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Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus - Deinos (Quozl) - De01
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:41:05 AM »
All in all, thinking it over, being a god is much better than any of the alternatives, Deinos thought as he lay pleasantly drunk on the crown of a hill. The midday sun shone down from a clear sky baking the demigod and the empty wine skins and food containers scattered about him, all gifts from the mortals he met on his long walk back to Sparta from the distant lands of the Scythians.

You get to make your own hours, people gladly hand over gifts of food and coin and bow and kneel when commanded, the women are all impressed to be in the presence of one so mighty. And in return, I have to listen to their endless pleas and when they start getting shifty I go on a mission to beat down some of their enemies like the Scythians. Yes, it is the good life until someone from the homeworld sarts sticking their nose into my life and messing up my myths. Then it's off to find a new city and collection of yokels to adopt me as patron deity.

He was drifting into sleep when he heard the sound of four sets of footsteps coming up the hillside. Opening his eyes to mere slits he could see Sparta below and a city councillor, the High Priest of Deinos, and two guards approaching.

The priest spoke first.

"Oh great and zestful, Deinos, god of Sparta and terror of the -"

"Cut it out," the councillor said to the man. "Deinos, how went the war of Retribution against King Arus of Scythia? And why in, the name of Zeus, did it take you so long to return?"

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus - Eric Olsen (Mark)- Er01
« on: January 25, 2018, 12:41:29 AM »
Blame it on roommate Chad. Or blame it on the boys of Delta Gamma Delta. Or the girls of Beta Epsilon Eta. Whatever the reason, Eric found himself drunkenly stumbling out of a frat house and onto Union Street. The ground and sky pulsed to the beat of music coming out of the doorway behind him. Oddly the door and building were perfectly still while the rest of the world followed the rhythm.

With the spring semester classes finished that afternoon and a few days before exams were to begin the students of Rutgers University spontaneously decided to let off steam with parties in all the houses of Frat Row. Chad was excited to go eventhough he probably need to use the night and the next day to study. His marks weren't that great but the lure of booze, music and the girls of B-E-E were too much to resist.

"Come back inside, Eric," Tandy called out leaning from an open window. "We still have another quart of Ouzo for you!" she added before barfing all over the side of the building.

Ouzo, even quarts of the stuff never affected Eric this strongly before and he suspected someone was spiking the drinks at the party. Maybe only his drink as the rest of his friends seemed to be acting in their usual drunken way. Tandy was always going to throw up after a few White Russians and then Sandy and Candy would have to nurse her for the rest of the night. Chad would somehow always find a case of Michelob and end up sitting ina corner muttering to himself and humming old songs while finishing off the bottles.

The song ended with a scratch and the sounds of someone falling onto the turntable. Swears and jeers came from the crowd. In the silence the world stopped pulsing and a etherial glow started to emminate from the road. Leaning against a lamppost he realized that he wouldn't be making it to the train station in the morning. No trip back home to Brooklyn this weekend.

Someone had found another source of music and with the beat the world began its pulsing once again only this time everything swayed except the glowing road.

Stumbling over a discarded and scorched chair someone had tossed onto the street he was helped up by two guys. Once dressed in a Scarlet Knight outfit the other in a toga with a foam Spartan helmet askew.

"Dude, it's still too early to be this loaded." the knight said.

"Yeah, man, it ain't even midnight yet." said the Spartan.

"There is a way to do these things; timing and accuracy are everything when it comes to having a booze-up. I mean look at the moon."

Staring up with his bleary eyes, Eric sees the full moon high in the sky and at twice its usual size.

"C'mon and stand up. We'll get you back to res. You're that Olsen kid, right?"

"Sure he is, Ox." the knight says. "Let's go, Eric."

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus - Athanasios (Jorian)- At01
« on: January 24, 2018, 11:43:06 PM »
TROY - 1332B.C.E.

Upon Paris' return home with his new wife Helen, the proud city of Troy erupted into a month-long wedding celebration. The party ended when rumours of the Achaean cities banding together and launching a expeditiary force to reclaim Helen by any means neccessary.

