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Play by Post Games / IC: B/X Forest of a Thousand Deaths
« on: December 15, 2020, 10:31:18 AM »
It had been weeks of accursed travel and you can smell nothing, but rot.  These so called "civilized men" of the kingdom known as Barista had kept you caged like animals.  Inside your cage is especially bad as the weather and foul treatment from the guards had lead to the demise of the eldest shamaness. 

Age had reached her and she wasn't as strong as she was in her prime.  Still she was strong enough to raise two boys who eventually became warriors.  Warriors who are lucky enough to see their mother lying dead and rotting in a cage as if she is discarded garbage.  Rage is not enough to describe your emotions right now. 

The fog grows thicker and carries a faint yet familiar feeling of dread.  No...  The rage slowly dies out as you realize the harpies gave that old woman a mercy.  These mad men of Barista are heading towards Silence the Forbidden Forest.  The Forest of a Thousand Deaths.

Basically a dark fantasy human centric game where you play as prisoners magically bound to serve a mission in deadly forest that is haunted.

The interesting elements for the player is that they control a entire party of four at level five instead of one character at level one.  Trust me you need the numbers and HP as the forest is quite deadly.

Obviously there will be house rules as magic will be very different from normal D&D.  By the way if your wondering what book I am using it is Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy by Necrotic Gnome.  

If your interested stay alert as more information will be given once I have them written down.

Seriously.  How does he make osr books that use the d20 system and yet never adds the OGL in any of his books?  I am just curious about that.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / PDF Compressor
« on: December 23, 2019, 05:18:30 AM »
Seriously what is the best pdf compressor I can get?

Reviews / Glory Road Roleplay
« on: December 09, 2019, 07:29:58 PM »
Here is my video review of Glory Road Roleplay.

EDIT: It appears that bitchute videos cannot be shown using the insert video option.

Going on with the full review then.

Glory Road Roleplay is a game made by William Reich that allows you to play your character in a fantasy setting that your GM has created.  It uses a complex system that suppose to bring about realism into the game.  Well as much as it can be possible.  That means for the most part character creation is going to be slow, but once every thing is done the game should be faster than GURPs.  I ask the creator about this and he assured me as much.  Looking over the system I can certainly testify that it is indeed complex and as I am one for light systems that are easy to understand...  Well it isn't my cup of tea.  Still I won't let my biases get in the way.

System wise the main mechanics are attack and skill.  Attack is d20 + many things to consider = any result higher than 20 is a success.  If you get up to 31 it is a strong success.  If you reach 41 it is a critical success.  With skills it is dice pool system in which you figure out the TN.  TN being the average of your attributes that skill is using + 4(Level of your character if you have the skill).  If your TN is higher than 80% then you get more rolls added to the challenge.  Now this gets interesting is that difficulty is based on how many dice you roll.  A fairly easy task is seven dice while a near impossible task is two dice.  This game is assuming your TN is going to be low and the more dice you roll the higher your chances of success.  Obviously you keep rolling till you run out of dice, or you finally get a success.

Character creation takes a while, but once you got that done the system is good enough for you to keep going.  If you have every thing written down and all the math done right.

Now for the things that actually made me concern...

This pdf is absolutely boring to read.  I literally struggled to make it to the first hundred pages not because of the complexity, but from the great difficulty of trying to stay up.  I read tech books more entertaining than this.  There is nothing to inspire you to play this game at all and that is problem when you got GURPS and other rpgs that are just as complex and can do fantasy just as well.  I mentioned to the creator in email that I honestly think his PDF is doomed to failure which is a shame because the guy is really nice.  I really don't want to give a bad review, but I have to be honest.  So if your reading this please forgive me.  I am sorry.

He needs to hire and artist for one thing.  Some of the public domain art isn't bad.  Mostly the authentic medieval drawings and paintings are pretty great.  It is just the real life photos, 3D art, and others that just really mess with me.  There is no consistency in this pdf and it detracts from the experience.  He needs to hire a artist.

Secondly the layout is not up there.  I know the creator said it was done by a professional, but he also told me that the professional only does novels.  A Tabletop RPG is not a novel and it shows.  I really don't want to detract points from this layout as I am certain the editor did her best given her field, but again novels are not Tabletop RPG books.  You need to find some one that does editing for Tabletop RPGs and hire him/her.  

So what is good about the game?  None because the good aspect about it is in another book named Manager.  This guy can write short stories and it will draw in your attention.  They are actually entertaining.  One story caught my attention about a goblin who serves a air mage and has to go through the air mage's wacky adventure to collect rare seal pelts.  Of course the goblin is gripping along the way because even he knows this is stupid.  Any one who has shitty bosses can relate to this goblin.  Yet you find none of that in the Glory Road Roleplay core rules which is all dry and flavorless.  This man's strongest suit is not being used at all.

