a battle of wills might be a completely different result.

The "Cult of the Dragonwright" and various elements relating to it are a major element in the Coalition War for Rifts along with Altantis. It also features significantly in "The Rifter" - Palladium's house rag.

Last RPG crossing thread now locked (they lock them after 3 weeks if there is insufficient interest)
New Thread OnMyriadRoads

So I now have a new thread on RPGCrossing

Rank is only important in a throne war scenario.. for most games I run, especially when introducing new players to Amber (that's pretty much everyone these days), they're all Co-OP games so rank has less value, other than as a stat bonus.
I also use sub-attributes which makes life far more interesting.. just because you're ranked 1 in warfare doesn't mean you're god of strategy or just because you're really good with a sword doesn't mean you're any good without one.
What taking "dice" and hence "randomness" away does is is removes the "you fail because the dice say so" even when in reality you have no chance of doing so, and conversely you cannot succeed if in reality you simple can't .. don't have 20 years experience and training in diffusing bombs then you're not going to be able to diffuse a thermo nuclear device.. or anything that is booby trapped or has collapsing circuits etc.
You may find the rules I use, based on the "Netbook of Amber" useful, there are also guidelines for not using "rank" or using it without an "auction".

That's a significant part of the issue.. I started looking on Reddit 4 and a half years ago.. I've never had more than 2 potential players that could make any gaming slot I scheduled.. I've even tried suggesting running it PBM, and still can't get enough people interested. I need between 4 and 7 players to make it work.. and whilst it works best with 6 it can be done with 4.

I like this one. It makes sense! It also means that a shadow reality can be strengthened enough just by the presence of Unicorn blood, so the Pattern imprint is not needed for that to happen. It IS consistent lore-wise. RZ never told it was related to the Pattern. But I don't think it is expressed in the ADRP rules...
This is your own interpretation. There's nothing specific in the books that associates the Unicorn with Order and the Pattern, nor in the original ADRP rules. There is a reference to the fact the Unicorn may have taught Dworkin how to create the Pattern but nothing concrete.
As to the ADRP rules there are lots of things they don't cover, even in Shadow Knight. It's what makes Amber games so interesting, every Amber GM imposes their own spin on how they interpret what's in the books, and in my own the Unicorn is neither Good, Lawful,nor a positive force. I use a much different interpretation of what the Unicorn represents and how it behaves.

Your theory doesn't hold.. explosions follow an inverse square law, so the intensity of the shadow destruction effect would be greatest closest to the source, ergo the Golden circle would be completely destroyed, where as shadows further away would suffer less and less.The other explanation is that shadows more heavily influenced by chaos but furthest from the logrus would be heavily affected by the restoration of order but any shadow that has any form of real element wouldn't be. Since all actual Amberite descendants are real, then any shadow where they resided for any length of time would acquire a significant real element and therefore be largely unaffected.

If your theory holds then none of the Merlin series is possible.. ergo the effect of Oberon's fixing the Pattern is not as severe as you think, and whilst there is some destruction or rewriting of shadow the net effect is actually zero in most cases.
You may also want to look at my ruleset based on the "Netbook of Amber"

Quote from: zircher;1146245
Excellent observation, with a modern audience you would have to deliberately go retrograde and take away things like the internet and cell phones.  Especially if you're going for that noir or hard-boiled fantasy angle.  Just for fun, it would be a hoot to play a game where some Amberites visit current day shadow Earth and their expectations are stuck in the past.  What happens when science advances faster than magic?  What would they do about Covid-19?  Amberite endurance would protect them from a fatal outcome, but they could in-turn become potent carriers.

I would refer the read to part of the first book in the Corwin saga, where Corwins memory loss is cause by exposure to the Black Plague in London in 1665. The family are also familiar with Earth circa 60's and 70's so there is no reason why they would not have continued the relationship.. in my campaigns they do, and to a very large extent.
I also have some interesting mechanics based on real world physics, and the physics alluded to in the books which explains why high tech gear doesn't work in  Amber and taking thing with charged Lithium/Ion batteries anywhere close the to Golden circle is just a really bad idea.

Just about everything and anything, including Rifts, Mechanoids, and Rifts:Mechanoids. The whole universe background I use takes all sorts of cultural referenecs and stands alot of them on their head.. think the Unicorn is a Saint.. think again..

Quote from: GreyScholar;1137848
Hmm, fair enough. Well I may have a few other powers I could consider working with for now. Could I see the questionnaire?
I'm fine working with whatever criteria you have in place, honestly the more important details is perhaps in Domain and Allies.

* Artifact
     Pocket Watch
       Psychic Neutral
       Extraordinary Psychic Sensitivity
       Integral to Sorcery
       Hang and Use Spells
* Domain
     Name of Domain
     Primal World
     Control of Destiny
* Powers
    Warden of the Stair
* Allies
     Partisan Support
      The Academy (The institution and academy that he learned magic at)
      The Royalist Party (The current ruling government of his nation)

Hi and yes.. all the details of the campaign are on the Adventures-In-Roleplay tab of my website Shadowlands.
The campaign is very much geared to new Amber players who are likely to never have encountered Amber, and therefore have no knowledge of the setting. Therefore, unless specific things are elected during generation the character will have no or very little knowledge of either Amber, the Courts, or anything else. It's also not a "Throne War" campaign, so most of what you've selected just doesn't apply, and as an entry campaign your starting points are very limited which also means most of what you selected won't be achievable.
Every Amber GM I've encountered runs their games their own way, with their own interpretations.
I also use my own rules which are derived from the Netbook, which itself was derived from the original Phage Press Amber book and then later revised when Shadow knight was published. So certain things that may have been developed in other later publications don't exist like Warden of the Stairs or Cantrips. Again the rules are on the website. The downloadable PDF is the most up to date version, as updating the online pages is something of a pain, so I do bits of it from time to time, when I have the time and inclination. I have another slight revision to Conjuration to add,, but I need to finalise my thoughts on exactly how the Ribs, Backbones, and Skeletons, were originally intended to integrate.

Quote from: GreyScholar;1137614
I'd be interested in joining! I had tinkered with a character for Amber to play years ago but was not able to get anywhere with such without a game to join.

With consideration my Amberite being a "Pattern Illusionist" as I called him, using a variation on the Sorcery power which uses Pattern energy. Plus a few other ideas with that.
Where I believe remembering that I got the idea from considering one or more of the Amberite NPCs.  before then discussing and working out the ideas with the GM.
It has been a while admittedly, so I'd need to look through my copy of Amber to see where I might have gotten some of my ideas. Refamiliarize myself with the setting.

The use of "Pattern" with any form of magic is actually very advanced, and requires significant investment of points in both the branch of magic and Pattern. Typically that would require about 10 times the base points of any starting character.
As I've posted previously, I'd be looking to run my AiRP campaign which has a specific set of starting criteria all of which are "detailed" in the questionaire used as the basis for creating a character.

Quote from: finarvyn;1134607
LarsonGates, going to your website reminded me that the "Golden Circle" is no more. I used to spend hours going from one random shadow to another, just looking at the cool Amber stuff found there. Ah, the 90's. :(

I suppose I should remove that now.. I removed the Rifts Webring links a few years ago. They were always reasonably useful in finding other sites related to the game, but now in relation to Amber there's only the proboard page .. which you haven't updated yet.

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