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The RPGPundit's Own Forum / When Curt Was Banned... again.
« on: March 29, 2008, 11:24:54 AM »
Quote from: RPGPundit
And for that matter, welcome aboard Jackalope.  I don't give a fuck what you've been accused of on other sites; the only thing that will get you banned on this site would be your behaviour here: and stating your opinions is not a bannable offense.  Don't disrupt the functionality of the forums, don't commit any felonies or engage in harassment of other members, and you'll be fine.
And while you're extending such a warm welcome to a turd the size of Jackalope, you can extend a farewell to me and delete my account here.

Quote from: Casey777
The Brits et al seem to like the pocket book edition of the rules they had (Corgi?). Haven't seen it but it could be very nice.
It's the edition I use and the ruleset is 5.0 IIRC. Corgi also released a whole series of solo adventures with the same format & style of artwork so it makes for good bookshelf pr0n ;)
Quote from: Silverlion
Magic is spell point based but you used your strength for that, so Wizards got buff too.
My biggest complaint about the system, which I houseruled around but I beleive was fixed in version 5.5 with a separate stat for it.
My second biggest is the way the combat/damage system works doesnt tie in perfectly with exclusive use of D6's, especially in missile combat. You will need a lot of D6's.
If you want something a little more advanced that T&T, try to find a copy of Merceneries, Spies and Private Eyes which is roughly T&T v5 with skills, modern firearms and some of the T&T cheeseyness removed.

Playing (Tabletop) :
An unknown True20 game following the implosion of our GURPS Mystaria game. (Our GM was too clever for his own good and lack of players scuppered his plans.)
Playing (PbP Forum) :
Dragon Warriors 'Shadowed Sails' - evil and intrigue in the T'aashim lands and the crusader held city of Ibrahim.
Tunnels and Trolls 'Delve till you die' - a simple T&T dungeon delve where each player has a stable of six characters as replacements. So far, we're on a boat...
GURPS 'Black Ops 1961' - Set in the earlier days of the Company, the WhiteHouse has gone into full security lockdown, blood was seen on the windows, and the Company's agent in the Secret Service has gone offline. Are we bad enough to save President Kennedy from otherworldy foes? (I get the sneaking suspicion that the afterword to this game will involve one of us with a sniper rifle at Dealey Plaza)
Running (Tabletop) :
Buggerall - A game with no rules, no dice and crucially, no players.
Running (PbP Forum) :
Cyberpunk 2020 'Modern Life is Rubbish' - Designed to be a series of mini scenarios with a central theme leading to a climax. Currently comatose with the occasional twitch. Lost one player to real-life internet issues and another two who are too busy to post but don't want to quit the game.
Would like to Play (Tabletop or PbP Forum) :
Something Sci-Fi along the Firefly lines of independant traders working on both sides of the law.
Would like to Run (Tabletop) :
Savage Worlds 'Kiwi Scorpions' - A WW2 LRDG game with each player running a truck with a 3-4 man team.
Tunnels & Trolls 'High Seas Floater' - Pirates, T&T style. Yarrr.
Would like to Run (PbP Forum) :
Sod All - I've learned my lesson.

Nice find. :)

Media and Inspiration / My guiltiest pleasure, revealed!
« on: March 11, 2008, 09:39:15 PM »
Quote from: JamesV
Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

As a classic, pre-girly Mac fan, I used to feel the same - if it didnt have Peter Green or Danny Kirwan bleeding their LSD inflamed heart out over a Stratocaster it just wasnt right.
 Then I remembered that girly Mac made the awesomeness that is  The Chain.

I didn't realise I had much of a guilty pleasure until this morning when asking one of my contemparies at work if he perchance had the long awaited Broken English CD before I ordered one off Amazon, and in the ensuing discussion I mentioned the last CD I brought was Maroon Five, or possibly Anastacia. The look of shock on his face told me that until that moment I'd successfully concealed my love of generic pop under a coating of raw, bluesy rock.

Media and Inspiration / What is your google IMAGE?
« on: March 11, 2008, 09:27:02 PM »

By painter Carl O.Borg. I'm not sure what, if anything, it's supposed to be.

Clearly you just need a whole suit covered in high output IR LEDs :)

Help Desk / Apparently I keep posting in the Spice Girls thread
« on: March 10, 2008, 05:51:20 AM »
The clock being off doesnt explain why the time of the post keeps updating every few days though.

