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Thank you! Let me look through everything and see if maybe I can come up with something else. Where in all honesty, while I have had a general interest in Amber for around 10+ years, I never really had the chance to play the RPG and didn't really know where I could look to find a game to join... Which also admittedly means it's been quite a while since I've actually even read through the Amber Corebook. So that Introduction to Amber you have on you site will actually be quite helpful, and once I read through all your personal rules I can see about perhaps putting a character together that would better fit your game and I can then get back with you.

Hmm, fair enough. Well I may have a few other powers I could consider working with for now. Could I see the questionnaire?
I'm fine working with whatever criteria you have in place, honestly the more important details is perhaps in Domain and Allies.

* Artifact
     Pocket Watch
       Psychic Neutral
       Extraordinary Psychic Sensitivity
       Integral to Sorcery
       Hang and Use Spells
* Domain
     Name of Domain
     Primal World
     Control of Destiny
* Powers
    Warden of the Stair
* Allies
     Partisan Support
      The Academy (The institution and academy that he learned magic at)
      The Royalist Party (The current ruling government of his nation)

I'd be interested in joining! I had tinkered with a character for Amber to play years ago but was not able to get anywhere with such without a game to join.

With consideration my Amberite being a "Pattern Illusionist" as I called him, using a variation on the Sorcery power which uses Pattern energy. Plus a few other ideas with that.
Where I believe remembering that I got the idea from considering one or more of the Amberite NPCs.  before then discussing and working out the ideas with the GM.
It has been a while admittedly, so I'd need to look through my copy of Amber to see where I might have gotten some of my ideas. Refamiliarize myself with the setting.

Quote from: Jason D;892666
However, I've long been dissatisfied with it, and think it should work in accordance with the other powers, in a fashion that doesn't cause such consternation for GMs and require such meticulous bookkeeping (and simultaneous hand-waving) for players.
Quote from: Jason D;893280
I've always just disliked the whole ADRP micro-spell/lynchpin thing. It's maddeningly difficult to actually built a new spell from whole cloth, and the issues of what lynchpins are needed puts the whole Sorcery system into this weird high-crunch, low-specifics place, where there's the semblance of a bunch of specific systems and requirements, but there's no real support for it once you start to actually look.

My thoughts would be to come up with a system where Sorcery works like the other powers, lower bookkeeping and more.
Actually that is something I have felt myself, being frustrated with Sorcery as shown on both Amber and LoG&S. It is overly complex, tedious, and time consuming while all around not being very fun to use. Lynchpins, microspells, and other details increasing the time it takes to cast a spell even with racking while so severely limiting the number of spells prepared and how/where you can use it.

It feels like you have to unfairly jump through hoops just to use Sorcery while other powers are can get away with being less complex and easier to use yet also being more powerful... Because of this I am very glad to hear that you will be making an expansion/revision to Sorcery. I hope it leads to being a more fun power, or series of powers.

I wish to run a Diceless Campaign, yet can't decide for certain what source to use. Amber is an amazing setting to work with I feel, really drawing me in when it came to how the multiverse works along with its characters and factions... yet both Lords of Gossamer & Shadow as well as Lords of Olympus both have more solidly written rules and powers.

Admittingly out of those two, the latter has a degree of detail and structure to the powers I appreciate while also providing a fun setting that is easier to know/understand as I enjoy greek mythology while keeping the "family" aspect of Amber. Also the way 'magic' is broken up into different powers, Scrying, Greater Scrying, Elementalism, Enchantment, and Glamour instead of just being one big power called Sorcery felt more interesting. That and there is some concern/question of the balance and usability of Sorcery, though perhaps if it has been written with the structure and detail of LoO powers there wouldn't be such. Doesn't help my preferred character to play is a well traveled user of magic and sorcery who specializes in illusions, is over three hundred year old, while also a storyteller and collector of ancient histories, legends, folklore, and mythology. For LoO deciding on powers is much more concise: Immortality, Olympian Magic, World Walking (Olympian Road & Atlantean Road), Glamour, and even Enchantment.

Still, since I was part of the kickstarter for Gossamer Worlds Compendium I would also like to put such a grand resource to use once it is finished and I get a hold of my copy. There is also no question that there is much to work with when it comes to exploring different worlds and adventuring the multiverse. Sighs, all in all the problem is I like things about each of the three roleplays while wishing the best of all three could be combined.

Any advice/suggestions?

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