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I was happily surprised this morning by the delivery of my Modiphius Infinity Rpg kickstarter rewards!

520-page hardcover rulebook, no damage in delivery, still has that freshly-printed smell. 142-page paperback player's guide, and a 40-page adventure, "Quantronic Heat."  I also got my character mini, a briefcase-wielding Nomad!

Books look fantastic, and while I know the 2D20 system isn't popular, I'm glad to finally get them.

I owned the original Amber Diceless paperback but it was lost over the years, and for some reason the Greek focus of LoO was not grabbing me, so I read through the Gossamer game.  It's got it's good points, but I wasn't inspired to run it.

One of my kids recently asked me if there were any RPGs where our group could "be like Percy Jackson."

Boom, I know of one!

So far the writing style is approachable and informative, and there are many campaign seeds and ideas present throughout the power descriptions, like "World Walking."  The explanations give campaign implications as well which is a creative kick.

Does anyone know if the Norse gods would fit into the game? I figured "Asgardian" ranks similar to Olympian, and they could world-walk with the Bifrost?

Anyone played or ran Wyrd's "Through the Breach" rpg? I like the art and the setting of Malifaux, but haven't heard much about it.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / One-Minute Combat Turns
« on: September 14, 2016, 11:30:50 pm »
So I was reading through the Zweihander kickstarter pdf, and when I got to the combat chapter, I saw the rules specify a one minute combat turn.

It really deflated my enthusiasm. I mean I know D&D had one minute turns, where the attack roll represented the "one good strike" in a flurry of activity, but then how do you justify parries? Special results, grapples, etc?

What do you all think? Does the one minute turn break verisimilitude?

Is there any way to easily find out who owns the rights (e.g., who I'd need permission from or licensing fees to, I suppose) to the Crimson Skies IP, originally created by FASA?

I am doing a home-brew conversion of the original game background (not the Wizkids later rules with nice plastic minis), but using the new miniatures on attack-wing style bases with maneuver dials, weapon options, etc.

Would I have to hire an attorney to find this kind of thing out?

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