I cannot recommend this book.  Which I feel bad because this man was nice and giving me a free copy to look at it.  I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO GIVE HIM A BAD REVIEW.  Yet I have to.  So my verdict is give this PDF a pass.

News and Adverts / The Tragedy of Red Hound
« on: November 10, 2019, 06:48:32 AM »
Okay I am back on my laptop so here is the story without the pictures and music video.

This is for those that could not read the blog.

How I fucked up my first werewolf the forsaken character. To be more exact how to arrive at the wrong place at the very wrong time. Oh man where do I start on this train wreck? I know I made mistakes, but they pale in comparison to the things other people had done. All I can honestly say I was too fucking new for my own good at the time and I was a dumb ass at the time.

I think this shit was all the way down to 2005, or 2006. Point was I fell in love with Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines for the PC, was not having success with D&D, and was ready to dive deep into World of Darkness tabletop. I had no RPG buddies at the time and to my great fortune I had seen that in the White Wolf site at the time had a chat game where you can hop on and play. Thinking back on it now I was better off playing more Bloodline and ignore the horrible site. Then again I would had not been brought to the OSR. I guess I should count my blessings within curses?

So after my first failure with John Brown the crazy eye vampire from Chicago I decided to try out werewolf. I decided to go with a ex-cop. Why? The restrictions were too high to be a actual cop so I went with a ex-cop saying how he struggled with being a werewolf and how much the change fucked up not only his career, but his life as well.

The good news is that my concept was cool and I was allowed in to be played, but first I need to join a pack in order to be allowed to play. Interesting setup if I may say... To forcefully join a group you have no idea that your going to meld with is quite the risky move.

So the pack that bothered to talk to me was a group that focus on taking in werewolves that needed help. In short they were the fixer uppers that take in the broken and try to fix them to become better werewolves. Which sounded nice at the time and hey I wanted to do good things. I always pictured Red Hound as archon hound.

So after joining up with the Pit Bulls and Parolees I was introduce to the members who I had forgotten their names. Look this is more than ten years ago and I didn't keep any notes so please bare with me.

The alpha of the group is some quiet type guy that is very... Well actually I don't think he had much of a character at all other than two things. His loving respect for murderous boxer who kills a young werewolf because he had the bad case of the blue balls one night and his undying hatred the alpha pack who basically wanted said murderous werewolf dead. To name alpha I simply will go Homeless because his character pick had a dude wearing a gray hood in some urban environment. So Homeless it is.

The beta, who that player was nicer than the character, was playing a illegal racer who is a hot blonde. She was also already happily married. The beta had more of a personality and I meet her more often than the alpha thus got to establish a better relationship with. She will be known as Speed Racer.

Then there is No Show as I think I may had meet him once. Then he, or she left the chat... Yeah not much to say about that.

Next up was the fixer upper that was really a young adult who I didn't get to know, but man I felt bad for. I shall call him Lamb for he was innocent and got slaughtered like one. I really felt bad for him.

Then there was Traitor who I was going to call crazy lady till I chatted with her later on in another chat. Let me just say no wonder she betrayed the Forsaken because with her husband to be I fucking would. Now the reason I call her Traitor was because eventually in another chat she had in fact switch over the Pure (aka werewolf rednecks) which the "good" forsakens did kill her for doing that. Again... I can't really blame her.

Next up is Shit and that is all he will ever be known for. No this guy was a piece of shit in terms of both character and player. First meeting he told my character to fuck off which I thought he was playing a asshole character. Nope! For some reason he hated me too. Just pure asshole. Oh his character is some hot shot boxer which looking at the rules of werewolf the forsaken first edition that is a horrible job to have. All those cameras and any time someone does five success of damage it could trigger a death rage... It was stupid and I know because that shit happened to my character in a junkyard.

Then there was Dude Bro who I had nothing against. He was just buddies with Shit. How Shit have any friends is beyond me.

There was also another guy who joined us I think. I just call him Smarty because he did the smart thing and ditch us later on during the road trip to LA in the new chat.

Okay first few months was just my character getting used to the city of Denver and meeting up the locals. Nothing major other than I went death rage in a junkyard spar which almost killed my character. In hindsight that would had been a good thing. No I lived with only two boxes of health not in aggravated damage. So four weeks in medical care and two weeks just slowly recovering the last two aggs.

It was during this time that seeds of the pack's destruction was created. Lamb being a dsyfunctional werewolf insulted the beta and was eventually kicked out. Yes the pack that was suppose to take care of the dsyfunctional werewolves pretty much dropped the ball when their own pride got hurt. Some where there is a pit bull that disapproves of this by shaking its head no and I agree with that dog.

One night Traitor didn't feel like having sex and told Shit no she isn't even in the mood. So did Shit just shrug, accept it as a adult, and slept on the couch till his boner dies off? FUCK NO! He stormed off in a huff. Found Lamb on one of the lonely city streets and killed the poor boy.

