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Anybody know any good places to find plots/plot seeds for samurai/bushi adventures in Fantasy Nippon? System doesn't matter much as I can adapt (using either Bushido or RuneQuest) as needed; it's mainly the ideas I'm looking to mine.

Also, does anyone recall if Sengoku or Oriental Adventures had any plots/adventures in them? I have the books but they are not available for me to check at the moment.

Finally, anyone know any good samurai warrior adventure novels? I've read Musashi but don't know any other good ones.

GW Runequest, Advanced Runequest, and Land of Ninja: what makes them awesome?

Also, did GW do a Vikings  book?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Three Amigos RPG
« on: July 19, 2015, 06:24:28 PM »
What would you use? 1st Ed. Ghostbusters with a modified talents list and equipment list?

Anyone have any experience with the Renaissance Deluxe RPG? My understanding from reading about it is that it is BRP or BRP-derived and is supposed to support play in the Renaissance era. [Apparently one can also use fantasy stuff in the book as well, but I have no interest in that part of it.] I'd like to know if anyone has an assessment as to how well done the support material is: for example, can I play in the Siglo de Oro, Medici Italy, Elizabethan England, and so on, or will I need to conduct a lot of research on my own to make this feasible? Are there any sample adventures or plot seeds included? And is it any good?

They synchronize fairly well. Surely this has been done by someone who is both clever and creative. I keep thinking there must be some awesome way to incorporate a Diplomacy game into Space: 1889, perhaps with players running PCs in Space: 1889 and countries in Diplomacy to effect changes in political situations between the Great Powers on Earth as well as the other Inner Planets. Although I suppose the Diplomacy turns would be infrequent as 2 make a year go by.

Just as it says, and why one over the other? Or is there a superior 3rd option I am unaware of for a bad ass cops RPG?

So Space: 1889 + Pellucidar + The Lost World seem like they'd go together like peanut butter and jam and bananas. I have Space: 1889, the extremely disappointing Hollow Earth Expedition, and Lands of Mystery, as well (of course) as the novels that inspired these things.  But is there already a game that melds these things together? I can't believe this hasn't been tackled before. Not an all-encompassing, supposedly "pulp" game (which always seems to mean Indiana Jones) as those focus on a later period, but an actual game made for this stuff?

Or would I be better off just using Space: 1889 for my basic rules/background and just insert the rest as my own concoction? I don't have much free time (kids, job, ailing relative, you name it), so if it's already out there and doesn't suck donkey balls I'd rather save myself the work...

Has anyone tried doing something like Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe using Pendragon as rules set?

I'm thinking the rules as is would work pretty well, leaving out the "one adventure per year" part of not, with the main difference being the Saxons being more the "native" culture rather than Cymric by that time, and needing to work up some stuff for the Normans.

For background material/sourcebooks, aside from Ivanhoe itself, I have Columbia's Lionheart and I.C.E.'s Robin Hood (as well as Howard Pyle's Robin Hood novel).

I'd like to get something that tells me in simple terms about daily life in the fiefdoms and in the castles and what not, perhaps one of those children's books about "Life in a Castle" or whatever. Any suggestions for that?

Also, has anyone used Pendragon for this sort of thing? How did it work out? Pitfalls to watch for? Other books that might be useful? I'm not worried about TRUE HISTORY so much as having the basics feel real. There could be a dragon or a unicorn and what not, possibly a wizard lurking somewhere, or wicked druids or some such, haven't really decided about whether the supernatural will truly exist at all or if it will just be untrue beliefs as in reality.

Has there ever been a hardcover edition of Pendragon? My paperback is tattered and torn and I'd much rather have a nice hardcover that will withstand my usage.

So I have seen this on the used shelf from time to time, as well as a magazine that appears to have been dedicated to it. The pseudo-Egyptian cover of a magazine caught my eye with the badass warrior and sexy priestess, or whatever they were.

Anybody ever actually play this game? What was good, what stunk up the room? What made it an improvement on D&D? What made it inferior? Is it worth owning and playing? Is it a fun read, at the very least? Is there a setting, or is it a rules set for which you create your own (as in D&D without additional books)?

Is it better or worse than Cyborg Commando?

So I happened to pick up copies of DragonQuest and Universe (both by SPI) at a yard sale. I have never seen or played either of them but they both look pretty awesome and the price was right.

Can anyone tell me about DragonQuest, especially if you have played it? It looks like you can create much more interesting characters than class-and-level games allow, and the Magic College stuff seems cool.

Can anyone tell me about Universe and your experiences playing it? How does it compare to "classic" Traveller, for instance?

Also, were there any supplements or modules for either of these games?

Oh, and these are the books; I gather there were earlier boxed versions so I assume these are 2nd editions or later printings without boxes.

I have never owned any but found some offered to me at decent prices.

Which ones are worth getting and what are they about?

My preference is for E.C. Tubbs Dumarest type Traveller scenarios and some Bertram Chandler thrown in, plus a little Alien (the Sigourney Weaver flick) and Trekker (the Ron Randall comic). Any classic Traveller adventures in that vein?

So I'd like to get my friends to play a Western RPG as a break from our AD&D game as I'm not all that into fantasy anyway. I used to have Aces & Eights but found it was too rules-heavy for me and wasted too many pages on its alternate history setting for me. Traded A&8s away for some Traveller stuff. Loved the shot clock but damned if I couldbe bothered with so many rules and I prefer to set such games in the "real world" Old West (as in no zombies or magic Injuns or "the Confederacy won" and such, more like a good Louis L'Amour tale). The only Western RPG I have now is 3rd Ed Boot Hill. I like it find but was wondering if there are any others I should check out? My main criteria are that the game should be fairly easy for a player to create a character and walk right into the saloon and start adventuring and I don't want to deal with "fantasy Western" or soi-disant "Weird West" stuff that has to be extracted from the game to play in a more real setting. Oh, and please don't suggest any "universal systems" like GURPS, Hero, or Savage Worlds as I personally just want a Western game; I don't want to have to tailor my own game from a toolkit. And very important to me is I want an actual book, not a PDF as my eyes can't take it. Any good ones out there? Is non-fantastic Western a tall order?

Happy trails!

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