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The RPGPundit's Own Forum / The downsides of Nationalizing Healthcare
« on: April 26, 2018, 05:25:58 PM »
Far too often folks in the media tend to believe in centralized power. They view themselves as smarter than other people and more caring so if they have this power the world would be so much better. I know....I know....Bond Villains.

IT's sad how the media has been ignoring the case of Alfie Evans.

I know we have some believers in nationalizing industries here in the States. Are you guys comfortable enough with these sorts of situations?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / The Blue Model Failures.
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:06:56 PM »
I read this article in the NY Times and it really spoke to me about the problems we are facing with the Democratic party and the Blue Model:

I agree with it in large parts but I don't think the solution is redistribution but to open up the marketplace to the people in the bottom. One of the big things that hurts California is that it's so hard to build new (affordable) or starter homes. Even here in Milwaukee I look at how much we paid for our small home in Whitefish Bay and compare it to what house I could buy in Texas, Arizona, or other mountain west states and I always seriously think about moving.

Anybody else have some thoughts?

I picked up "Into the Borderlands" today which is an homage to B1 and B2 and reading through it reminded me how much more useful the old modular adventure products were compared to what 5E is releasing. From my understanding, and I could be wrong because I quit buying the 5E product after the Timat adventures (which were two books) Prince of the Apocalypse. I know that Wizards is trying to do fewer books but what they are producing are a single book that takes parties from level 1 all the way to level 10+. When I got started we were buying the classic module model that may be a module for new groups (B1 and B2) or different modules for parties from 3-5 or 5-7, or what have you. This made my move to "sandbox" gaming so much easier because I could repurpose content from these modules and easily slot them in.

Is the market for the modular style adventures just not there anymore? Folks want the linear product that takes their group from beginning to the end?

One more thought for those folks look to get "Into the Borderlands" It's $50 and I wish it would have been a box set that had the modules printed in the original format.


Reason I'm proud to be an American that nobody could be arrested for a tacky joke. I wish the Left and the rest of the world valued liberty and freedom of speech.


I agree with the good knight. We have an issue with so few controlling so much.
What are you guys thoughts?

The large tech oligarchs and other big businesses want to be woke. The executives and decision makers enjoy being seen as not like "other business bros". They want a positive social media image. They talk a great game about how woke they are. But, their actual business practices do not fall inline with all the virtue they signal. I think it's time for Republicans to stop being proponents of big business and start making them live up to their values. Amazon wants to be a woke company so Jeff Bezos can be seen as a cool guy in Hollywood, NYC, D.C., etc. Well, here is a nice news story:

And I can find stories like this for all of these big businesses that love to preen online about how woke they are. I think it's time for the Left to be forced to live up their bullshit. Google buys indulgences from SJWs to bring in foreign labor that they can pay less that domestic labor. As long as the SJWs get $$ they are willing to go along with it. Big business has moved far left culturally over the last couple generations. I don't understand why Republicans stand up for them. It's time to put into practice every virtue they signal.

Let's go after Hollywood. All of the subsidies that States give to Hollywood doesn't actually generate revenue anywhere near the costs of the subsidies. But, on Sunday, we were lectured to by our betters about how dumb we are. We have Hollywood taking tax credits from states they don't produce films in. They set up tax haven companies as away to skirt doing their "fair share".

There is an old joke about a boy who complains to his mother about his sister pulling his hair. His mother says "she doesn't know that hurts" a few minutes later the mother hears the girls scream and runs into the room. "She knows now" says the boy.

It's time for the GOP to start weaponizing their power. The Left has weaponized the culture, academia, and big business. It's time for the Right to weaponized our levers of power. Let's start with the tax code. It's time to fuck the left up the ass with a rusty stick when it comes to taxes. Make them walk the walk.

Did anybody watch the CNN public shaming they televised last night? The left is cheering banning all semi-automatic weapons. Now, I know, most Leftists don't actually know what a semi-automatic weapon is, and I know, most Leftists don't actually know that "assault" weapon is a made up term. Something like ~70% of all firearms in the United States are semi-automatic.  But today...the Left is finally saying they do want to ban and confiscate weapons. I am glad they are being honest about this in an election year. The Democrats are going to do everything they can to give Trump another term.