For his punishment of the crime of MURDER Shit's pack decided to just banish him into the spirit realm so he can meditate on what he did wrong for a month. Yeah the spirit world is suppose to be dangerous, but this is fucking retarded. Yet Homeless, Speed Racer, Shit, and Dude Bro didn't like it because once Shit got back... Well Dude Bro and Shit left that pack to join... Mine.

Mind you when I was introduce to these two for the first time I was never told what happened to Lamb. So here I was being nice to the fucking asshole that killed a young man who had problems because Shit had a bad case of the blue balls. Oh and they are are family now... Fuck you Homeless.

So next disaster was when Red Hound visited Traitor with every other werewolf. Traitor found out that werewolves exist and is taking it better than most people. So Red being good natured said, "Hey if you got any problems we have your back." Well something like that. It was a token of good gesture and I sure as fuck didn't mean any ill will by it. So Traitor freaks the fuck out and some how I am the bad guy. Why? No fucking idea, but you can see why I wanted to call her crazy lady.

So next of Homeless's many failures was hold a mock trial. As in lets listen to Shit, bitch out Red Hound without allowing my werewolf having a say to his defense, and lets start up combat to see who is pack omega. Mind you the STs of the site hate it if you try to start out with high combat skills so I had decent amount, but not high enough to make him a combat character. Now Shit on the other hand... He can attack twice per turn and had high combat skills. To Red Hound's credit he manage to do well and almost won. Almost because he still lost and is now pack bitch status which he got mock by Speed Racer... Which fuck you too bitch. Your new name is Bitch.

Now you might be still saying, "Damn that punishment that Shit got was pretty easy." Don't worry because Roman Maxwell got the word on Shit's deed and went, "Well this is fucking retarded." So as werewolf King of all Colorado. The entire state of Colorado. Roman decides to deal with Shit before some other werewolves get murdered. So +1 to Roman against Homeless -2. Already Roman is pulling nothing, but wins.

Then Traitor gets killed by the pure.

So with threats of the Pure the werewolf King has a meeting. I decided to go to represent my pack. So here is Red Hound dressing his best and being at his most polite behavior to the leaders of the werewolf community till he gets a phone call.

Red Hound: "Hello."

Shit: "Hey omega bitch!"

Red Hound: "Yes..."

Shit: "Where are you?"

Red Hound: "At a very important meeting that Roman Maxwell is hosting to talk about plans on how to deal with the current Pur..."


Safe to say the exact words were a bunch of insults. To the alpha of the alpha pack of not only the city of Denver, but all of Colorado. I as omega have to make insults to the leader of the forsaken in front of everyone. Which is the exact opposite of what I was trying to do.

So I got up and formally apologize to Roman Maxwell. Then inform him that due to my status in the pack I have literally no choice in the matter and that these orders were from Shit himself. These are not my words and I am ashamed to speak them to you. So I gave him the insults. Not a good moment for me.

Then the pure attack...

So thanks to the pure Shit's message was no longer important and due to the fact that the leader of the Pure beat up two of Roman's pack members I volunteered to patch them up. Thus hopefully patching up any relationship issues Roman might have with my pack. At the very least figure out that I am not the bad guy here.

Safe to say this gave Roman Maxwell a brilliant idea. Send in Shit to kill the head pure leader Thunder Dome style. Two enter and one leave. Red Hound is okay with this as two murderous werewolves will get to kill themselves. Hopefully Shit dies. Homeless and Bitch were not so happy with this. Why? They have a history with Shit and frankly two werewolves were worth sacrificing for Shit. Which is why I called Lamb for what he is. The sacrificial lamb. Which if the player is ever reading this I still feel bad for you man. That was not a good way to go.

So Shit fights the pure leader and bites the dust... I cannot stress enough how much of a hero that Pure was and upon news of Shit's death I was fucking happy indeed.

Now your wondering... Red Hound are you sure your lawful? At this point I might had fallen into neutral to be honest. Then again this was Shit... So yes I am still lawful. At least I believe I am still lawful.

So in another battle against the pure I laid the killing blow on the pure leader because he was still evil and killing people. It was the hardest killing I had ever done in any rpg. Simply out of the fact that werewolf resolved so many of my problems. I feel like he should be given free beer for life for his actions. Instead for the safety of the forsaken I had to end him. Man this feels like killing Old Yeller.

So now the pack lost a member who was causing nothing, but pain to the entire pack. We got a spiritual wound to fix. Beyond that we are in a fixable position. All we have to do is make amends with the rest of the city and accept the fact that Shit really had to go. I mean he murdered a kid because he didn't get laid. Not to mention I refuse to be one of your sacrifices to the alter of Shit.

