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Or kilo.

Just moved this weekend, and good lord but boxes of RPGs are heavy.  Heavier than the exact same boxes filled with books (hardcover or paperback), video games or CDs.  RPG books just seem denser.

Do RPGs use some kind of heavier paper?  Or am I just imagining it?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Christmas Wish
« on: December 07, 2010, 11:30:50 PM »
What I'd really really really like for Christmas:  a Dragaera RPG.

I want this SO HARD.

I will buy everything produced for it - the core book, a supplement for each of the 17 Houses, plus one for the East, plus one for the Paths of the Dead, plus one dealing with the Jenoine and their planet, plus a bestiary, plus a character guide with stats for every character mentioned even in passing in the books, plus a supplement for sorcery, witchcraft and psionics (or one for each), plus a pre-Interregnum/Phoenix Guards supplement, plus an artbook - heck, I'll even get every adventure module published for it, and I never buy adventures.  And don't forget the GM screen and character folio.

And that's even if it's for D&D4.  If it's for a system that's even halfway appropriate, I'll buy TWO of everything.

If I could do it myself I would, but I'm busy, and oh so lazy.

I want official rules.  I want stat modifiers depending on your House.  I want some kind of courage check whenever a Morganti weapon is pulled.  I want professional artwork of Vlad and Cawti and Morrolan and Aliera.  I want side-by-side pictures of Sethra and Kiera.

I want the option to play a Jhereg familiar, so I can just spend my time making wisecracks at another player.

I want maps, huge fold-out full-colour maps of the Empire and Adrilankha and the Imperial Palace.

Hardcover, softcover, print-on-demand - I'm not picky, I'll take whatever I can get.

I really wish for this Christmas miracle.

Anyone else have some fond-but-most-likely-doomed-to-go-unfulfilled Christmas RPG wish?

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