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I want to be clear, I'm not looking to rehash allegations against Sean Fannon or Bill Webb.  However, I got this email this morning:

This book has been updated with a new foreword by Shanna Germain. The foreword by Sean Patrick Fannon was removed due to sexual harassment allegations made against him ( No other content has changed.

At their website, they elaborate:

After EN World reported accusations of sexual harassment made against Sean Patrick Fannon, I spoke to the other rights-holders for Never Unprepared -- for which Fannon wrote the foreword -- and we agreed that he should no longer be the "face" of this book. Engine Publishing stands with accusers.

We contacted award-winning game designer and author Shanna Germain about writing a new foreword, and were thrilled when she signed on for the job. You may know Shanna from her Origins- and ENnie Award-winning work on Numenera and No Thank You, Evil!, her numerous books, or her erotica.

Our layout designer also offered to update the book at no charge and requested that we donate what we would have paid him to Planned Parenthood, which we did.

If you have previously purchased Never Unprepared, whether in print or digitally and no matter where you purchased it, we would love to send you an updated copy with Shanna's new foreword. (If you bought it on DriveThruRPG, you already have access to this updated version.) No other content has changed.

Now, I don't want people doing genuinely bad things.  Are we really at a point where boorish behavior merits not only getting you fired from everywhere forever, but actually expunged from history like some kind of heretic in the Warhammer 40k universe?

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