I was looking through my copy of 'Old Ones' for Palladium Fantasy for this Thursdays game and it struck me how much useable material were in the Palladium sourcebooks. Old Ones has more than 50 maps from full cities, towns, forts, dungeons, catacombs, all that could be easily be ported and used right away in any session. The maps are fully keyed as well so they are all set to go. This is beyond the fluff, classes, etc. The book has seven different adventures that are suitable and could be published as individual modules. That doesn't include the adventure hooks in the books. A lot of the sourcebooks I get tend to be for AiME or other OSR games and tend to be a lot lesas dense then the old Palladium stuff. I picked up some of the adventure books for 5E which are very focused on the module and not really as "portable" as the old Palladium Fantasy stuff.

I guess I just am impressed for a book that is more than 30 years old to have so much stuff in it.

I want sourcebooks to have things I'm bad at or things I don't have time for. Maps that are fleshed out, keyed, and include fluff hit all the buttons for me. I don't have the time to map out dungeons, cities, towns, crypts, forts, etc. anymore. And when I have these keyed maps it makes my life so much easier because I can use them as is or just repurpose them no matter what rules system or campaign world I'm in.

What do you guys want out of sourcebooks?

Also when did the dungeon become such a passé concept in role-playing games? I was at Midwinter Con here in Milwaukee a few weeks ago and just talking to other folks and they came into the hobby either with 3E or post 3E and dungeons just weren't part of their gaming up bringing. Is it just generational?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Mike Mearls is firing you from D&D
« on: January 21, 2018, 08:00:31 PM »

Mike Mearl's was on Twitter and from this Tweet and I couldn't find any other follow up Tweets basically was coming across that people that enjoy more "complex" rules (whatever that means) are gatekeepingthe hobby. He then basically told people that they are fired from D&D. I guess this is stemming from a "controversy" around the fact that he hired a young woman to be a designer. I couldn't find any "anti-woman" posts on, ENWorld, or Dragonsfoot. I did see some posters on EnWorld saying that it's surprise that she was hired when she has no design credits to her name and/or published modules. I searched on Twitter *which I'm not great at* and I couldn't find these outrageous Tweets. I don't know if this is just people virtue signaling or if there is something there, there. I thought I went to some of the more popular D&D forums and I did a search on Twitter. I'm surprised that Mike Mearls is telling people that he is firing customers from a product he didn't create and doesn't own.

I didn't know if this should go in Pundit's forum but I wanted it here. Do you guys think that game complexity is "gatekeeping" the hobby from new players? I don't. D&D had the largest mass appeal back during AD&D when the game was considered more "complex" than it is now. I don't find AD&D complex but I have heard from many millennial type gamers or iGeners that they do but are fine with 5E. As a big supporter of "complex" games such as GURPS and Palladium, again which I don't find complex and pre-teen daughters do not find complex.

When did the narrative that wanting rules complexity (which doesn't mean anything or means whatever someone wants it to mean) become bad? I also think it's funny that he's going after people for narrative density when he and his company are responsible for that with D&D. They published the Forgotten Realms. They made the FR the default setting for D&D. So cry me a river.

Reviews / I did a YouTube review for Lion & Dragon
« on: December 29, 2017, 04:58:31 PM »

I'm really sucky at these things, using an iPhone, and it was unscripted after work. My Patreon will start any day now.

I don't get the RPG streaming fad. I get that guys like that there are somewhat attractive women doing it who often will dress up in provocative clothing while steaming but I have noticed that when folks that hit a larger market of streaming that they aren't playing the game at the table that the way I think most gamers do (or I'm way out of touch). They are playing for "performance" and not playing for "plays" sake. I'm almost feel that the streamers are to RPGs as cosplayers are to comicbooks or other fandoms in that the use of the source material is only for the dress up or the use of RPGS is only for the performance. I also am skeptical that folks that do the streaming also are in it for money as I see that usually they collect money and things.

I just was watching a D&D 5E stream and the way the players talked, interacted with each other, and did things it was obviously they were doing for what made the best "show" and not for what made the best "game" if you get me.

I'm going to go out and continue to yell at clouds.