Media and Inspiration / RPG.NET moderators are fucktards
« on: March 09, 2008, 12:19:32 PM »
Quote from: Kyle Aaron
They're bullshitting, though - the number of replies to a thread has no particular effect. 10 threads of 100 posts actually take up slightly more space than 1 thread of 1,000 posts, just as if you create 10 different text files with the same text on your computer, it takes up more space than the same text 10 times in one file. That doesn't have much effect, though, it's only a fraction of a percent difference in the data size.
Actually I have dealings with another vBulletin based forum where extra-long threads have caused problems - the word game threads spring to mind - thousands of one or two word posts.

Help Desk / Apparently I keep posting in the Spice Girls thread
« on: March 09, 2008, 12:13:04 PM »
My last post in the Spice Girls thread was 10:37am on the 5th, but according to the forum index I last posted on Friday at 6:30am and laterly this morning at 6:14am - my alarm clock doesnt go off until 6:35am on weekdays so I'm pretty sure it wasnt me.

And the forum also says my last visit apart from today was 3pm on the 7th.

Something odd happening there!

Quote from: teckno72
I, personally, liked your humans have some great eqalizer against the aliens.
I like the ideas from Harry Turtledove's WorldWar series and David Brin's Uplift - the aliens may have higher tech, but humans are feindishly adaptable and very capable at the art of war.
In WorldWar the aliens didn't expect the humans to advance so fast inbetween the scouting mission and the invasion fleet and were expecting horses and spears not early WW2 tanks. Finding that ginger (the spice, not the spice girl) was an addictive narcotic to the aliens also helped the human resistance.
In Uplift the aliens were highly reliant on their technology and their central library to tell them what tactics countered others, and the human ability to adapt and outwit evened the odds on more than one occasion.

Media and Inspiration / Which Spice Girl is your favorite?
« on: March 05, 2008, 06:56:22 AM »
Quote from: Nick Bower
For the record, Sporty, then Scary.
But what is up with Posh's face? Just compare and contrast:

That's not plastic surgery, that's someone taking a plane to what used to be her cheeks.
Between that, the too-thinness, the even-too-fake-for-me boobs, and worst of all the sense of pride in never having read a book in her life ("I'm too busy") - no. Just no.
I think that's just weight loss. If you look at her neck, shoulders and breastbone there's a lot more padding on there in one picture than the other.
(It was always Ginger for me. Busty redheads rule!)

My group has an alarming churn rate for players. I can't quite decide if its pure bad luck or one(or all) of us driving folks away. I'm getting paranoid about it.
We havent had to kick anyone out, but the GM stopped sending two players details of the session date/time because they were either unreliable attenders or extremely hard to contact, or both.
We started with GM & five players. One player had some family issues, burned out on RPGing and quit until they got things sorted. They now game, but have never come back despite invites. Another two (partners) quit due change of work hours.
We trialled another guy who played once and decided he'd stick to his Sci-Fi rather than our fantasy.
After that we found another two guys. One of whom a good player, but proved unreliable and hard to contact, so the GM gave up sending him invites. Another was a good mate of the GM and a top bloke, but got a new job working variable shifts - he quit as he couldnt be sure when or if he'd make the game.
Some time later the GM recruited an old mate of his who had to travel some way - and he's never made it to a game yet - another young guy who said he loved the game, but quit due to change in work and personal circumstances. A third player we got at the same time also had to travel some way, but like his predecessor proved unreliable to contact so the GM cut him loose.
Frankly my efforts to find new roleplayers in my area have proved so fruitless I'm on the verge of trading in my dice & gamebooks and buying a WoW subscription. And WoW never wowed me.

Quote from: Anthrobot
So if you were to give some advice to some newbie players on how to be a good player, what words of wisdom would you give?
Turn up the the game, or make sure you let everyone know beforehand that you can't make it.

Media and Inspiration / RPG.NET moderators are fucktards
« on: March 05, 2008, 06:32:46 AM »
Quote from: sumtara
Re: [minor rant] Dear mr. game designer...
I've been informed that this is some kind of British way of saying "fuck you" to the original poster. Not speaking the language myself, I'm not really sure, but just in case, don't do that again.
-Darren MacLennan

I wonder which expert in British liguistics informed him of that?
I've never used or heard of using the phrase "Sod" to mean "Fuck you.", but I was only born in England and lived there all my life.
In the vernacular as I know and use it, a sod is reference to either
  • A section of turf, removed for replanting.
  • A person, item or task that is annoyingly awkward (such as removing and replanting turf...)

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