Now a pall has fallen across Troy as the inhabitants prepare for the siege. Each new day brings new rumours of the oncoming army and the great generals. In every home makeshift shrines have been built to the gods. The sound of prayers and smoke from burt offerings fill the city. Strange cults have formed with adherants prophesizing the destruction of Troy or destruction of the Achaeans, or even the end of the world by various actions of the gods. Every person has their own opinion on the fate of the city and these theories are loudly debated in the wine-houses and public squares.

Priam rules the city with Hector leading the army aided by the cousins Sarpedon and Glaucus. Another hero has quickly risen in the ranks of the city's defenders - a foreigner calling himself Athanasios Ankhba Atreios who is said to match Hector in skill with the spear and surpass Sarpedon in battle lust.


The evening finds Athanasios walking the ramparts with his companions Diokles and Epona. Looking out over the sea they watch a small ship race ahead of the wind towards the beach outside the city. The sail bears the rampant horse symol of Troy. Reaching the shore a group of men quickly jump off the ship and run to the city. Leading them is the priest Hutsgol and two of the others struggle to carry a large chest across the sandy and rock strewn ground.

Athan has seen Hutsgol in the company of Helen and Paris when the royals tour the city and he is said to be a special confidant of Helen's.

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus - Dagon (Headless) - Da01
« on: January 18, 2018, 12:52:54 AM »

The sun struggles up over another beautiful day and Dagon is glad in his own suspicious way...

It wasn't easy finding the road out of Osmon. First, it took Dagon a year to discover that the ritual to open the road was written in the stars on only one night of the year. Then he had to wait three years until the skies were clear on that one night. Fortunately Osmon isn't the worst world to spend some time. Unfortunatly Osmon was almost the worst place to spend a few years.

Once away and on the road he only managed a few steps before tripping on an inconveniently loose cobblestone and tumbling off into some unknown dark world.

Amid the sounds of birds singing and squawking, the sunrise reveals an Arcadian land of gentle hills, grassy plains, and copses of friendly trees. Looking closer he discovers the artifiallity of the place: the grass is astroturf, the trees pressed plastic shopping bags, water bottles, and painted styrofoam. Between the seams of the turf he sees that the hills are just mounds of garbage. In the light he sees that even the birds are cheap windup toys.

Unlike Osmon, all signs point to ths world being easy to leave. On a nearby hill, a large neon sign points to the East and "The Way Out" is spelled out in red and green lights.

Walking that way he feels the sudden intrusion into his mind by another being. From his thoughts and memories are pulled out and flash in front of his minds eye. Within seconds hundreds of images of all sorts of worlds cold and warm, wet and dry, inhabited and empty, cross his mind's eye. The intruder is searching for a specific memory, Dagon realizes.

It eventually ends and his mind is released back into his control with only a voice giving a hearty laugh and the words "Thank you, my friend." and the image of a smling Zeus left behind.

The sign did in actuality point towards a cliff face, this one made of real stone, where petroglyphs gave the instructions to find the road and leave this place.

Feel free to write up something of Dagons travels from this point until the beginning of the campaign either in the world of Jorian's Trojan War or anywhere else you'd like.

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus -Prowess Auction
« on: January 11, 2018, 09:07:14 AM »
Here are the initial bids on Prowess:

Jorian: 13
Mark: 10
Quozl: 3
Headless: 0

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus -Fortitude Auction
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:56:04 AM »
The secret bids are:

Quozl 20
Jorian 14
Mark 10
Headless 1

Let the bidding begin!

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus -Might Auction
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:07:24 AM »
Here are the initial bids on Might:

Quozl 15
Jorian 7
Headless 0
Mark 0

Let the bidding commence!

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus - Ego Auction
« on: January 03, 2018, 08:11:17 AM »
Here are the initial bids on Ego:

Marksolino: 20
Headless: 12
Quozl: 5

I have not heard from Jorian so we will assume he will 'no bid'.

Okay, 48 hours to increase your Ego scores. 20 is too low for the first rank so what do you want to bid next? Anyone for 30?

Play by Post Games / LoO - New Prometheus - Pre-Game
« on: December 22, 2017, 09:31:08 PM »
This is the continuation of the thread started in the Pen & Paper RPG section.

We are hoping to play a pbp campaign of Lords of Olympus starting early January 2018. We are still accepting new players!

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