I found this data interesting because it kind of confirmed my bias from reading that the posters screwed a lot younger but more importantly, they are right around the age of the other Red Guard members that are destroying universities right now. I figured ENWorld would be younger as well. What's really interesting for sites that make such a big deal about being "safe spaces" for women their audience doesn't really have a larger female audience than Tenkar's Tavern which makes no such noise about trying to be a "safe space" for women.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Trump Supporters: Stop letting him use you.
« on: October 27, 2017, 04:30:30 PM »
Trump is a conman. This is a well established fact and pretty hard to argue against. Now, I know what you're going to say: Hillary is a con artist, too! But being a crony conman isn't excused because other people are shitty too.

He's using you. He's lying to you. His policies are not going to help you. His polices are going to help his ultra rich friends. His tax plan is fucking you over to give tax cuts to the ultra wealthy. Ever wonder why Rex Tillerson would put up with all of the bullshit? Why anybody else would put up with his bullshit? Rex received $180 million dollars in a buyout from Exxon, why is he sticking around? Do you know what happens with that money when he went into government? Do you know when he's going to quit? After the first year. When he took the SS job the money is getting converted to to treasuries. If he leaves within the first year the IRS can consider it tax evasion and hit him. After a year they won't. By ending the estate tax, even though none of us are going to pay it with the current exclusion. But if i'm Rex Tillerson, removing the estate tax and keeping my $200,000,000.00+ fortune I'm going to be able to avoid ALL taxes on it from my heirs because of the step up of the date of death.

He's not good. He is a bad person. He is not up to the job. He's taking you for a ride. You are not getting a wall. He is not draining the swamp because he is the swamp. Stop letting him use you.

Frank Mentzer, you all know who he is, is launching a new world for D&D and Fantasy Role Playing systems:


Let's start from scratch.

My name is Frank. A long time ago I worked for TSR and Gary Gygax, and I wrote some things.

Now it's 35 years later, and most tabletop hobby gamers don't know me. Many have never heard of me. There are a lot of great games out there, and it's hard to pick one. Thank you for your time and interest.

When I was Gary's Creative Aide, we talked about my Campaign. We decided to publish it, but Gary wanted it very distant, with no active connections to his continent. That's what he wanted so that's what I did. Earlier plans didn't materialize, so the time is now, sadly 9 years after my friend left us.

Empyrea is based on three premises: magic instead of Technology, a sentient but indifferent Planet who knows how everything can be in balance, and royals who place quality of life (for all) above unbalancing mass whims (like war and wealth).

These premises have far-reaching consequences, and I have spent decades extrapolating the results and applying them to an entire continental society. (I have over a thousand chatroom game logs, i.e. my laboratory.)

Our story is about Empyrea at its height. It is geographically constrained on all four sides, and Evil wants to spoil the party. But at the moment it's a comfortable Realm, the sort of world in which your current player characters have thrived. They'll find a second home in Empyrea.

We plan to release the core set by next Summer (Kickstarter in October). If it is well-received, we'll offer a whole line of supporting products. We're trying to make Empyrea available for various Fantasy RPG systems, and a science fiction interface for the offplanet setting. These are plans, but only the future will reveal the results.

SPOILERS: Additional sub-plots involve orcs trying to be civilized, dragons deciding not to be adventurer-fodder any longer, an undersea race of giant squid who actually rule the planetary ocean, a Lost World right next door, giants who may have an offplanet heritage, and Immortal beings who might just erase everything and start over.
But that's all in the background, and won't affect you... much.

Why will this take 9 months to produce? Because Loxley is assembling fantastic talents from all fields, but few are doing it full-time. You'll soon see 30 names. These tremendously talented people work with many companies. We just have to deal with the logistics.

Thanks again for your interest. More to come soon.

I invited Mr Mentzer to this forum and if he stops by I wanted a catch all thread for him. I'll be backing his project. One of my highlights has been gaming with him at GaryCon and Nexus Milwaukee.


I bought in at $27. I own all the books in their dead tree state and this is an inexpensive way to get them on my iPad. The Rifts Primer should be free. It was originally published in the Rifter.

Now we just need a Palladium Fantasy and Robotech bundle.

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