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I really want to try out Savage Worlds because it seems to have an in-between of levels and Point buy.
You get 1-2 points a level, and some abilities are gated off until you reach a high enough level.

In lethality, there is always a chance (even a low one) for a one-hit kill, no matter the level because of exploding dice.

Sure, and the thread is mostly about transhumanism with a bunch of internet geeks arguing like they argue about whether a Star Trek starship would win in a fight with a Star Destroyer.

Depends on if its 1 or 2. 1 is unshielded so anything could be beamed inside.  ;D

But in practice yeah, maybe I should too. Its been going in circles for a bit.

Are you here to talk about Eclipse Phase or a bunch of tangenital crap?

I'd say it's sort of about transhumanism (which is very related to EP so I wouldn't say it's tangential). I generally bash the idea, and he defends it. And because it's Matt it's also a bunch of other stuff because he can't help himself.
I think this thread in general was just designed to appeal to Matts's transhumanist kick. With a lot of people questioning and rejecting it, he comes back even after being banned to defend it.
I'm still waiting for an answer to the original question of the thread title. Does ANYONE actually PLAY Eclipse Phase?

Some people do. The general consensus is the rules are ludicrously game-able, and the setting not thought through very well.

But is it transhuman? That's the real question.
I mean the literal definition: yes. I don't really think that matters (to me). Again: Borg? Transhuman.

"To be more than human is to be human."

I think that's just BS. Say "I don't value humanity", but don't push oxymorons. And I mean to the people that promote this idea. Not to you directly.
'To be consumed by a nanobot swarm and spread across the heavens as a plague of locust is human'.

I find transhumanism very much leans on 'Science as Heaven' for my taste. It doesn't think through the logical continuum of its desires, and just leans apon things that don't even make sense abstractly.

One issue i see here is people saying "But would it still be you?"
OK seriously, are you matt? Same spelling errors, same desire to pick a fight, same opinions, same thread he made. Same general misanthropy.

What constitutes 'you' is generally a philosophical question. Not a scientific one.

I philosophically believe that even if an organism of some sort, body-hopping sentience is not human.

A hack might be reversible. Convincing people to join you based on their own innate ignorance, bias, prejudices, etc is harder for anyone to undo.
I see your one of those people that doesn’t trust others with their own opinions on a fundamental level. And see people having the “wrong opinions” as worse then mind control.

There seems to be a large appeal in EP for those sorts of people apparently.

if people can easily be influenced by the same methods over and over again to do things that are actually very bad for them while benefitting a few, doesn't that make hacking unnecessary?
Mind hacks make you a permanent slave. You can influence people, but influence ultimately, influence is not force. A mind-hack won't just get you to side with a few but enslave you to them on an intellectual level.

To say that influence=enslavement is extreme hyperbole.

What makes you think that a baseline human can't be 'hacked'?

To disengage the hyperbole, hacking=/= influence. People are really easy to manipulate and influence, but 'hacking' implies somebody just flicking a switch and your opinion is hard-wired moreso then just influenced.

The best approach might be to view posthumanity as a bridge across the abyss

Abyss to where? Survival? Is it really survival when you are not yourself when you get to the end? In addition, there are plenty of things that are spectacular, but also horrific. The Borg are pretty spectacular. Not sure its a place Id choose to be over death.

That way, we can keep the horror of the transhuman optimization curve, while not having it completely obliterate the setting the minute anyone tries it.

I like this more. I think establishing the logic of how becoming a machine works (even in only vague babble) might also work better as of now, humans just become software without much thought into its logic.

Like why does a human dying and coming back to life cause brain damage (in the real world) while you can switch a computer on or off? Because human chemical reactions are constantly ongoing. You can't 'pause' them without causing the process to start to fail.

And these processes are extremely fine. How can you copy said processes without causing brain damage in the process? Real-world digital copies degrade not just with time, but with copies of themselves. Even what we think of a hard drive will only really be able to keep information within itself for about 20 years (in the optimal case) before it looses everything.

Digital creatures most certainly would have a lifespan even if the original copy happened optimally. And even assuming good hardware, it may only be a few hundred years better than an organic. And while that does sound like an upgrade, that assumes maintenance and part switching with great risk to mental damage.

Edit: Just an amusing thought, but magnetic tapes, have better data retention than SSDs.

Still, the book serves as a bit of an author tract on the evils of psychology (although what psychology and psychiatry have to do with the Psychlos being literally wired to experience pleasure from cruelty is beyond me). L. Ron Hubbard was a weirdo.

Indeed. I actually have a really good experience with psychologists and psychiatrists. Depends on the person of course, but they got me out of depression without anti-depressants.

Maybe L.Rons psychologists told him to stop hiding girls in his yachts.

The book was better. I'm still wondering if John Travolta is a deep cover double agent who was out to screw Scientology by making a terrible adaptation of Battlefield Earth.

Is it better at being a comedy? Does it have cavemen piloting vacuum-packed jets?

Uh what good stuff...
Fun Sets, and good mat paintings mostly. I like novel things and a 'conquer the earth' plot from the perspective of the aliens is just a rare type of story.

I of course know it's all mostly terrible. But all its terribleness is great.

And in the Battlfield Earth film, cavemen can operate Harriers.

It's probably my favorite film. All its good or neat stuff is good, and all its bad stuff is HILARIOUS.

It tells almost a 3 stooges tale explaining how two chucklefucks drove their own alien species to extinction because their idiots.

For Pharaoh it is magic beyond imagination... for us its a Tuesday.

Well it would be magic beyond imagination....for a year. Then it would normalize.

Humans have amazing powers of abstraction. We can abstract so much information.

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