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The Expanse is my favorite current show (which isn't saying much as the only other show I am watching is Wandavision which fell apart by the fourth episode). I greatly enjoyed the start of Season 5, as they finally moved the focus of the show away from the blue fairy dust and went back to the political intrigue that I liked from the first couple seasons. But as the season went along it got worse and worse. There were two problems that seemed to repeat over and over throughout the season.

Plot points that go nowhere:

-In the last episode of Season 4, the graphic showed Marco destroying the watchtower with coordinated rock strikes. This never happened.

-Marco threatens to release the proto-molecule on Earth if the UN responded. Not only did he not do this, but the UN leaders never even mentioned it when discussing their strategy. An odd omission considering the release of the proto-molecule on Earth was the biggest threat for the first several seasons.

-Marco mentions that Ganymede will be able to supply food for the belt yet that's completely pointless considering his actual plan. In fact, most of what he does, including trying to destroy the Rocinante, doesn't matter to his actual plan.

-The entire season arc of Amos left him back in the same spot as he started.

-There were multiple episodes where Naomi was inside a ship trying to get out a coded message. She succeeds but, even though Holden gets the message, nobody does anything different then they would have otherwise. The entire message plot was pointless.

Characters introduced and then dropped:

-The "wuvs the science" girl that fixed the Rocinante get's captured but never mentioned again.

-There's a new prime minister of the UN but he gets removed off screen putting that horrible woman back in charge which completely undid her entire arc from Season 4.

-They add a new ex-girlfriend for Drummer out of nowhere. She spends the whole season mumbling and plotting against Drummer and then just leaves. We can also mention how Drummer went from being second-in-command of Tycho station, to first in command of the Behemoth, to being a scrapper in charge of a "fleet" of three ships with a combined crew of 6. A major downgrade to her status and she spends the entire season fumbling around, changing her mind every episode.

After all of that I'm left wondering what happened. It seems that halfway through the season, they writers just forgot what was supposed to happen and went with the whole "capture the rift" plot even though it meant that most of what had already happened didn't make sense anymore. Are the books this unfocused or did the showrunner just decide to go in a different direction?

I was watching Ultraman Zed on YouTube with my daughter and there is this "magic" sword character named Beliorok. When you try to pick him up he says, "Before you use me, what do you intend to do with me?" and he'll either refuse to let himself be picked up or will switch sides in the middle of a battle. This reminded me of an old French RPG called Bloodlust which Hoggshead Publishing was going to translate into English before they disappeared. In that game you played as a magic weapon and as the weapon's bearer.

Are there any traditional (i.e. non-story game) RPGs that let you do something like this? Either as the main theme of the game or as a single magic weapon character in an otherwise normal adventuring group. 

Help Desk / How do I delete a comment?
« on: September 25, 2020, 09:25:20 AM »
Is there a way to delete a comment? I can't find the option under Modify nor can I find the option anywhere else.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / And then they came for the wargames
« on: April 07, 2019, 04:33:06 PM »
Well, it looks like the SJWs now have their eyes set on problematic wargames. GMT, one of the last remaining large wargame companies, was producing new game that is inspired by that old random hex crawl game Source of the Nile. The game is about the exploration and colonization of Africa and, as we know, COLONIZATION BAD. It's probably not that big a deal given how often this kind of crap happens in RPGs, but I had always viewed wargames as niche enough to be immune to this sort of thing. I have no problem with GMT for caving to the pressure. They are a small company just trying to survive.

Here's the thread on BoardGameGeek where it all went down. You can't get a clear picture because the thread is heavily redacted by now.

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