Then at the winter festival Homeless started to piss off Roman Maxwell. Which by the way other than me and members of my pack everyone caught wind of Shit's murder boner. Safe to say the city is fed up with our shit and Roman made it know that by spring his pack is going to kill off our pack. Enjoy the winter asshole.

At this time we found a new site to continue on with our journey. After we left we get word that in White Wolf chat the canon is that we all got killed by Roman. So thanks again Homeless.

So traveling to LA we set up some various camp sites. Out of loyalty I joined up with them. Why? I was fucking young and stupid. I didn't bother to think about the ST's side of the story. Amazing how after running games for ten years on various chats you learn how rotten players, admins, site owners, and other STs can really be. Not to mention how fucking screwed over NPCs can be when the PCs decided to do stupid things. Homeless forced Roman's hand on this.

So during the travel the pack pretty much dropped like flies. Dude Bro left and his wife stuck around. Then tried to pull moves on Red Hound. Again Red Hound can see the ring on her figure and is lawful. So of course he says no and avoids the cheating tent. So now Dude Bro's wife hates Red Hound.

Meanwhile Bitch and Dude Bro's wife (who is now Dudette) are forming plans behind everyone's back. Thinking about starting a prositute ring and every thing which when Red found it that was basically the final straw on the camels back.

So we got to LA and encountered some pure which Homeless thought about joining. My character is like, "You know they murdered Shit right?" I was basically pulling off the lawful good character still. That was really Homeless's last scene as he ditch us later on leaving Bitch in charge.

That was when she went for operation Hoe and informed Red Hound about it. Red Hound decided enough is enough. Then he challenges Bitch for pack leadership. This shocked Bitch and she threw a fit. The character not the player by the way. I would later on join her WoW guild for a while and help her out in a few sites.

Eventually, however, I just quit. Namely we cannot use our histories in White Wolf chat anymore which... What is the point of playing as Red Hound now? He is basically a new character and had nothing to rely on. Secondly because of the background wipe Shit shows up. How he managed to survive Thunder Dome... Oh wait didn't happen. Yeah not going to deal with Shit anymore at this point. In Red Hound's final scene I told Shit as he was giving off a raging fit that this archon hound was leaving the city. Which true to his word Red Hound fucking left and never turned this back.

Now the question is did Red Hound deserved better? I will leave that up to you to answer.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Repeat from Onyx Path
« on: September 24, 2019, 02:45:28 AM »
Here is a link to the latest kickstarter.

Sounds pretty good to be honest.  We have very sympathic characters who suffered at the hands of a all powerful antagonists who have their own lackeys and organizations.  A real underdog story that is far better than Beast: the Primordial.  Wait...  It sounds familiar, but why?


Deviant = Changeling
Lab = Arcadia
Experiments = Durance
Antagonist = True Fae
Lackeys = Huntsmen for 2nd Edition
Fighting Back = Hello what was the entire point of Summer and Autumn courts?

I believe I made my point that Onyx Path is running out of ideas.  This is Changeling with a different skin.

This seriously happened before midnight as I post this.

All within my blog.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Players for a Test Game
« on: May 29, 2019, 06:45:51 PM »
I need some players to test out the basic system for my game called Adventures of the Weird.  Setting wise it is pirate game where you encounter the weird.  Technology wise it is black powder with plenty of flintlocks, matchlocks if your poor, and wheellocks if your rich.  If things go well this could be a start of a campaign that I call Skulls & Bones which I will put more mechanics in.

The intro is a group of surviving pirates that got ship wrecked on a mysterious island.  It should have up to nine dungeons to explore.  Here is the map of the island and I am not a artist so I apologize for the horrible drawing.


The hex version.


The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Climate Change
« on: May 12, 2019, 01:10:58 PM »
Can you now leave the activism thread alone?

Now my opinion is simple.  Yes there is climate change and we humans do have influence over it.  As much as the sun and other natural events?  No idea to be honest as environmental activists had spread so many lies they make environmentalism into a damn joke.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Creative Commons
« on: December 28, 2018, 10:46:28 PM »
Is Creative Commons a good idea for rpgs?  If yes, then what are the limitations?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Milo's New Site
« on: March 05, 2017, 05:35:19 AM »
I just recently discovered this.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / FBI Investigate Hillary Again
« on: October 28, 2016, 06:26:53 PM »
You can find it in the news sites.  I mean all of them.

Play by Post Games / (Interest) Hunter the Silent Legion
« on: August 23, 2016, 01:49:05 AM »
Hello.  I want to know if there is a interest in a chronicles of darkness like game using Silent Legion rules by Sine Nomine Publishing.  Going with mortals who have become brand new hunters.  Any one that wants to play?

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / DNC Scandal
« on: July 25, 2016, 08:10:43 PM »
I figured this is to big to ignore, but have you seen Wikileaks recently?  Turns out the Democrat Nomination Committee had decided to fuck over Bernie and go for Hillary.

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